Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



LUCIFER - 15     


You called me Venus the bright morning star

But I brought my light from very far

Millions of years ago

So you can see where to go


I’m a Solar Angel and the light of mind

That came when you were behind        

So that you can start to reason

And see that everything has its season


I’m “Lucifer” which means light-bearer.

I am also your mind carer

To see that you become creative      

And can work on your own initiative      


We came through Great sacrifice       

To make you eventually realise

Your destiny and divinity           

As part of the Holy Trinity


We bring the Law of Duality to bay

So that the prodigal son can find his way

In the life of form and senses

After many walls and fences


Mind can become evil if you use it wrong

It can lead to separation if you’re not strong

For the awakening mind old things become evil

For lazy and sleeping minds I am a devil


I came to wake and shake

Nothing must stagnate

That is why my light

Must shine ever bright


My light leads to Christ the Son

And His light will lead to the SUN

Through your illuminated soul

That should be your goal


I give you the causal body for evolution

To be shattered at the fourth initiation

With the link between form and spirit

You will then have no limit






Was it love or was it lust?

And why did it not last?

When you find yourself here

You have much to fear


You have found that love can hurt

And now you are alert

And ready to agree

That loven eyes can’t see 


From animal passion to love for mate,

It seems to have originate

Then came love for family and friend

Till eventually there was no end


Through battling on the astral plane

Soul consciousness is to gain

It is ment to be tuff

For it leads to real love  


Love is not sentiment

Or desire for selfish betterment     

But hard to cultivate and express

Without going into any excess


Love is the wielding of force

That guides the world on course

To integration, unity and inclusiveness

Which impels Deity to action through lovingness


It is a difficult thing to apply

In your life without a cry

And its expression will demand

Everything that you command


The chains of love unite the world of men

And the world of forms which then

Constitute the great chain of the Hierarchy   

That will lead us into the spiritual monarchy


The spiritual effort you are asked to make

Is to develop yourself for love’s sake

Into a vibrant and powerful centre

For this universal love to enter






Black magicians and materialists

Are running this world like imperialist

They are extending their power

Over governments by the hour


They control nearly all the Banks              

And keep adding to their ranks

While they control the Military Industrial Complex

We have no time to relax


About them there in nothing illuminating

And they have nothing worth celebrating    

On Earth they are the Dark Brotherhood

That works for the Black Brotherhood


They want to replace the coming New World Order        

With their own Evil World Order

By taking away the light from the East

And giving you the mark of the beast


These are the un-illuminated ones

And apposing them are the illuminated ones

Christ and the Masters of Wisdom

Who run our Spiritual Kingdom


Their teachings have led to illumination

Ever since the dawn of creation

Now They are instigating the New Age

As a new evolutionary stage


Where Their teachings and light

Will make the Age of Aquarius bright

So that man can stop to roam 

And find his way back home


The White Brotherhood has been behind

Religions and Secret Societies of all kind

Always keeping the light burning

For those who reached the point of turning


The Brotherhood is now in preparation

For the Hierarchy’s externalisation

The coming of Christ on Earth

As been propagated since His birth








A disciple is working all alone and by himself

In the effort of making contact with his Higher-self

For this is his door into the spiritual world

Where he can be of more help to the physical world


On its own plane the Soul is love-wisdom in union

And service is the expression of this soul dominion

From Buddha, Christ and the Masters of Wisdom

To the lowest awakened souls in the Kingdom


As the Soul takes control of its vehicle on earth

That service to humanity comes to birth

As a natural part of its expression

In life through its spiritual progression      


The disciple will care less for himself     

And think more in line of the not-self

What is good for the group and majority

Will take first priority


This leads to service with the Brotherhood  

That will lead to spiritual manhood

And assistance to the Plan of evolution

Without any illusion 


Spiritual growth and the lifting of the human race

Will bring in a New World Order phase

Where the need of the world in transition 

Is more important than anybody’s ambition


Even spiritual happiness becomes a vanity              

To be replaced by carrying the cross of humanity    

Only if the disciple’s consciousness is in such a mood   

Can he be part of the Great White Brotherhood


Such is the spiritual journey and goal

To give expression to the purpose of the soul

That will result into greater efficiency in service

As part of the New Group of World Servers


Thus the disciple is going nowhere

Unless he expresses in service somewhere

Through self-forgetfulness and woe

“By their deeds, they shell be known.”






The Buddha gave us three methods

To change the personality through efforts

Of Discrimination, Dispassion and Detachment

That will eventually lead to Enlightenment


Through him, man has for the first time grasped the cause

Off his constant distaste, dissatisfaction and remorse

And that where these three attitudes [3D’s] are present on earth

There is rapid release from the wheel of rebirth.


