Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



Preparation consists of a very definite cultivation of the life of feeling and of thought, through which the body of soul and spirit is equipped with higher instruments of sense and organs of activity, in the same way that forces of nature have equipped the physical body with organs moulded out of indeterminate matter.

Step one: fix the attention intently and consciously upon such happenings as, on the one hand, life that is budding, growing, thriving, and, on the other, all phenomena of fading, decay, and withering. He must shut himself off from the rest of the outer world and follow only what his soul has to say about the phenomena of blossoming and thriving…………….RESULT: thoughts and feelings of a new character, unknown before, will be noticed rising up in the soul and built the organs of clairvoyance…..growing, blossoming and thriving will feel something remotely similar to the experience of sunrise. And the process of fading and dying will evoke an experience comparable in the same way to the slow rising of the moon over the horizon……..the soul-world, the astral plane, begins to dawn before him. Growth and decay form themselves into spiritual lines and figures of which he had previously know nothing. A blossoming flower, a growing animal or a dying tree will each conjure up a very definite form before his soul and the astral plane will slowly broaden out before him…..two pupils who have reached the appropriate stage of development will always see the same lines and figures in connection with the same phenomena…..if the pupil has progressed so far that he can perceive the spiritual forms of phenomena which are also physically visible to his outer sight, he will not be far from seeing things which have no physical existence at all….he should not try through intellectual speculation to determine what the things mean, but should rather allow the things themselves to tell him.

Step two:  Orientation in the astral plane—a realisation that feelings and thoughts are veritable realities that work upon each other just as physical objects do in the physical world.........RESULT: He will believe that a wrong thought may have as devastating an effect upon other thoughts in the realm of thoughts as the effect of a bullet on the physical objects it hits. He forbids himself at all times to harbour wrong thoughts and feelings as well as all arbitrary flitting hither-and-thither in thought, all capricious play of fancy, and all fortuitous ebb and flow of emotions….He will become rich in feeling and in genuine imagination and establishes the right relationship to the things of that world.

Step three:  Cultivating the world of sound—discriminate between the sounds produced by anything called lifeless and sounds that come from a living creature…..He must concentrate his whole attention on the fact that the sound tells him of something that is foreign to his own soul, and he must sink himself into this foreign element. He  must unite his own feeling inwardly with the pain or pleasure of which the sound tells him……RESULT: He will acquire the faculty of mingling, as it were, with the being from whom the sound proceeds. A new faculty will take root in the world of feeling andthought. Through her resounding tones, the whole of nature begins to whisper her secrets to him. He begins to hear with the soul

Step four:  Learn to listen to others when they are speaking without agreement or contradiction stirring in you or to feel impelled to voice your agreement or disagreement. The point is to silence not only all intellectual judgement, but also all feelings of displeasure, denial or agreement…….RESULT: So the pupil comes to listen to the words of others quite selflessly, while completely shutting out his own personality, with its opinions and trends of feeling. He learns gradually to merge into the being of another and he hears through the words into the very soul of the other. A new sense of hearing develops in the soul and he is now able to become aware of communications from the spiritual world which are not expressed in sounds perceptible to the physical ear. Perception of the inner world awakens. He hears himself addressed in a spiritual way.

Step five:  Spiritual reading:  The reading of occult science literature and listening to the teachings are themselves means of attaining personal knowledge. Because these teachings are drawn from the living inner world, from living perception of the inner world, they themselves have spiritual life. They are not merely words: they are living powers……RESULT: Powers are at work in your soul which make you clairvoyant, just as the forces of nature have created out of living substance your eyes and ears.



Only one who with infinite patience carries through the simple processes strictly and with perseverance can be led to perception of the manifestations of the inner light.

Step one:  Study a crystal, a plant and a animal. Compere a stone with an animal—the stone has form; the animal has form; the stone remains motionless in its place; the animal changes its place; animal has desire; stone not; the structure of the stone is not fashioned according to desires but by power that is void of desire. Through contemplation like this two quite different kinds of feelings will arise in the soul; practice over and over; they will become something that remains alive in the soul; if the plant is then included in the contemplation, it will be observed that the feeling emanating from it lies midway……RESULT: Out of these feelings and the thoughts connected with them, organs of clairvoyance are formed that are the eyes of the spirit. With them the pupil gradually learns to see something like psychic and spiritual colours. Through enlightenment the dark lines and figures in the astral becomes light. Every stone, every plant, every animal, has its own quite definite nuance of colour. Also the beings of the higher world who never incarnate; stone-blue or blue-red; animal is red or red-yellow; plant is green or rose-pink.

