Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy


Mental unfoldment

The various energies which play upon the human being and produce his unfoldment, constitute his field of experience, and as he is subjected to this experience in the form world a paralleling unfoldment of consciousness is carried forward. This unfoldment produces constant changes in realisation and a consequent constant reorientation to a new state of awareness, which leads to new states of being, and of dimensional conditions hitherto unknown.

First the Self identifies itself with the form aspect to such an extent that all duality disappears in the illusion that the self is the form. We have then the form constituting apparently all that there is.

This is followed by the stage wherein the indwelling self begins to be aware of Itself as well as the form, and we talk then in terms of the higher and the lower self. This dualistic stage is that of the aspirant and of the disciple, up to the time of his training for the third initiation. Through this stage he begins with a knowledge that he is a spiritual entity confined in a form. His consciousness for a long period of time remains predominantly that of the form. Through endurance, there comes a life of balance, wherein neither preponderates. This produces in the man a state of apparent negativity and inertia which may last for one life or two, and he seems to accomplish little in either direction.

Then the period of balance changes, and the soul appears to dominate from the standpoint of influence, and the entire consciousness aspect begins to shift into the higher of the two aspects. Duality however, still persists, for the man is sometimes identified with his Soul and sometimes with his form nature. Many disciples are still found to be on this stage. He must learn to control his emotional psychic nature through right control of the mind. The disciple has to carry forward this mental attention, and , through right use of the mind, achieve a higher realisation , and bring into active use a still higher factor,- that of the intuition.

Little by little however, he becomes absorbed in the soul, and thus comes en rapport with all aspects of the Soul in all forms until the day dawns when he realises that there is nothing but soul, and then the higher state of unity supervenes.  

In himself the aspirant repeats the racial unfoldment, and re-enacts the racial drama. Through the process of initiation he forces his spiritual development ahead of the racial unfoldment. In this way he can be of help to the race.

Up till the third initiation, the disciple have to endeavour to work entirely with mental energy, in an effort to control, master and use it. The will of the Soul has to be imposed upon the personality until it has become the automation of the soul. During this stage there are many lives lived wherein the intuition may begin to play its part, and the student learns the meaning of illumination. It is the illumined mind which is the dominant factor until after the third initiation.

After the third initiation the intuition takes control, and energies from the intuitional, or buddhic plane begin to make their impact upon the personality. This makes a definite transition out of the form consciousness.

The initiate can now function at will on the plane of the intuition, and the mind is steadily relegated into the background till it becomes a part of the instinctual apparatus. Now, intuitive perception, pure vision, direct knowledge, and an ability to utilise the undifferentiated energies of the universal mind, are the main characteristics of the Aryan adept or initiate. The will of the Soul is superseded by the will of the whole.

When the mind stuff [chitta], is swept into activity by abstract ideas, and when to this is added divine understanding and synthetic apprehension of the will and purpose of God, then the three aspects of mind [ chitta, abstract mind and intuition or pure reason], are unified. When these are unified in the consciousness of the aspirant, then, he has built the bridge or antaskarana which links  the spiritual triad, the causal body and the personality.

When this is done the egoic body has served its purpose, the solar Angel has done its work, and the form side of existence is no longer needed, as a medium of experience. The man enters into the consciousness of the Monad, THE ONE. The causal body disintegrates, the personality fades out, and illusion is ended. Another Son of God has entered into the Fathers home. He can now construct, for the work, his body of expression. He can now work through, and with energy as the Plan dictates.



We can also take a look at this whole process of tracing the evolution of consciousness, with a little more detail, from the angle of the initiations.    

 Eventually the disciple stands at the Portal of Initiation, where each step up is ever through the sacrifice of all that the heart holds dear on one plane or another, and always must this sacrifice be voluntary. He has become a man who has counted the cost, whose sense of values has been readjusted, and therefore judges not the men of the world. He is attempting to take the Kingdom by violence and is prepared for the consequent suffering in the struggle for the mastering of the lower self by the higher self, even unto death.

At the firs initiation, the control of the Ego over the physical body must have reached a high degree of attainment. The sins of the flesh, gluttony, drink and licentiousness, must be dominated by the Ego. At this initiation, that of the Birth of the Christ, the heart centre is the one usually vivified, with the aim in view of the more effective controlling of the astral vehicle, and the rendering of service to humanity. Although many incarnations may elapse before the control of the astral body is perfected, he passes out of the hall of learning, into the hall of wisdom.

At the second initiation, termed the Baptism, the throat centre is vivified. This causes a greater capacity to service, and for the helping of men. The work then, to be done prior to the taking of the third initiation, is the complete submerging of the personal point of view in the need of the whole, and the complete domination of the concrete mind by the Ego. He develops the capacity to manipulate thought matter, functions freely on the four lower sub-planes of the mental plane.

At the third initiation, termed the Transfiguration, the entire,  personality is flooded with light from above. Now the Monad is definitely guiding the Ego or Soul. The Initiate is in a position at all times, to recognise the other members of the Great White Lodge, and his psychic faculties are stimulated by the vivification of the head centre. He can now safely wield and wisely use the psychic faculties for the helping of the race. The work of training is intensified, and the hastening and accumulation of knowledge has to be unbelievably rapid.

The life of the man who takes the fourth initiation, termed the Crucifixion, is usually one of great sacrifice and suffering. All is renounced, friends, money, reputation, character, standing in the world, family, and even life itself.



After the fifth initiation the man is perfected, as far as this scheme goes, though he may, if he will, take two further initiations.   

This is a short and incomplete, description of the initiations, but it broadens our view and helps us to see the bigger picture of,” the evolution of consciousness”.

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