Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



If you take a child that is in school, say in year one or year two, to a lecture on mathematics or any other subject, in a University, do you think that he would understand and make any sense of the information and will it be of any use to him? Of course not. He will only be ready for it after twelve years of preparation through a school education. If God speaks to you now, would you be able to understand him? Of course not. We are like that child and we need to prepare for the contact with the Master or with our Souls. When the pupil is ready, the ………

This development of consciousness, to be ready for contact with the Master/Soul or later the Monad, is what the Plan is all about. Life itself in all the kingdoms, the whole of evolution, is geared up with this in mind. Just by being alive, your consciousness is developing or expanding through the use of your senses and the survival instinct that keeps you, and everything else, alive. Through emotions you want something, so you have to do something to get it. But first you have to learn to do that something and so the chain-reaction starts that puts you on the path of evolution and consciousness development. The integration process was started and more and more you start to become part of the whole as this consciousness expands. So, integration [into the whole] leads to the expansion of consciousness and this will probably be the objective of the next major changes which humanity must initiate in line with the Plan. Globalisation will have to play a big role in this.

 I was watching the television series ‘The World at War’, that I found in the Library, last week and did a lot of thinking about the good and bad things that befalls humanity. Things that seem to be happening all on its own and over which we humans, seem to have no control. The War was under the department of the Manu and/or the Department of the Lord of Civilisation [not the Christ] and had a Purpose of its own. Remember, we do not understand when God speaks or acts, although we form part of it. Whatever happens in this world, good or bad, has a purpose and we always learn something. The war helped the world to make a great leap in evolution, mental development, emotional development, science and technological development and political awareness and development, medical, education…. The list goes on. The more bad things in our lives, the faster we learn, although we do not like it and always try to take the easy way out and live a mundane and useless live.

My dad left South Africa in 1939 to fight in World War 2. He fought the Italians in Abyssinia, Rommel in North Africa as part of the 8th Army under Montgomery then up through Italy. In 1990 he took me and his grandchildren back to the town, Oudshoorn, in South Africa, where he grew up. In the street where he used to live we found an old man who recognised my dad, after 50 years, sitting on a stoop.  He said, “hi, Eddie, is that you?.” It appears that that man never left the town or village where he was born. What a waste of a life, I thought to myself….if it wasn’t for the World Wars, a lot of people would have been left sitting on stoops in little villages all over the world. Developing your consciousness through conflict is better than living in ignorance all your life.

 So, bring on the warlords, the bad, stupid and corrupt politicians and let us learn some more because if we have peace on earth and everybody live in harmony it will be all over and nobody would be here because there will be no need for it. As soon as we stagnate in our bad ways without change for the better for the greatest good for everybody or as soon as we neglect our duty towards somebody, some nation or race of people, unrest will set in and we will be forced to do the right thing in the end that will lead to more good for the whole and more development of consciousness. Most people must find harmony through conflict and chaos, not by living in harmony. What will be the good of a harmonious life on Earth or anywhere else in the Cosmos? So, we cannot really make any mistakes or mess anything up, it is all part of the right thing in the making. Life or evolution itself will drag us kicking and screaming through to perfection.

 It seems that life consist of jumping from one bad thing to another, every time fixing it before tackling the next bad thing that needs fixing. We should think of ourselves as trouble-shooters and fix it before it happens. Maybe in that way it is possible to live in harmony, always one step ahead of catastrophe. Bud, sadly, we have not developed that ability yet and neither have any of our leaders.

 So, it looks like we should enjoy the journey and not the end of it. If you think of it, the journey never ends, but goes from one integration, to another. Even our Gods are being integrated. Yes, it is going to be a long and interesting journey. I just wish I had continuity of consciousness. This is the biggest objective for some of us that might be ready to undertake the journey consciously instead of through the evolutionary forces that control the rest of humanity and the other kingdoms in nature. It is here where the process of conscious integration will help us to become conscious workers of the Plan through service to humanity. We need leaders with spiritual vision.

Some of us will distinguish their lives by dedicating their energies to inclusion, redemption, and transformation. Others will follow the powerful forces of ambition and acquisition; and some will remain in the paralysing fog of indecision. Yet, all are vital and necessary links in the Great Plan.

The best example of planetary process of integration right now is Globalisation and our attitude towards animals that is also now and then in the news. The barbaric Slaughtering methods of Australian cattle in Indonesia and the whaling question with japan. The whole world is now in a process of integration. The world is changing fast. Global identification is currently experiencing structural shifts of such scale and size that they can only be understood in the light of a planetary spiritual recalibration. For centuries Western, industrialised nations have dominated the entire globe. During these same centuries, a steadily growing band of workers [of the Plan] has strived diligently to plant seed thoughts of synthesis, restoration, and human unification. Now, in less than a generation East will surpass West in higher education, economic development, and environmental sustainability. Then, the racial and cultural biases of yesteryear will rapidly become politically impractical. It is hoped that co-operation would prevent booms and slums and help countries in financial difficulties. When you bind economies and make them economically interdependent it is much more difficult for war to break out. This and the unification of Europe are a partial expression of the massive redistribution of wealth and the developing of global and human unity. Most of these changes are being brought about through circumstances out of the control of the majority of us. In some countries, the fear of war, greed and bad politics are being used instead of wars.

