Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy





May our triangles light

Shine like a lighthouse at night

Always bright

Come what might


Even through the day

We have no time to play

Always ready to sound the way

Come what may


If there is no hope

Let us be the rope

That makes them cope

And never say nope


Even if they sink

We can be the link

That will make them think

Their light will never blink


The foundations are set

Like a fisherman’s net

Over the ethers and the internet

May our expectations be met


And let us never forget

The goals we have set

And always be let

By the morals we met


We have the height

And all the sight

To shine that light

With all our might






Although I cannot remember

Something burns inside me, like an ember

There must have been a past

Otherwise, It could not have last


If It is my soul

May It show me the goal

And if I reap what I sow

Let it help me to grow


I have no fear of death

And will not run out of breath

Until my task is done

I will not join the One


Prepared in the past

To meet whatever destiny may cast

And again to take and grow

From whatever it throws


To prepare for the next life

Where my soul will cut like a knife

Through the dross on earth

To bring my personality to birth


On the spiritual plain

Where I have much to gain

To be one with my soul

That is my goal


That always was my destination

Through reincarnation

As it was told

From the times of old


Thus, is illumination reached

Through rebirth as preached

But even this is not the end

For even further the path will bend






You will reap what you sow

So that in the end you will know

That every good deed

Brings its reward indeed


And every bad one committed   

Will never be emitted

If you done the crime

You will do the time


What goes around

Also comes around

So, you should mind

Those deeds you left behind


It’s the law of cause and effect

That will put you back on the tract

From whence you have strayed

After the prize has been payed


Thus, the way to stop the pain

Is to take away the cane

Out of your own hand

And bury it in the sand


So that after lifetimes of pain

You shall receive the gain

Of lightening your load

Till it can no longer hold


Because, you use your head

To make your own bed

And aim to set your soul free

To become what it is to be


Your light will grow

And you will know

That through service to the race

You can speed up the pace






We know that one day He will come

But of when and how, we know none  

Surely prepared He will be

And hopefully, so will we


The reappearance of Christ is in reality

Referring to the externalisation, of the Hierarchy

Accompanied by Masters of Wisdom

Christ will establish His Kingdom


The New Group of World Servers, will of course

Help to distribute, the Shamballa force

That burns like a fire

And makes all things transpire


By burning away the dross

No matter at what cost

Suffering it will bring

But this will lead to spring


The winter of misery and darkness

Will be replaced, by love and kindness

The new age will be born

No longer will we morn


Aquarius will bring water to share

With those of whom we care

Selfishness, greed, and materialism of old

Will in the end, no longer hold


We can help to prepare this way

For the Christ to shine His Ray

Of Love and wisdom

Directly from his Kingdom


If we lay the ground

He will be by duty bound

To respond with his loving evocation

On our best and strongest invocation






From Solar Angel and Spirit, my Soul came to be

Always to guide and take care of me

My body was the reaction

His etheric, astral, and mental reflection


My personality’s body of pain

Just as His, on the mental plain

Through dark nights and stormy days

I learn to work, by his ways


Spirit manifest through soul on the mental plain

As soul manifest through matter, on the physical plain

The three are a trinity

