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Esoteric Science and Philosophy





The heresy of separation is the major sin upon our planet due to our ignorance and immaturity. Once a person finds out, or once somebody has explained to him, the fact that all men are equal in origin, goal and opportunity, and he understands it, the whole thing of separation makes more sense and he can figure the rest out for himself. I shall also add the fact that all men are equal when it comes to the potential of ultimate achievement in this world.

It is a sad fact that we are not equal in this world today because common sense dictates to the person who can think for himself that we are not all on the same level of evolutionary development on this planet. Our souls and spirits are not on the same levels even in the spiritual worlds, but there is the fact that we all will eventually succeed to the same level and achieve the same vibration and light.

Even the Christian Church that I grew up in did not preach or explained this to us where I grew up in South Africa. We grew up where and when it made a lot of sense to believe that Black People were inferior to White People. It took me many years to realise that it was all more a case of mental and spiritual development than political and religious propaganda, manipulation and ignorance, even if the manipulators are meaning good while blinded by their own believes and upbringings.

Only by overcoming your own ignorance and entering on the path of spiritual enquiry and development will you become aware of the above mentioned facts and will you be able to overcome separation. This was how it was with me and how I learned to see reality in a world of inequalities, where materialistic leaders are either ignorant of these facts or will try everything in their power to withhold these facts from the people. They are using the differences in racial, political and religious development  as a tool for power and material gain.

I am now retired and living in Australia but I wrote the following poem about my Country, South Africa, where I was a Policeman for three and a half years.




South Africa is a country in pain

With the Black Knights in charge, insane

And mostly working for self-gain

With very little for the people to gain


Here the white man brought civilisation

That ended up in stagnation

Not standing up to the expectation

Of giving everybody an occupation


The evolutionary government is worse

In every aspect proving to be a curse

While draining the purse

Instead of writing a new verse


Since minerals were discovered in the ground

There was no peace to be found

For the people who fought on the battle ground

The politicians deceived in every round


A way must be instigated soon

To distribute the mineral wealth in tune

With the needs of everybody in the commune

Instead of going to the overseas tycoon


The State should run it for the people

Who should not be treated like “sheeple”

Banks and all other assets should be the steeple

That guides, upholds and protects the laypeople


On the top it was about black and white

And separatism that is not right

But deep down a materialistic plight

That turned everything into a fight


Ill-informed people went blind

Pushed by politicians from behind

That sold out their own kind

With corporate paybacks in mind


Can all this be set right

Without another fight?

Who will be our White Knight

That will restore the light?


There never was, or will be, such a man

But if we all stand together, WE CAN


I believe that materialism, ignorance or lack of mental development and a lack of spiritual development or awakening are the roots of all evil. Where you find ignorance amongst the developing nations and people in the world, you will find separation and even hatred towards those who have more or those who belong to another faith. Here we find our religious fanatics and materialistic inspired revolutionaries that are in most cases just being used by other powers with a hidden agenda.

Amongst developed people or nations in the world you will find that they have become indifferent to separation and that it is not an issue with them anymore. They have outgrown it but have become vulnerable and are being exploited because of their goodness, by materialists and religious fanatics for self-gain. Racial guild is being used as a tool in reverse to commit the same evils all over again. In some countries it is called affirmative action and in South Africa and Zimbabwe it is being used as an excuse and as a tool to commit genocide against the white farmers to get hold of their properties. This cements the positions of the politicians who have nothing to offer to the people.

I believe that if we can get rid of all our cultural, religious and political differences the different races in the world will have a better chance of integration because sex is a very strong force and knows no boundaries. This was proven by what happened between the European settlers and the indigenous Peoples of Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa before the Nationalist Government took over.

Offcourse it is just natural that birds of the same flock will flock together and they will start their own culture and believe systems that they will find best to suit their level of development and the whole process of separation will be doomed to start all over again, especially when we start to bring in other factors such as materialism, selfishness, greed and the rest of our vices that we must overcome as human beings on our different spiritual paths. 

Thus, because separation is still part of the natural instinct of many people and communities, it is being used by politicians, governments and corporations to change the world according to their plans which are mostly for getting their hands on more power, lands, mineral resources and oil and gas. We can see all this being played out at this moment as they finance private armies, terrorist or “freedom fighters” in countries like Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Libya where different religious factions and ethnic groups are being used to bring changes that will make the ruling minority in the world even more powerful. We have the same game being played in Ukraine where the big banks and cooperation want to enslave another country’s people by making them debt slaves to the euro or dollar on top of all the minerals and gas that are up for grabs in a country ravaged by civil war and unrest. Even racial differences and apartheid in South Africa were being used by the main forces behind the scenes to get better control over the mines and mineral resources by getting their puppets into power through a terrorist organisation that they financed for many years.