Another major change which humanity must initiate in line with the Plan is group-work.

Esoteric groups should play a big role in promoting this globalisation. I got the following in ‘The Beacon’ that might express some thought on esoteric group-work, group consciousness and globalisation:

Some of us, as esotericists, are irrevocably pledged to “the work”, which means we bring to our daily lives an unshakable commitment, through service, to humanity’s upward movement and planetary redemption. The tools we use are demonstrated in group relationship through the cultivation of soul qualities and the expression of ideals destined for planetary ideology.

If an esoteric group is to strike an enduring balance, establish an effective voice, and provide safe haven for reservoirs of energy intended for future use, then it will align itself with universal appeal thereby inviting diversity. Simultaneously it will encourage the undertaking of training responsibilities by those uniquely qualified, thereby expanding the group influence and sustaining the vertical-horizontal group equilibrium. The group then demonstrates its group identity as a unified, organic whole.

This places an esoteric group on the cutting edge of this new frontier in global consciousness. Perspective, in right proportion, identifies the group’s role in influencing human history. The deep wells of knowledge, framed in earlier times by predecessors to the path, become the spiritual inheritance of today’s workers. In the not too distant future, the work prepared today will become a part of this storehouse of the past, a foundational element in group consciousness for those souls yet to be, who in their turn and time will add their interpretive mark.

Each succeeding generation brings a unique approach and attitude to the group goal of synthesis. This allows the group to continue refining its identity, while expanding employing fresh, innovative tools developed by members of a still larger group, humanity.

Now is the time for authentic speakers to give increased esoteric voice to the human reality of redemption as an aspect of soul identification. Speaking words that the other hears is the beginning of healing, for both the speaker and the listener, because it begins the process of releasing, transmuting the enormous weight of judgments, prejudices, and divisions that have fragmented one small planet.

Humanity’s march towards wholeness is already redefining mankind’s identification as a species, as a planetary caretaker, and as living Soul. All groups have a role to play and contributions to make, because it is the essence of a collaborative spirit that permits the free exchange of ideas destined for planetary ideology.

Another ancient ideal is the Law of Economy as an instrument of synthesis and the basis of the Law of Economy is that all is energy, including money. At the heart of esoteric group identification is the recurring challenge of financial sustainability.

This is the current crisis facing all esoteric groups: how to incorporate needed aspects of a material mind-set within a group consciousness committed to spiritual identification of the one.

When we come to the consideration of other basic trends in the world of current thought it becomes apparent that one of the most dominant is the increasing emphasis laid upon group consciousness, or environmental awareness. This has been recognised by the man in the street as a sense of responsibility and indicates in the individual an egoic vibration. It is one of the first signs that the soul is beginning to use its mechanism. No longer does the man live in the interest of the separated self but he begins to realise the need for adjustment to and in the condition of his neighbour.

Ultimately, the measure of right success is best framed by the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have little,”

I can add the following about groups and group-work: they are an externalisation of an inner existing condition. It must be realised that these groups are not a cause but an effect. That they may themselves have an initiatory effect as they work upon the physical plane is no doubt true, but they themselves are the product of an inner activity and of subjective aggregations of force which must perforce become objective. The work of the group is to keep, as a group, in close rapport with the inner groups, which form nevertheless one large active group. This central group will then pour through the groups in so far as the group members, as a group –

1.       Keep in rapport with the inner source of power.

2.       Never lose sight of the group objective, whatever that objective may be.

3.       Cultivate the dual capacity to apply the laws of the soul to the individual life and the laws of the group to group life.

4.       Use all the forces which may flow into the group in service, and learn, therefore, to register those forces and use them correctly.


1.       Each group has its inner counterpart.

2.       This inner counterpart is a complete whole. The outer results are still only partial.

3.       These inner groups, forming one group, are each of them expressive of, governed by, certain laws, embodying the controlling factors in group work. A law is an expression or manifestation of force, applied under the power of though by a thinker or group of thinkers.

4.       These inner groups, embodying different types of force, and working synthetically to express certain laws, are an effort to bring in new and different conditions, and hence produce a new civilisation. This is the New Age that the Aquarian cycle will see consummated.

These groups are also an experiment which has for its objective the manifestation of certain types of energy which will, when effectively functioning, produce cohesion or at-one-ment upon earth. The present distraught condition in the world, the international cataclysm and apparent impasse, the religious dissatisfaction, the economic and social upheaval and the appalling effects of war are all the results of energies that are so potent – owing to their immense momentum – that they can only be brought into rhythmic activity by the imposition of stronger and more definitely directed energies.

The groups are intended to work together eventually just as various departments of a great organisation work effectively together as a unit. They must function smoothly and intelligently within themselves and also in their inter-relation with each other. This will become possible when the individual members in the group and the individual groups of disciples lose sight of their own identities in an effort to make this hierarchical work possible. In this type of work, the feelings, reactions, wishes and successes of the individual most emphatically do not count. Only that is regarded as of importance which will further group efforts and enrich the group consciousness.

Based on the works of AAB and DK.

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