Synthesised by life, for eternity


Through their interplay on one another

And the effects of spirit and matter, on each other

Qualities are brought forward

That will push my evolution, onward


Soul is the quality in form

That makes each man different from norm

It is the mediator between two poles

That burns like two hot coals


It is the builder in form

That steers me through every storm

As the middle principle or Christ aspect

It is worthy of my respect


First soul impression, then soul control

Finally identification, with my soul

The reward to be

Is serenity and joy for me


If I merge my consciousness with my soul

I would have reached, my goal

Free from the limitations of this world I can

Help to guide the world in line with the Plan


My soul is en rapport with the soul of all things

And part of the universal soul, of everything

No my soul or your soul, none

On the plane of soul, there is only ONE




AUM and OM - 6


“AUM” said the Lord

And stroke his cord

Without this sound

Nothing was bound


The sweet sound of creation

Is just one mighty vibration

And everything that exist

Vibrate and confess to this


The Voice of Silence, AUM

And the Lost Word, OM

Together they build and create

All things that eventually brake


The Holy Ghost works with matter through involution

While the Son salvages the soul, through evolution

One leads to the bosom of the mother

The other leads to the house, of the father          


AUM, is matter, soul and spirit, the Consensus

To build around the soul, a prison of the senses

The secret of evil, in this round

To use matter, as training ground                             


Om, is soul and spirit, the note of resurrection

To release soul from glamor is His specialization

For eons the mystics, have sought for It

The disciple and initiates, must demonstrate It


They are Brahma, the Holy Ghost, or the third aspect

And Vishnu, the Christ Force, or the second aspect

Of the Holy Trinity

For all eternity  


The masses, on hearing AUM

Seek release and long for home

In the life of him, who is reaching the goal

AUM and OM, is in conflict over soul                                                                               


After being lost, ages ago, in pain

The Word of Soul is being found again 

The magnet and the attraction

That will pull everything, to perfection                                                                              




SEX - 7


The mystery is found, in a sense of oneness

Through establishing unity and wholeness

For transgressions we pay

By learning the hard way


In the beginning, unconscious, this was done

Even of emotions, there were none

Animal man, had no sin or blame

Till wisdom came, and play its game


Next was emotional, and mental subordination

Of life to the sex impulse, and intoxication

A dominating thought of sex and lust

That was never ment to last


Forces were gathered up, for transformation

Into the solar plexus by imagination

Later man became a creator of course

When it reached, the throat centre of force


Here the mystics must learn discrimination

Between love, desire and attraction

And between divine relations

Or human inclinations


The sex urge can reach ungodliness

If blocked in the heart because of unreadyness

Of the throat centre with the definite possibility

Of sexual perversions and homosexuality


Sex is also a revolt against loneliness

And the fear, of separateness

Resulting in form propagation

For human manifestation


We can distort and pervert

The divine idea, and revert

Back to material desires that can

Lead to animalism in man


For this force to flow unobstructively

We have to live creatively

This is done through clear thinking

Continence and pure living






The energies received from the Buddha, at the Wesak Festival

Will be distributed by the Christ, at the Christ’s Festival

Concentrated upon the centre, “which we call the race of men”

