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Esoteric Science and Philosophy



When I deal with a crisis in my life I try to see the crisis in the light of the following words as given by Master DK:


“A crisis is brought about by a certain habit of mind, developed in the vehicle; it is surmounted in time only by a certain habit and rhythm of the spiritual content of the man's nature. It is the establishing of a certain objective rhythm which produces a crisis; it is the emergence of a particular subjective rhythm which enables a man to surmount the crisis and to capitalise on the opportunity. Please bear this in mind.”


“Shirk not these crises, hard and difficult though they may appear to be. Difficult they are. Forget not that the habit of confronting crises is a long-established one within the consciousness of humanity. Man has the "habit of crisis," if I may so call it. They are only the points of examination as to strength, purpose, purity and motive and the intent of the soul. They evoke confidence when surmounted and produce greatly expanded vision. They foster compassion and understanding, for the pain and inner conflict they have engendered is never forgotten, for they draw upon the resources of the heart. They release the light of wisdom within the field of knowledge and the world is thereby enriched.”


As I went through the media reports a week or two ago a thought came to me that it looks like the world, as a whole, is picking up on the fight between good and evil. These days in the news you can read a lot about people and representatives of countries referring to the USA as evil or as the Satan. Even the USA itself, under Bush revered to an axis of evil. Evil is rampant on all sides and in all countries; but we can also see the good at work although not referred to in the media as often as they refer to the evil side. A friend asked me why my emails that I send are always about the dark forces in the world and what they are doing. She thought that I should concentrate more on the light and the good things.


This made me think that I am not only acting out in my private life what I perceive in the media, but that I have a crisis of right and wrong, good and evil in my own life. This has been going on for a long time and I have put myself on the side of right where I am always trying to fight this evil in the world. It started early in my life, even before I joined the police force in South Africa as a young man. I also learned there that there was not a lot I could do, accept my duty as I saw it. I have become more tolerant over the years and realised that the world needs evil for many reasons. For one, it is the learning tool for the ignorant masses; it is their wakeup call. Evil creates crises that force us to act. We are just not ready to be without it…….I think my crisis is more in the will to understand and make sense out of this fight between good and evil, my search for truth and reality. What is behind it all? How does it work? Why? Why? And Why? - This drives me, a consciousness of warring dualities.


 It looks to me as if Humanity itself as the world Disciple is also going through this crisis. Humanity is being driven by dark or materialistic forces so that we can all get an overdose of it. I think World War III is becoming a reality for the near future if this has to end with a Big Bang to inaugurate the New Age. If you take a look at the “world leaders” today; it looks as if some of them are using everything in their power to achieve just that, World War. There is a force behind all this riots and so-called revolutions and unrest that we see all over the world today. Good or bad; or good and bad.


Maybe this is all under control of spiritual forces that want to clean up and clear the way for the coming of Christ. This is also the way some Church-leaders are looking at it now. Some of them even talk of Armageddon.

I also see it all as a chessboard with black and white pieces or forces everywhere scheming, acting and counter acting each other for supremacy. This continuous creation of crisis after crisis to replace one crisis with another crisis that gives birth to another crisis is what we call life on earth today; the workings of the Spiritual Hierarchy – the true Illuminati. We were made to absorb or handle all of this. It is our destiny for development.


The world needs all this for the building of the world antahkarana because quite a large number of people are busy developing it in their lives and are thus having a pulling effect on the whole world. This is also part of the Plan of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

We must try to be the detached observer by raising the focus of our attention to a higher altitude and not be subjected to glamour. We must not get under the impression that we have the solutions to world problems; it is much bigger than what we see in world events or in the media alone. 


Humanity or the world is at that stage of development where it is also preparing for the new age of Aquarius under the entire range of spiritual vibrations in our solar system, the countless combinations of forces and energies – ray, planetary zodiacal and cosmic. In a sense you can say that we have brought ourselves here through the workings of evolution or the clock of evolution where we have an alignment of different cycles at this moment.

Pisces is seen as the head of the list of astrological signs because it is governing the present great astrological world cycle of 25800 years. We are currently moving on this greater wheel from Pisces to Aquarius, a process that takes approximately 2150 years. The wheel that governs the Hierarchy, the lesser cycle, is also moving from Pisces to Aquarius. Therefore, the two cycles are aligned, the wheel that governs Shamballa, on the greater cycle, is aligned with the Hierarchy on the lesser cycle and, therefore, it is a time of unprecedented opportunity. The Hierarchy is now becoming receptive to the second aspect of the Monad, the aspect that relates to the perfection of form. The third aspect of the Monad, the creative aspect, influenced the Piscean era. We also have the seventh ray coming into manifestation and so on….