Through discrimination, the mind learns to

Select the good, the beautiful and the true

And to substitute these for the sense of identification

With the personality in manifestation              


[This is the first method of attaining liberation

From the three worlds of manifestation

A realisation of the duality of nature

Where spirit uses matter to mature]                            


Through Dispassion the body of emotion                                          

Becomes immune from the senses in motion

And desire fails to deter the soul

From its rightful task and goal


[Through dispassion and the balancing

Of the pairs of opposites through life cleansing            

He can free himself from emotional reactions

Moods, feelings, desires and imperfections]


Through detachment, the brain consciousness                          

Is withdrawn from the sense cognizance

By the imposition of a new rhythm in realisation    

Outside the world of sensory perception 


[We are not only attached to things physically

But also things psychologically

It can be a thing or a person or a place

Your self-image, belief system or your race]


Hereby the personality can be changed and in reality

Be prepared to be a conscious expression of divinity

It will bring in the rule of wisdom and preparation

Of the disciple for initiation






This is the first method of attaining liberation

From the three worlds of manifestation

A realisation of the duality of nature

Where spirit uses matter to mature                             


Through a union of two polarities

Each with his own peculiarities

In reality one is real

The other unreal


This is admitted as a logical basis

And the theory is tested out in phases

In an effort to prove the truth

From the un-truth


The aspirant then reaches the goal              

Of spirit manifesting through the soul

In the affairs of every day he strives

To discriminate between the forms and lives                


Between the soul and the body,

Or man in his physical, astral and mental body

Between the sum total of the lower manifestation

And the real self, the cause of the lower manifestation


Every day he cultivates a consciousness of the real

And a denial of the unreal

While distinguishing between the self

And the undesirable not-self


He concentrates more on the affairs of the spiritual world

Than the maya or forms of the physical world

This distinction is at first theoretical and intellectual

Then emotional physical and factual


The following of this method of unification      

Lead to a new dimension and identification

With a life and a world of being that is forever

Dissociated from the three words of human endeavour


Thus he learns to know not only the form

But also the subjective Reality behind the form

Which produces or causes the manifestation

Of the forms through the whole of creation






Through dispassion and the balancing

Of the pairs of opposites through life cleansing             

He can free himself from emotional reactions

Moods, feelings, desires and imperfections


Thus he can with ease

Reach the point of peace

That he needs for further penetration

Into spiritual liberation


It is the tool to bring this great change about and man

The victim of his desires and lower nature can become man

The victor, and triumph over flesh and evil

Without any upheaval


It is brought about when the lower self

Becomes aware of the higher self

When the soul is reflected in the mind

And can deliver in kind


Through non-attachment to the lower

He identifies himself with the higher

He becomes desireless

He can handle loneliness


He sees all in the light of eternity and not of time

He is not attached to anybody and holds no grime

He does not criticize in thought, word or deed

He learns to live as a soul; free from body need


Life becomes a field for service and new conception

And not a field of sensuous perception

He does his duty and meets every need

And frees himself from ties and bonds in deed


As the sun draws near and vivifies the earth

Naught can it take from out the earth

Likewise he lives through giving   

With no thought of receiving                      


The love of the soul and the qualities

Of wisdom demonstrated through activities

Are brought together on earth

And a pure spirit comes to birth






We are not only attached to things physically

But also things psychologically

It can be a thing or a person or a place

Your self-image, belief system or your race


This can block out all new truths and reality

Where analysis becomes a distorted actuality

Seen through your own historical perspective 

And an imagination that stays ineffective


The emotional body develops likes and dislikes at random     

Some come easily and are easy to abandon

Other attachments become central to one’s life

And are not easily relinquished through strive


Attachment is related to form and create      

A non-fluidic, non-growing, static state

Where evil works against evolution

And detachment becomes the solution


Detachment is related to consciousness.

