Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



Something about myself:


Edward George Barlow/Krause. [I am 50% German on my mother's side, the rest is English and Dutch.] Born 1953 in Mossel Bay, South Africa, ex-sailor with Unicorn Shipping Lines 1974, ex-Policeman with the SAP 1975-1978; raised up in Mossel Bay and Paarl, near Cape Town; lived in Hamilton, New Zealand for three years; now a retired mechanical engineer living in a mobile home traveling and living in Australia. I have been searching for truth all my life and started to study Esoteric Literature and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings when I was 17 years old in 1970. My love for the subject forces me to share something of what I have learned with those who have ears that hear and eyes that see.


Mosselbaai SA


Seychelles in 1974 working on mv Frontier - Unicorn Line 


   FRONTIER in South African waters with a tugboat on the other side of it. 


 Mission Beach Australia in 2013



Angkor Wat Cambodia in 2012




Lhasa in Tibet - 2014







If you have read some of the articles on this website, I hope it has contributed something positive to your spiritual quest. Quite a few people have contacted me and ask for more information that might help them on their quest for spiritual development or where to start or where to go to next? I gave them the following information because I can only show them the direction to the Path; each person basically has to blaze his own path.  

The first thing you have to learn when you get on the spiritual path is that it is a lonely path because there are not really a lot of people on the real spiritual path of self-development, and the second thing is to realise that you have to do all the work yourself. The moment you start to rely on somebody else or even trust them, their words or their writings, you are losing it.

Most of the ‘esoteric’ information that you will find on the internet and in most ‘esoteric’ books are based on teachings in the books of Alice Bailey. This is the basis of all esoteric knowledge and by studying them you are going directly to the original source.

So, start by getting yourself a set of the Alice A. Bailey books and start reading them [as soon as you have stopped reading as much as you can on my website]. She has written 24 books that will keep you reading for ever and never get tired of them. Start with my favourite, INITIATION HUMAN AND SOLAR, [it is important to start here], and work your way through the rest of them on the list that you will find in the front of anyone of the 24 books. Some of these books are heavy reading and some are not that difficult to follow; the trick is to just keep on reading and take in what you can. You are going to read these books over and over and every time your brain will take in more and more as it gets used to working on these levels. You can get the books from your local Theosophical Society, google for them or order them direct from the Publisher, Lucis Trust here:

These books will give you all you need and asked for. You won’t need anything else because frankly, there is nothing better and nothing else in the world at this moment that can take you further. The books of the Agni Yoga Society can later be used to help you implement what you have learned in a more mystical way.

You can get the books or more info here:

With the above information you can get access to a full path to enlightenment; it all comes down to what you do with it and where it leads you. Let your intuition guides you as it let you to these words.

Apart from this mental path of the occultist, there is also a more practical path that will suite some people that prefer the mystical path.  This is the fully balanced path of the Rosicrucians [AMORC] and you will find access and information here:


WARNING: Do not expect ‘miracles’ or ‘salvation’ to happen overnight or even any form of registered changes to happen in this life. Prepare for lots of frustrations, disappointments, despair and dark nights of the soul and even rebellion on your side. Never stop trying though, for nobody is perfect, but know that you are going to be.

You will also loose friends and family along the way who will not keep up and who you will be eventually forced to leave behind. Later you will learn to take the middle path and take things more slowly; do not get to serious; stop to smell the roses on your way; you will find them if you look for them; keep your eyes open.


I wish you success, happiness and lots of mental and emotional initiations and illuminations on your spiritual quest.

Love Edward.