Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



Throughout our long period of evolution we have had many forces working against unity of the human race. That unity will only be achieved near the end of our evolution when we are more perfect than we are today. [THANKS TO THOSE NEGATIVE FORCES.] Till then it is a dream for humanity and our aim to strive for. Every generation have their share of negative forces to overcome that will bring them nearer to that dream; in our generation as well. We are here talking about that age long battle between good and bad, the forces of light verses the forces of darkness. Every force that works against us in evolution is what we call evil and if it helps us forwards in our lifes, better our situation or helps our evolution, we call it spiritual. Without something to overcome, we cannot go forward and will stagnate in one place.

WE HAVE A LOT WORKING AGAINST US. First we have the “old entrenched forces” to consider. Of these reactionary forces we can say the following would be the most formidable:

  • The antagonism between East and West, between superpowers and non-aligned nations, between Arabs and Jews, between communism and so called democracy, and even between Black and white. [Few of the most Formidable]
  • Lack of unity in the United Nations.
  • Pressures imposed upon nations which force the majority in the United Nations to forego any action by the Security Council on the demand of a minority—even of one nation’s use of the obstructing veto in the Security Council.
  • Fissionable materials, oil, minerals, wheat and territorial boundaries are still controlling factors with developing nations or in the minds of most leaders.
  • Small nations can only exert an influence through alignment with more powerful blocs.
  • The forces of power politics instead of catering for human need. 
  • The gap between rich and poor. [Human greed, a formidable force.]
  • The fact that a country can disobey the orders of the UN without effective action being taken.
  • UN inability to take a firm stand on behalf of justice. [e.g. Zimbabwe]
  • The heresy of separateness. A formidable force. This prevents Unity.
  • The biggest evil today, I think, is the Military Industrial Corporations of the USA. At the moment they are doing what they want and nobody can stop them. I hope it forms part of the Plan.


 NEW IDEALS  TO WORK FOR. Of them we have a lot.

  • The objective of world unity without the dominance of some great power.
  • Any acceptable plan for world unity must take cognisance of the existing diversities in politics, in economics and in religion.
  • The problem of economics and an equitable distribution of the world’s resources.
  • The need for a right understanding of the use of money to prevent a dictatorship over all modes of intercourse, commerce and exchange by some money power.
  • Humanity, as a whole, is of far greater importance than any one nation.
  • To decide what is the exact meaning of unity with freedom and to submerge all national and
  • To distribute rightly, generously and without partisanship, the world’s resources so that the economic problem of all people can be honestly met and solved.
  • To bring about a true equality of education [this I would like to materialise] and of opportunity for all peoples in every country in the world. This equality is still absent in many countries.
  • The ideal that the UN represent a world forum or word round table to which all nations can have free access, at which they can air their grievances and their views, or their proposals for human betterment, and receive equal attention.
  • To set free the resources of the world for the use of humanity, under a just and equitable division in which all nations co-operate both in giving and in receiving. [This I would like to materialise.]
  • The scraping of Passports.
  • The word is full of goodwill and of an increasing desire for an expression of a fundamental unity. This unity is based upon the fact that ‘in Him we live and move and have our being’ and that this constitutes-no matter how people may deny it- the basis or platform of brotherhood.
  • The ideal of the four freedoms-which are:
  • Freedom from speech and expression, everywhere in the world
  • Freedom of every person to worship God in his own way, everywhere in the world.
  • Freedom from want, everywhere in the world.
  • Freedom from fear, everywhere in the world.
  • The growing science of social responsibility; of co-ordinated civic live, of scientific economics, of human interrelations, the steadily developing sense of internationalism, of religious unity, and freedom, and of economic interdependence.
  • The recognition that throughout the world and working in every nation are those who see no separateness, recognise only unity and love their fellowmen.
  • The ideal that old things must pass away; all things must become new. The new culture and civilisation require new forms through which to express themselves.
  • Nuclear disarmament.
  • The population explosion: This global population increases by about 80million per year….which is like adding the population of Germany to the global community each year.
  • On the new weather: For the first time in human history, our influence on the atmosphere is so great that we are changing substantially and critically its composition and function…global weather-related losses per decade increased from 86 million to 474 million dollars or 450% in the last two decades of the twentieth century, a jump which has the potential to bankrupt us.
  • On social decline: an annual contribution of only 1% of [the globe’s richest individuals] assets could pay for the primary education of all the children in the world…. in the first half of this century, the number of people living in developing countries will increase by 3 billion…. The dramatically unequal global distribution of wealth will be even more unbalanced.
  • On conflicts and living in a fortress world: Almost half the global military budget is shared by the US and Japan….the number of conflicts is steadily increasing….an astimated 300,000 children are serving as soldiers in thirty countries.
  • The question of terrorism: Terrorism has no place in civilised society; however, it may well be telling us that our old style of living largely on greed, selfishness, and aggression is working against us.
  • Environmental Degradation.
  •  Diminishing land resources.
  • Diminishing water resources.
  • The approaching energy crisis.
  •  Biological warfare.