And moving away from a distorted mindfulness

Through separation from form 

To where better judgement is the norm


In the first condition above we have an emotional focus

That is corrected most often through a mental focus

Where mental clarity is the hammer

To smash emotional glamour


In the second condition we have an attachment totality

Of the physical-emotional-mental bodies of personality

That is rectified through soul focus

That knows the real from the bogus


This is not the detachment of self-isolation

Aloofness or self- fortification   

But soul detachment which works from higher perspective

That makes everything in life more attractive   


Seeing everything in life and the goal

Through the light which streams from the soul

Regarding everything from the standpoint of eternity

And related to the Holy Trinity






It is the harmlessness that springs

From the true understanding that brings

Control of the personality by the soul

And spiritual expression through soul


It is to enter the consciousness

Realisation and mindfulness

Of one’s brother, where aid is given

And everything forgiven     


The discipline it entails and the constant supervision

Of all the activities on the three planes of human evolution

And of all reactions, bring the emotional body

Under the dominance of the illumined mental body


Through harmlessness it can be realised                 

All evil emanations and acts can be neutralised

And it bring about the understanding

Of one’s fellow men of whatever standing  


Harmlessness covers a man’s physical reactions                 

As they relate to all forms of divine expressions                                       

Thus he hurts nobody

And injures nobody


By manifesting harmlessness each day

He controls and keeps the astral body at bay

And eventually learn to work with forces

And how to direct energy for his courses


He enters his brother’s heart and sees his woe

As he struggle in life and reaps what he sow

And through understanding he gains

The words to loosen his brother’s chains


He enters his brother’s mind and read his thoughts

And after thinking and creating his own thoughts

He blends with his brother’s in advice   

And helps without malice or vice


He blends with his brother’s soul and knows him as one

Only upon the plane of soul can this be done

Thus will he see the part that he and you and all man play

And he will know when the work is accomplished for the day






I think the term initiation

Need some explanation

For once through the spiritual gate

You go from grade to grade


It is a way of loneliness

But the highway of holiness

The unclean shall not pass         

For his vibration cannot last


Always there have been cases

Of mysteries in temples and holy places

Where the true could find what he needs to grow

As well as instruction as to which way to go


It is a way that leads from that which lies outside

To that which dwells inside

It reveals, step by step, the hidden life and tides

Which every form and symbol veils and hides


The aspirant works towards spiritual understanding

That brings inclusiveness and wisdom as to his brother’s standing

He passes from the stage of enquiry on the way

To that of straight knowledge of the day


He undergoes initiation after initiation

Where vision and hope give place to realisation

Leading nearer and neared to complete unity

On his long way to divinity


Those who in the past thus worked, agonised and attained

Constitute a long chain that must be maintained

Reaching out of the remotest past into the present day

The initiates are still with us showing the way


Christ gave us a definite picture of the entire process

In His own life story as He made progress

Built around those major initiations

Which are our universal liberations  


Having prepared us by example and precept

Men are lifted step by step

To stand eventually before the initiator

Christ the Son, the first liberator






The first initiation is the birth

Of soul-influence over the physical body on earth

This influence over the personality

Is registered in the brain in clarity


Off all the newborn or spiritually infused man’s liberations  

This is the hardest and takes the longest of all initiations      

For the sins of the flesh

Must make way to start afresh


Gluttony, drink, and immorality on this way

Can no longer hold sway

The physical elemental will no longer hold  

Like in the days of old


Control over the body nature and captivations      

Must have killed all earthly temptations  

For the soul to endure

Nothing must lure                               


A general attitude of obedience to the soul

Must be the preferred way and goal  

And the willingness to obey

Must be very strong on the way


The channel between the higher and the lower is enlarged 

Energies between body and soul are no more camouflaged  

And the obedience of the flesh practically automatic

When animalism is no more problematic


The heart centre is the one usually vivified

And the disciple is no more mystified

He knows that through the work on the astral plain

More control and wisdom is to gain


And with effective control of the astral body

He can be of more service to everybody

When the need of his brother

Comes before everything other 


The rendering of greater service to humanity

Becomes his first priority

His work has begun

He follows Christ the Son






The second initiation forms the crisis

In the control of the astral body through consensus

For all emotions and desires must go

Under the control of the soul or ego


The first initiation symbolises control of the physical body

And the second initiation symbolises control of the astral body

The sacrifice and death of desire has been

The goal of endeavour to be seen


Desire itself has been dominated by the soul

Except those which is for the good of the whole

In the life of the disciple no evil can grow

In line of the will of the Master or ego                    


The emotional body controlled by the soul

Has brought the astral elemental under control      

The waters are stilled or there is no more see

And no more reason for the lower nature to be


By this time the lower bodies has gone still   

For the ego has bend them to his will

Thus the aspiration and longing to serve,

To love and work without reserve 


Rapid development lays the foundation  

Where the second and third initiation

Can through hard work and strife

Follow each other in one single life.


 At this period of the world’s history

Where we face so much misery

More stimulus has been given to evolution

To bring about a solution


 At this initiation the throat centre is vivified.