If we believe the mainstream media than all this happenings in the world are being done in the name of freedom and democracy or the New World Order; for the good of humanity and the world. Nobody tells us about the secret deals and bank accounts and all the rest that form part of all this.

Fortunately for us, the world has become a small place, thanks to the development of the media and our transport systems across the world. Many people are not living in a country but on a Planet and our differences are not that important to many of us anymore. I have three passports and can legally live in three different countries. As more of us develop harmlessness and indifference in our private lives the world will quickly become a better place to live in.  

The biggest evil of separation today in the world is the separation between the haves and the have-nots.  Here greed and materialism are the old vices that must be overcome before we, as human beings, will be able to stand as one humanity.

Our souls are marching on and are living their lives in the spiritual realms that we are not even aware off. The same can be said about our Spirits on their plain of existence. They are planning and regulating our lives from the spiritual realms with the help of the Hierarchy and the Masters. Our progress is unstoppable and only a matter of time. Humanity will overcome its differences one by one and we will all learn that all men are equal in origin, goal, opportunity and potential to achieve; the same destiny.

I would like to add that the overcoming of separation and all our different vices is not something that humanity as a whole will be able to overcome soon. It will happen in the lives of individual people and groups first. Humanity, as the battleground for spirit, will overcome gradually in pace with the last souls that are destined to achieve liberation in this world.

We have offcourse the possibility of the new age and the externalisation of the Hierarchy and the coming of Christ that might change all the rules of our present ways of evolution on this planet. It is said that we are now in the Kali Yoga, or Dark Age. The Age of Light will be quite different and humanity might have the change to live as enlightened human beings after all to show the Cosmos that our Planetary Logos has achieved His Goal. Light will triumph and there will be only One.


Let our destiny be

Everybody free

And able to see

The Glory to be




The Way of the Disciple is:

a)      The Way of Release. Detachment is the keynote.

b)      The way of Loneliness. It leads to and through the “dark night of the soul.”

c)       The Way that leads to the Mountain Top of Isolation – a cutting loose from all form and all that holds the disciple to the world.

d)      The Way that leads to the place of Initiation.

e)      The Way of Purification that leads to the removal of all worldly desire and all hate.

These are the “Five Ways” that the disciples of the Lord of the world must go. They are those strong souls who consciously and knowingly enter into the realms of spiritual force and take thence that which they need and that which they choose [working intelligently], so that there may be a subsequent wise distribution of force within a chosen area of service.

Strict adherence to the “Five Ways”, above mentioned, that represent a scientific formula, will definitely change the serious disciple in ways that will equip him to be of tremendous service in the world work of the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers.  

let’s take a look at them and see how the one leads to the other to form one path:


The Way of Purification and the Way of Release:

Here the keynote, after cleaning the physical body, is Detachment to clean out the emotional body. Detachment helped me to see reality. I went to a very tough emotional experience in my life that made me see that all the things in my life up to then, did not mean a thing and that I can easily give everything up. I do not need anything accept the most basic things in live that I need to live day to day.




We are not only attached to things physically

But also things psychologically

It can be a thing or a person or a place

Your self-image, belief system or your race


This can block out all new truths and reality

Where analysis becomes a distorted actuality

Seen through your own historical perspective 

And an imagination that stays ineffective


The emotional body develops likes and dislikes at random    

Some come easily and are easy to abandon

Other attachments become central to one’s life

And are not easily relinquished through strive


Attachment is related to form and create      

A non-fluidic, non-growing, static state

Where evil works against evolution

And detachment becomes the solution


Detachment is related to consciousness.

And moving away from a distorted mindfulness

Through separation from form 

To where better judgement is the norm


In the first condition above we have an emotional focus

That is corrected most often through a mental focus

Where mental clarity is the hammer

To smash emotional glamour


In the second condition we have an attachment totality

Of the physical-emotional-mental bodies of personality

That is rectified through soul focus

That knows the real from the bogus


This is not the detachment of self-isolation

Aloofness or self- fortification  

But soul detachment which works from higher perspective

That makes everything in life more attractive   


Seeing everything in life and the goal

Through the light which streams from the soul

Regarding everything from the standpoint of eternity

And related to the Holy Trinity


When the disciple reach the point where nothing hols him in this life, what is he Living for? ……He is living to be of service…..that is his main driving force and motivation in life, accept the need and will for self-betterment and development to be eventually of even better service.