Throughout his training, indeed, he must continually enhance his moral strength, his inner purity and his powers of observation. – his compassion for the human and animal worlds and his response to the beauty of nature are constantly increasing, if not, his heart will become hardened and the senses blunted. – whoever has not learned to wait on the highest and best sense of the word will never achieve results of real value.

Step two: Contemplate a seed of a plant: first, let him realise clearly what his eyes are actually seeing. Describe to himself the shape, colour, and all other distinctive features of the seed. Then reflect as follows: out of this seed, if planted in the soil, there will grow a plant of complex structure. Let him visualise this plant, and say: what I am now picturing in my imagination will later be drawn out of the seed by the forces of the earth and the light. If it was not a real seed, no forces of nature could call forth a plant from it, the real seed therefore contains something invisible, which is not present in the imitation……it is to this invisible something that thought and feeling are now to be directed; this invisible something will presently transform itself into the visible plant which I shall have before me in shape and colour. Let the invisible become visible… inner quiet the though indicated above must be felt and experienced, with no disturbing intrusions from other thought. RESULT: After a time, an inner force will make itself felt that will create a new power of perception. The grain of seed will appear as if enveloped in a small, luminous cloud. In a sensory-spiritual way it will be felt as a kind of flame. The plant itself, manifest in a spiritually visible way, created by the power of the thoughts and feelings that have been inwardly stirred into activity.

Step tree: Contemplate a fully developed plant: let him fill his mind with the thought: the time will come when this plant will wither and die. Nothing of what I now see before me will then exist. But the plant will have developed seeds, and these in their turn will grow into new plants. In what I see, something I do not see, lies hidden. The fact that it produces seeds teaches me that it will not vanish into nothingness….RESULT: in due time there will again develop in my soul a force which will become new vision. There will grow out of the plant a kind of spiritual flame-form, larger than the previous one. Blue in the middle and yellow-red at the edges…..everywhere he begins to see the spirit, hidden from the physical eyes and thus he has taken the first steps towards penetrating with his own vision behind the mystery of birth and death………Golden rule; for every one step forward that you take in seeking knowledge of occult truths, take three steps forward in the improvement of your own character.

Step four: Contemplation of man: Recall to mind someone whom you may have observed when he was filled with desire for some object. Focus on the desire itself and give yourself over to the mental picture of the recollection….RESULT: a picture seeming to be luminous will appear in your field of vision. And this spiritually luminous picture is the so-called astral embodiment of the state of soul caused by the desire….flame-like, yellow-red in the middle, and red-blue at the edges……observe in the same way someone to whom the fulfilment of some wish, the gratification of some desire has been granted……..know how to be silent about your spiritual experiences.   




The Chakras are the sense-organs of the soul—certain activities of the soul are connected to the development of these organs..…the regularities of its form, depends on the development of the qualities here enumerated.

THE THROAT CHAKRA – 16 petals…8 to be develop through qualities of the soul.

1)      Take self-education in hand – watch over his ideas.

2)      Control of resolutions – well considered grounds for his actions.

3)      Correct speech – never speak without grounds for what he says, and no untruths.

4)      Right action – in such a way as they harmonise with his fellow-men.

5)      Management of the hole of his life – in conformity with Nature and Spirit.

6)      Human endeavour – his aims connected with the great duties of a human being.

7)      Endeavour to learn from life as much as possible.

8)      Practise introspection. 


THE HART CHAKRE – 12 petals… 6 to be developed.

1)      Controlled thoughts.

2)      Controlled actions.

3)      Endurance.

4)      Tolerance.

5)      Impartiality – towards all…faith and trust.

6)      Equilibrium – joy and sorrow, no fluctuation.


THE NAVEL CHAKRA  - 10 petals… 5 to be developed.

1)      Learn to have conscious control over the sense-impressions themselves. No illusions or fantasies.

2)      Meditation on Spiritual Science.



1)      Complete mastery of the whole man through consciousness of self, so that body, soul and spirit are in perfect harmony. The body must be so ennobled and purified that its organs impel the individual to nothing that is not in the service of the soul and spirit. The soul must not be impelled, through the body, to desires and passions which conflict with pure and noble thinking. But the spirit must not dominate the soul with its laws and moral precepts like a slave-driver; the soul must follow these laws and duties out of its own free inclinations. The pupil must love it, a free soul in equilibrium……he can now enjoy community with beings belonging to the higher worlds.

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