THE MIDDLE PATH. Let’s be practical and walk the middle path that the Buddha said we should take.

  • Nothing can really be done in connection with the rebuilding of the world apart from the politicians. This needs recognition and one of the major duties of all peoples in democratic countries is to see to it that the right people are put in power. This is hardly the case at present.
  • The hope of the world and the future peace and security lies in the United Nations if the UN can be really free of pressure from the big countries.
  • The UN, acting on behalf of humanity as a whole, should formulate the plans and make the decisions which will lead to a united and peaceful word, blessed with a security upon which all humanity can count. This is the ideal towards which we should work and it will come about when the voice of the people, backed by the will of the people and an educated public opinion, will bring about the demand and the necessary changes.
  • The function of the UN – when meeting for discussion and decision – is factually to bring about the will-to-good through the practice of goodwill.
  • To bring about a functioning, educated public opinion so that people can see word affairs through the eyes of humanity and not the eyes of their separative and nationalistic-thinking representatives.
  • I think that the USA is infringing or trespassing on the work of the UN, or that the world trusts more on action from the USA than the UN.
  • The UN, through its Assembly, Security Council and various Committees, must be supported. There is, as yet, no other organisation to which humanity can hopefully look. Therefore we must support the UN.
  • The bodies representing the resources of the world, must free themselves from fraudulent politics, capitalist influence and its devious scheming; they must set the resources of the world free for the use of humanity.
  • An enlightened public opinion will make the decisions of these bodies practical and possible.
  • Sharing and co-operation must be taught instead of greed and competition.
  • The organising in every land of the men and woman of goodwill and their mobilising so as to bring about an educated public opinion and a vocal group whose demands for world unity and right human relations will be so potent that governments, churches and educators will be forced to take notice and take action along the lines of goodwill.
  • The general public in every land must be educated in right human relations. Above all else, the children and the youth of the word must be taught goodwill to all people everywhere, irrespective of colour, race or creed.
  • An intelligent and co-operative public opinion must be developed in every land and the doing of this constitutes a major spiritual duty.
  • Time must be allowed for the needed adjustments and humanity must learn to be intelligently patient; humanity must face with courage and optimism the slow process of building the new and better civilisation.
  • There must be freedom to travel everywhere in any direction and in any country. By means of this free intercourse, members and branches of the human family may learn to know each other and appreciate each other; ultimately passports and visas must be discontinued because they are the symbols of the great heresy of separateness.
  • People of goodwill must be mobilised and set to work; it is upon their efforts that the Future of Humanity depends.
  • Unity is not something which kan be imposed by law, for that leaves out all emotional and cultural appeal; nor can a totalitarian regime imposed it. It must arise primarily through the expansiveness and the inclusiveness of the human spirit, following the natural trends of spiritual life and a practical expression of essential goodwill.
  • Spirit as well as material resources must be used in bringing peace to the world because there can be little hope for improvement in world affairs until there is improvement in the spiritual quality of the various nations of the world.
  • The establishing of right human relations as a practical project because these right relations concern one’s immediate family, business, social contacts and community. These are the first steps towards unity.
  • We still trust in God, but it seems that our priorities are shifting into other channels. In eastern and central Europe, people put more trust in armed forces than in the church. In Latin America, people still put a high degree of trust in God as represented by the church, but right next to God and the church are the armed forces. In all these regions, the least-trusted institutions are political parties.
  • The recognition that there is 0ne Life permeating us all and One Humanity of which we are, each and all, an integral part. This is the basis of Unity.


Based on the works of AAB and DK.