We, some of us, are only now starting to make sense of all this; thus the need to develop the antahkarana and to connect the higher mind with the lower mind. The individual disciple and the world disciple are in need to do this because our morals and spiritual knowledge must go ahead of our technological inventions to prevent us from becoming a thread to ourselves and the planet as a whole. At the moment it looks like it is the other way around. We still have savages living in jungles, [including concrete jungles], while some of us are manufacturing nuclear weapons and walking on the moon.


In the wake of our modern developed communication networks the world has become a Global Village and gossip is spreading fast and is even translated into all languages. The people are definitely getting aware of the Hidden Hand in everything on the world stage.

I came across the following words of the Master DK in DISCIPLESHIP IN THE NEW AGE, on page 187, which opened up my mind to a lot of things:


“Be not weighed down or over-distressed by the weight of the ignorance and the lack of development of the masses whom you see around you. The psychic atmosphere of the countries in which you work is peculiar and most difficult for the disciples who are working in connection with us, the workers in the Great White Lodge. It is easier for chelas who work in connection with the . . . . . . Brotherhood (a branch of our activities).  Such chelas do not, however, work with the intelligentsia or with the pioneers of the race or with the thinking aspirants. They work with the quality of spiritual aspiration to be found in the herd, in the mass, and not with or in the individual. They do not work with the type of person whom you can reach. I mention this because I know well the deep discouragement which can assail you as you react to the massed psychic impression. Release yourself from it in the assurance that the Great White Lodge is working for the aspirants and that the . . . . . . Brotherhood is working with the illiterate and ignorant masses. It is one work but delegated to different groups who work in the closest possible association.”


If the “Brotherhood” to which Master DK is refereeing to here is the Dark Brotherhood, then it makes a lot of sense to me.


This also makes me understand that the “Dark” brotherhood is not actually dark or evil for some people. It is more the materialistic forces in us and our surroundings and the sources of Cosmic Evil, that Master DK refer to elsewhere in his books with AAB, which use these forces that are evil. The “Dark” Brotherhood works it’s evil to free the little ones while the Evil forces of materialism work to enslave them.


You can say that the Dark Brotherhood throws the little ones in the pit; the White Brotherhood helps them out of the pit; while the Cosmic Evil who lives in the pit, fights to keep them there. This is just another way of looking at it and the analogy might not be perfect.

I wrote a lot about all this on my website at:




Black magicians and materialists

Are running this world like imperialist

They are extending their power

Over governments by the hour


They control nearly all the Banks

And keep adding to their ranks

While they control the Military Industrial Complex

We have no time to relax


About them there in nothing illuminating

And they have nothing worth celebrating

On Earth they are the Dark Brotherhood

That works for the Black Brotherhood


They want to replace the coming New World Order

With their own Evil World Order

By taking away the light from the East

And giving you the mark of the beast


These are the un-illuminated ones

And apposing them are the illuminated ones

Christ and the Masters of Wisdom

Who run our Spiritual Kingdom


Their teachings have led to illumination

Ever since the dawn of creation

Now They are instigating the New Age

As a new evolutionary stage


Where Their teachings and light

Will make the Age of Aquarius bright

So that man can stop to roam

And find his way back home


The White Brotherhood has been behind

Religions and Secret Societies of all kind

Always keeping the light burning

For those who reached the point of turning


The Brotherhood is now in preparation

For the Hierarchy’s externalisation

The coming of Christ on Earth

As been propagated since His birth


The biggest ally of evil is ignorance and the biggest effort, of evil, is to keep as many people in ignorance as possible. Most of the people in the world are ignorant and has to learn through the school of hard knocks. Thus they develop and something good comes out of ignorance or a lack of schooling. But, there is also an evil force that wants to keep people in ignorance so that they, some rulers and their clans, cannot lose their power over them. Here people must learn to stand up to the evil ones and install new leaders….a vicious cycle that starts all over again.


We can now talk of Media Wars, where the Main stream media, mostly controlled by Jews, is losing its grip over intelligent people all over the world. Alternative News through the internet is playing a great part in this. The current world crisis in Ukraine, and Syria, is open the eyes of the world to the hypocrisy of the west.


I do everything in my power to make people aware of this eternal battle between good and evil through the articles I post on my blog and website, as well as in my poems.

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I try to make them aware of the spiritual forces involved in our everyday struggles and of the fact that our destinies are under control of higher forces than what the world media is holding out to us.


I want to understand this proses, through self-education, and I want to share my knowledge about it with others so that they two, can make sense of the world in the light of spiritual knowledge and can come to the conclusion that they are not alone and that there is hope for a better future; even if that future is not in our time and still far away. The main idea is to come to the understanding that there is a Plan, the Big Picture, the Will of God behind all this, implemented by and under the control of the Spiritual Hierarchy, under the Christ, the Master of the Masters. He never left and never lost control.