Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



[1] Upper brain: the centre of energy through which the soul works is in the upper brain. During meditation, if effective, energy from the soul pours into the brain, and has a definite effect upon the nervous system. If, however, the mind is not controlled and the emotional nature dominates [as in the case of the pure Mystic] the effect makes itself felt primarily in the feeling apparatus, the emotional states of being. When the mind is the dominating factor, then the thought apparatus, in the higher brain, is swung into an organised activity. The man acquires a new capacity to think clearly, synthetically and potently as he discovers new realms of knowledge.

[2] Pituitary body: in the region of the pituitary body, we have the seat of the lower faculties, when co-ordinated in the higher type of human being. Here they are co-ordinated and synthesised, and… here are to be found the emotions and the more concrete aspects of the mind [growing out of racial habits and inherited instincts, and, hence, calling for no exercise of the creative or higher mind]. When the personality – the sum-total of physical, emotional and mental states  - is of a high order, then the pituitary body functions with increased efficiency, and the vibration of the centre of energy in its neighbourhood becomes very powerful. When the personality is of a low order, when the reactions are mainly instinctual and the mind is practically non-functioning, then the centre of energy is in the neighbourhood of the solar plexus, and the man is more animal in nature.

[3]Pineal gland: the centre in the region of the Pineal gland, and the higher brain, are brought into activity through learning to focus the attentive consciousness in the head. The withdrawal of the consciousness into the region of the pineal gland, so that man’s point of realisation is centralised in the region between the middle of the forehead and the pineal gland. This means the development of the capacity to subjugate the outward-going tendencies of the five senses. So the aspirant is taught the right withdrawal of the consciousness which is outgoing towards the world of phenomena, and must learn to centre his consciousness in the great central station in the head from whence energy can be consciously distributed as he participates in the great work, from whence he can make a contact with the realm of soul, and in which he can receive the messages and impressions which emanate from that realm. This is a definite stage of achievement and is not simply a symbolic way of expressing one-pointed interest.


 This prose of enlightenment is brought about:

  1. Through the subjugation of the lower nature which transfers the activity of all the life below the solar plexus  and including the solar plexus, into the three centres above the diaphragm, the head, heart and throat. This is done through life, love and service.
  2. Through the practice of love, the focussing of the attention upon the heart life of service.


  1. Through a knowledge of meditation, which is the exemplification of the basic yoga aphorism “energy follows thought,” all the enfoldments and developments which the aspirant desires are brought about.    



The high grade intellectual personality, with its focus of attention in the region of the pituitary body, begins to vibrate in unison with the higher centre in the region of the pineal gland. Then a magnetic field is set up between the positive soul aspect and the waiting personality which is rendered receptive by the process of focused attention. Then, the light, we are told, breaks forth and we have enlightenment, and the appearance of the phenomenal light in the head……all this is the result of a disciplined life, and the focusing of the consciousness in the head. This is, in its turn, brought about through the attempt to be concentrated in the daily life, and also through definite concentration exercise. These are followed by the effort to meditate, and later, much later, the power to contemplate makes itself felt.

Patanjali said: “when the means to Yoga have been steadily practised and when impurity has been overcome, enlightenment takes place leading up to full illumination.”

 The light in the head, which is at first but a spark, is fanned to a flame which illumines all things and is fed constantly from above. This is progressive and is dependent upon steadfast practise, meditation and earnest service.

The gradually increasing downpour of fiery energy increases steadily the “light in the head,” or the effulgence found in the brain in the neighbourhood of the pineal gland. This is to the little system of the threefold man in physical manifestation what the physical sun is to the solar system.  This light becomes eventually a blaze of glory and the man becomes a “son of light” or a Sun of righteousness”. Such were the Buddha, the Christ, and all the great ones who have attained full illumination.

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