The way of Loneliness:

This works mostly on the mental body and it leads to and through the “dark night of the soul” towards liberation.

Loneliness in my case as it worked out for me helped me to dedicate all my time to service and to try and better myself while I still can. I have nobody and nothing in life that glamours for my attention or that might become a hindrance on my path. Sometimes I feel the loneliness when I think of lost family members but I know that it is all for the better and time moves on. In my case now all that remains is service. I am happy alone and in spirit, and out there in nature, I am never alone. I would not be able to do what I am doing now if I was not alone. For me it is a blessing and I can appreciate the following words of Master DK in his writings:

·         Nothing is left to him but to become his own guide and find his own way home alone.  In the loneliness which is the lot of every true disciple are born that self-knowledge and self-reliance which will fit him in his turn to be a Master.  This loneliness is not due to any separative spirit but to the conditions of the Way itself.  Aspirants must carefully bear this distinction in mind

·         But it is by standing alone that all disciples grow and by feeling their way and discovering their own peculiar line of approach to the centre from which light streams out, and also by responding steadily and in realised loneliness to the call of duty and service. Now, however, the time has come when you can work with clearer vision, with a closer cooperation with and from the inner Centre and with less loneliness. You have now become a part of my group of disciples and these, a chosen band of brothers, are standing by you; I, too, seek definitely to make myself known to you and to draw closer to you in helpfulness and understanding. My Ashram and those of you who are being affiliated with it are becoming closely connected and esoterically form one group.

·         The lonely way is also the lighted way. Loneliness is an illusion which seeks to thwart the efforts of the server; it is a glamour which can seriously impair true vision. That you may walk the Way in peace and light and that power in service may be yours is the desire of my heart for you.

·         Loneliness is one of the assets and also aspects of this work of preparation. Disciples ever take initiations alone, even when preparing for and taking group initiation. This is one of the paradoxes of the occult teaching which is not at all easily understood. It sounds entirely contradictory but is not so at all

·         Loneliness—such as you think you know—is but a glamour, brother of mine. You are not alone. But loneliness such as you can know is a light that lights the darkness. Seek that out.

·         Upon the pinnacle of loneliness is the sole peace where truth is known. Stand on that pinnacle.

·         This basic loneliness is due to several things: First, that you are in training for leadership, and leaders have to learn to stand alone, and can ever do so if they love enough. Secondly, the force of circumstance and the need to work off certain karmic relations has increased your daily contacts, and at the same time has left you far more alone than you were six years ago. Thirdly, because the greater can always include the less is a lesson which all leaders in training have to grasp; the reverse, my brother, is not true, and the result is loneliness. Ponder on all this and accept it; stand free and move forward on your chosen path, refusing to be limited by those who cannot go your pace. This again means loneliness.

·         Be not afraid of loneliness. The soul that cannot stand alone has naught to give.

·         We set out to develop a sense of unity and of oneness with all beings, yet at times we must learn the lessons of loneliness and of isolation. A great "aloneness" is the supreme test of the fourth initiation. Remember this. Yet never, my brother, will you be alone, and this too you must have in mind. It is, in the last analysis, a question of recognitions. Let me assure you: I recognise you and, my brother and close friend on the inner side, I know you and love you.

·         If you are still an isolated soul, you will have to pass through the horrors of a more complete isolation and loneliness, treading alone the dark way of the soul. Yet this isolation, this loneliness and this separation in the dark night are all part of the Great Illusion. It is, however, an illusion into which the whole of humanity is now precipitated in preparation for unity, freedom and release. Some are lost in the illusion and know not what is reality and truth. Others walk free in the world of illusion for the purposes of saving and lifting their brothers, and if you cannot do this, you will have to learn so to walk.

Thus, as you can see from the above, loneliness is a necessity on the path and will be part of the path for a long time. It eventually leads to higher stages of loneliness like in the following two Ways.


The Way that leads to the Mountain Top of Isolation and the Way that leads to the place of Initiation:   a cutting loose from all form and all that holds the disciple to the world.

Here again I can appreciate the words of the master:

·         To these tests was added the one which He had before encountered in the desert, the test of utter loneliness. The power to endure success! The power to endure disaster! The power to stand utterly alone! This, Christ had to show the world, and this He did. He stood triumphant before the world, at an intermediate stage on His way to the Cross. The agony of loneliness in the Garden of Gethsemane was probably a far harder moment for Him than the publicity on Mount Golgotha. But in these more subtle tests the quality of God Himself was revealed, and it is God's quality and meaning which save the world—the quality of His life, which is Love and Wisdom and Value and Reality. It was all of this which Christ accomplished.