The energies of goodwill, will illumine the mind of men 


On the full moon of Gemini, the outpouring of divine love

To "restore the Plan on Earth", will come like a dove

Send by the inner forces of the Love Wisdom Ray

In answer of an immense invocation on this day


The mission of Christ has been for over two thousand Years

Been brought about in response to humanity’s tears

Seek and you will find, ask and you will be given,

The Christ force, that will make it all even


The Christ force will make way, for the religion of the new age

By getting rid of theology, and letting us out of the cage

And awaken us to the path, that leads to illumination

By following in His footsteps, on the path of initiation


It will bring the gradual dissolution, of Orthodox Judaism

Because it leads to separateness, and separatism

It is so ancient that its teachings, have become obsolete

And when the Jews become spiritual, there will be no elite


The Christ force is laying the foundations, for a New Revelation

For when there is no vision, the people will go to desolation

Human expectancy is screaming out for light                            

The Great Invocation will deliver their sight    


The Christ force is a channel from Hierarchy to Shamballa directly

To relate the will-to-good to goodwill, and condition the inflow exactly

Also to create new tensions and new ashrams, that will give birth

To the re-emergence of Christ, and the Hierarchy on earth


The Christ force is also an effort to avert war at this stage        

Shamballa will be involved, and this can mean the end of this age    

The next war would annihilate, the greater part of the human race

Because the hate involved, would have a religious base               


The Christ festival is an invitation, by the Hierarchy to participation

To share in their ancient work, without any overstimulation

And wisely to use on behalf of humanity, the energy force

With which you may be charged to use in your cause






Four ages have passed

For Aquarius to be cast

Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces

Laid the spiritual foundation since Isis


The Ram and the two Fishes followed

The Twins and the Bull to be swallowed         

By time who is their barrier

And the deliverer of the Water Carrier


The Sun moves through the zodiac never-ending

Symbolising our evolution that is pending

Aquarius will be the next waterhole   

To quench the thirst of humanity’s soul


The place in time where we take care

Of each other and learn to share

And never to look back again

On old believes that can only bring pain


No more golden calf or Piscean devotions                                

The time has come for worship without emotions

The past has become evil to us 

It is time for truth without the husk


Under the guidance of the Christ consciousness

It will break down all barrier of separateness

And blend the minds of men into a unity

That will be the Aquarian gift to humanity


Pisces has for the Last Age, been spreading the light

Aquarius will for the New Age, bring the Rising Light

Emphasis will shift from the crucified Christ

To the Water Carrier or the Risen Christ


People will recognise the ancient story of the birth

As the first initiation of the disciple on earth

Followed by the Baptism, the Transfiguration

The Crucifixion and the Resurrection


The water-pot of the Aquarian Age

Will absorb the waters of the Piscean Age

And enable the Water Carrier to deliver

The waters of life to the people like a river






I cannot help but to worry

For I have send him down into the quarry

To work and to search for the light

That we need to improve our sight


The cave or pit down on earth

Is the only place that can give birth

To the qualities we request

To continue on our spiritual quest                               


My son and I will then go further

To the house of my Father

The spirit in Heaven

Amongst the plains of seven


We are building my house, the causal form

As a shelter from the storm 

Of pain and suffering down below

Where my son is taking another blow


Will he withstand this one as he did before?

And go back and ask for more?

Or will he loose his way in the storm?              

And shall I have to go and keep him worm?    


I shall like always hide

But stay by his side                                                      

Hoping that this was his last fight                              

The one that will give him his sight               


Till then I shall keep an eye on the road

Because he will be carrying a load        

And might be in need of assistance            

But only if I meet with no resistance


I have carried my cross long time ago                       

But this is his cross, and his time to grow                   

I can be his conscience and push and pull

But in the end his own mind must rule                                                                    


Through service he will conquer the pain      

And never look back again

He will return to the house of his Father

Where I await, to take him to the house of my Father






Wesak, The festival of the Buddha

Has for centuries been held in the Himalaya

In a remote valley of peace and tranquillity

Known only to the initiates who have the ability


At this Eastern Festival on the full moon of May

The Buddha is the spiritual intermediary to relay

Forces from Shamballa to the Hierarchy

And Christ, who is the head of the monarchy


Buddha is the expression of God’s wisdom

And the light of his kingdom

He is the indicator of the divine plan

That is to be expressed by man   


Emanating from the heart of God

Are forces of enlightenment to be sought

By initiates and disciples who can then

In love and understanding, serve all men


By meeting in groups, large and small

By fusing the divine Will, with the will of all

By meditation and concentration on their goal

To serve the greater good of the whole


Buddha and Christ express love-wisdom

The second principle of divinity, in tandem

They channel the new ideas of the moment

Into the great educational movement


As well as the mass communications media and net

Formed by the press, radio, television and the internet

These recipients of the forces of enlightenment

Must use it for humanity’s advancement


Good effects are not yet perceptive

But their channelling is effective

Thus all people are affected by this force

That keeps humanity, on course


Wesak marks the high point of the year

When the “Touch Of Shamballa” is here

The Buddha’s annual blessing to humanity

That restores light, love and sanity






The World has passed the stage

Where a disciple used to sit, like in the old age

At the feet of a Guru to get tuition        

In esoteric teaching and constitution     


In the New Age, the field of training for service

Is the New Group of World Servers

Candidates and disciples that graduate

Are of a higher quality and grade


Methods of training and technique

Used in the New Age are unique

Their group work has to function                      

Amidst the stress of Western civilisation


They are the advanced members of the human seed

Sensitive to inspiration and to humanity’s need

And to spiritual unfoldment as a determining factor  

In world affairs and salvation of the human sector


They form a prototype of the Hierarchy

That will result in the emergence of the Hierarchy

Coming forth from the long seclusion of the old age

To function again on earth for the new age


They are a bridging group for contact and unity

Between positive Hierarchy and negative humanity

Thus the emphasis on service that leads to action

For the masses and its needs, as a soul reaction                            


They are also the seeds of the coming civilisation

And the germ of the new culture, for the nation

The life of the new age is there to lead reforms

Within the husk of the old age and old forms


Hence the opportunity for service and to form    

A group that can express this in group-form

So that in due time, there can come to birth 

The Hierarchy’s methods and techniques on earth


In the future they will be in operation                 

As part of Hierarchy’s work and manifestation                       

Upon the outer physical plane

All in line with the Plan




TIME -13


I am nowhere

Yet I am everywhere

I play with your senses

Without any fences


I am like a runaway horse

Who has no boss

Free as a bird

That holds no dirt


I only go one way

Like a train on the railway

My timetable is set

Part of the net


Everything has its cycle as on Earth                              

If you meet with me it is your birth

When I pass you it is your end

For I am nobody’s friend


Creations come to my domain

For here is much to gain

Throughout the cosmos I steer

Evolutions through every sphere   


In the mirror you can see

My work on thee

If you like it or not

That is what you’ve got


So let it be a reminder to you

Whatever you do

Leave no regret

And nothing unsaid


If you die rich and own a mine

You have wasted your time

You have to come again

And experience more pain


So use your time well

For you never can tell

When I pass you by 

The time for you to die 






The soul has no destiny alone

But in a group, never on its own

The desire of the group clan

Is the working out of the great Plan


From cosmic forces in Shamballa

The Plan is received by Sanat Kumara

In love and for the glorification

Of the Logos in manifestation


From Shamballa to Hierarchy on wings          

The Plan reaches Christ who then links

With the new group of world servers          

And men and woman in serves


Thus it reaches the physical centres of distribution

Who are responsible for its ultimate execution

To guide evolution for another age   

And to force man to write another page    


Man will become the master of his mind

And build on what was left behind

Past achievements and knowledge

Will give us a well-earned advantage


It will produce in man a comprehension 

And maybe an intelligent collaboration          

With the divine purpose of the Logos

That led to incarnation in the cosmos


The plan is based on law and cycles       

The energies that create our pickles

Are the Masters’ chance

To help us make advance


It is preparing us for the Aquarian age

That can bring us to a new stage

Were intelligent contemplation              

Can lead to mankind’s unification


We will not understand all

But it is the goal

Our past was dear

But we are near 






I’ll lend, you for a little while, A child of mine, God said---

For you to love the while he lives, and mourn for when he’s dead  

It may be six or seven years, or forty-two or three

But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for Me?


He’ll bring his charms to gladden you, and should his stay be brief

You’ll have all your memories, as a solace for your grief

I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return

But there are lessons taught below, I want this child to learn  


I’ve looked this whole world over, in my search for teachers true

And from the things that crowd life’s lane, I have chosen YOU

Now will you give him all your love, nor think the labour vain

Nor hate me when I come, to take this lent child back again


I fancied that I heard them say, Dear God - Thy   will   be   done

For all the joys Thy child will bring, the risk of grief we’ll run

We will shelter him with tenderness; we’ll love him while we may

And for the happiness we’ve known, forever grateful stay


But should Thy Angels call for him, much sooner than we’ve planned

We’ll brave the bitter grief that comes, and try to understand.


[Unknown author]