So, as you can see we are talking in the end of the path of initiation that will take us all the way to Shamballa itself and even way beyond.  All these Ways are but one path to me where the one flows into the other as the path unfurls. On this path the disciple must be able to stand alone and work alone; if he can do that he has already achieved a lot. In the end he will be able to work in isolated unity with the Masters.




Let’s just take a look again at the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the western governments. They have financed and organised wars and revolutions in countries like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria where they went out of their way to destroy not only the infrastructure but also the culture of the people without putting in place anything that can help the people to rebuild a new country or a new culture. No honest politicians, no good police force or army to protect the people and to supply stability in the country. No education, new religion, law or descent industry. They destroy, and leave a mess behind. As soon as something gets rebuild or some honest politicians want to better the situation for the people and not for himself and his friends or the corporations, they move in and destroys again. By now the people in the world who can think for themselves have realised the games they play. These people do not bring anything better to the countries whose governments they overthrow or destroy.  Their actions remind me of the following story I came across:




Let's say you live in a village.  In this village, the only source of water is the community well.  However, the well is going dry and your fellow villagers are quite concerned.  Now let's say that, one day, you go out for a walk and you decide to go climb a hill that, for whatever reason, no one has ever climbed before.  On the other side of the hill, you find a natural spring with pure clean water - more than your village could ever want.

Now, we want to look at two possible scenarios for how you could handle this discovery.  One scenario we will call "The Natural Way" and the second scenario we will call "The American Way":



In this scenario, you scoop up some water and go back to the village and call all the people and tell them,  "Our water problems are solved!  Just over that hill is a natural spring with more water than we will ever need and it even tastes better than the water from the old well.  Here, I brought some back.  Try it!

Everyone is thrilled and you begin to discuss some plan to maybe make some pipe or something so that you will not need to climb the hill to get the water and stuff like that.

This is the "Natural Way"



In this scenario, you scoop up some water and go back to the village and call the people and tell them, "Look what I have here - fresh clean water - try some."

And they are all happy and ask, "Where is the water so we can use it to save our village?"  But then you say, "That information is classified and a trade secret.  What I gave you was a free sample, however, I am now 'the water company' and, if you want water so you can continue to live, you must pay me - in advance."

So now the people of the village are giving you money.  With that money, you can hire some of the people to go get water and bring it back for the desperate villagers.  However, your "trade secret" is fragile because, if anyone learns about the spring on the other side of the hill, the people will go get their water for free and you will be out of business - and that may well be the least of your trouble.  So, you must carefully choose people for your "company" and make sure they are sworn to secrecy.  You can offer your faithful employees incentives to keep quiet like free water for them and their families and even extra water just to waste.

As your profits increase, you can afford to spend more money on security.  First, you will want to use psychological techniques to make sure that no regular people from the village ever get the notion to climb the hill.  You will want to start rumors that some monster lives on the other side of the hill and that anyone who goes there will be gobbled up and never return.  Now, just in case someone does not believe you, you will need to hire some snipers to hide close to the top of the hill.  If anyone looks like they are getting close to discovering your "trade secret", the snipers are to kill them and throw them in a hole on the other side of the hill - people will be told that "the monster must have got them".

As time goes on and your profits grow, now that you have more money than you will ever need, you look to other neat things you can do.  With your money, you can take over the press and the education system.  People will be instructed that you are now "the god of water" and that you have always existed and see all and know all, etc.  The school books will be rewritten so that kids will be taught this.  If you encounter dissent, well there is always the hole on the other side of the hill and the "monster story" to explain disappearances.

You can also now afford to do nice things every once and a while to make people like you such as giving free water to starving poor people who can't afford to pay you - but just enough to barely keep them alive.

Also, you may want to consider your faithful employees.  Of course, you will have trained security people to watch them and make sure they remain faithful.  However, a better way to cultivate loyalty is with special perks others do not have.  In the village, water is precious to the desperate people because they do not know the truth.  However, you could not care less about water because you have more than you will ever need.  So, why not be totally decadent!

You can construct a "recreation center" for your employees with a swimming pool and spa so that they can have fun and waste all the water they want.  Later, you can expand this to a "secret village" located on your side of the hill where those loyal to you will enjoy every luxury while the regular people in the original village will suffer and beg for mercy as you consistently raise the price of your water.

This is the "American Way"


This is the way of the people that are controlling the wold today.