Thus aspiring souls are getting qualified

To work with force and to work creatively

While sacrificing all in order to help productively


Through the baptism of water [emotions]

His service is of a higher order

His work carries on

He follows Christ the Son






At the third initiation, the entire personality

Come face to face with reality

When it is illuminated or flooded with light

That shines then forever bright


From above by the light of the soul

Who is fulfilling its roll

As the builder in form and Christ aspect

To make the personality perfect


By now the heart is sufficiently pure and loving

And the intellect sufficiently stable to stand the strain of knowing

With a apprehension of the work to be done in the microcosm

As well as its share to be taken in the work of the macrocosm


Now the fully consecrated physical body

Can safely bear the vibrations of the spiritual body       

The personality has now reached a point where its vibration

Is of a high order and all three bodies ready for initiation


And it is apparent therefore, why it is only at the third initiation

That it is the Great Hierophant, Lord of the World and Creation

The Ancient of Days, who officiates

And for the first time contacts the initiates


A vision is accorded of what lies ahead

Membership of the Great White Lodge is to be had

By becoming a Master of Wisdom

And working in the spiritual kingdom


His psychic faculties are stimulated to perfection

By the vivification of the head centres through right action

Where the awakening of the spiritual intuition is the aim   

Of all development through more joy and pain


It is only after this initiation that the monad or spirit

Can start to guide the soul more every minute 

By pouring His divine life like manna

Through a prepared and cleansed channel, the Antahkarana


The Initiate now stands purified on three planes                                                   

With the ability to see and hear on all the planes

He knows what must be done

He works with Christ the Son






Before the fourth initiation the work of training is intensified

While the hunger for knowledge has to be rapidly satisfied

He has to grasp the laws of the three lower planes intellectually

And wield them to aid the scheme of evolution manually           


He studied the cosmic planes and had to master the charts

He became versed in occult technicalities and all its parts

Developed fourth dimensional vision and worked with forces

Directing the activities of the building devas in their courses


By the time the fourth initiation is taken the initiate         

Has mastered the mental plane and can officiate

On the astral and mental plane

While mastering the spiritual plane


The life of the man, who takes the fourth initiation

Is usually of great sacrifice, suffering and tribulation

This is the Great Renunciation that has to be made

For on earth there must be no more debs to be paid


He has laid all, even his perfected personality

Upon the altar of sacrifice, the cross, and finally

All is renounced when friends, money, reputation

Family and even life has no more fascination


The Christ pictured for us and emphasised the fourth initiation

With its transition from the Fixed Cross to the Mount of Ascension

Like The Buddha, he desired nothing for himself and was forever   

Liberated from the three worlds of human endeavour


This is the Crucifixion or Great Renunciation

Symbol of pain and transition through initiation

When the building of the antahkarana is done

And personality and spirit becomes one


The soul body is relinquished and can no longer be

My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me

It connotes the ending of the personality life

Through many incarnations of suffering and strife


After this initiation he is linked with the Masters of Wisdom

With Whom he has worked consciously in the spiritual kingdom

Or he can tread further on the path of initiation

That leads to even Higher Evolution and liberation






After the fourth initiation not much remains to be done

For the personality and the monad has become one

In a relative short time the domination of the sixth sub-plane

Is achieved as well as the co-ordination of the buddhic plane


In the lodge he is admitted into closer fellowship

While his deva-contact become a working relationship

He is rapidly exhausting the resources of the Hall of Wisdom

While working with the Masters in the spiritual Kingdom


He is mastering the most intricate plans and charts for this round

And becomes adept in the significance of colour and sound

He can wield the law in the three lower planes

With free access to his Monad and the higher planes


 While in charge of large works for evolution

He has many pupils under his care and tuition

Gathering under him those who hope

To lead in the next solar system or globe


As far as this scheme goes the man is relieved

After the fifth initiation has been achieved

Though he may, if he will, take two further initiations

By way of the Higher Evolution and Initiations


Those who stay to help humanity on this earth

Will change the vibrations of the globe for a new birth

Into the finer vibrations of the spiritual realm

With the Masters of Wisdom and Christ at the helm


When the Christ achieved this initiation

He embodied in Himself a new principle in evolution

The divine principle of love, as humanity calls it

Or of pure reason, as the Hierarchy calls it


Thus Christ had risen, and proved by His Resurrection

That humanity had in it the seed of life and perfection

That there was no death for the man at any stage

Lo, I am with you always even until the end of the age


This is the resurrection of the personality-consciousness

Duly fused and blended with the spiritual-consciousness

This is finally carried to the point of solar perfection

At the sixth initiation called the Ascension


About the seventh Initiation,

I have no revelation



DEATH - 30


What is there to fear about death?

That I can say to you with my last breath?

Like every life I had before this day

I shall leave this one today


For death, if we could but realise its qualities  

Is one of our most practised activities 

Death on one plain is birth on another plain

And this will happen again and again


Just as long as we are identified with the form aspect

Death will hold for us its ancient terror and respect

But as soon as we know ourselves to be souls in incarnation

We shall no longer know death or its fabrication


For it is not the cataclysmic end, involving the termination

Of all human relations, physical activity, love and sensation 

And the passage into the unknown cold and dark night

Dreaded, alone and terror stricken without a light


Daily sleep and occasional dying are nearly identical

In sleep the magnetic thread is preserved and stays integral

Ensuring the path of return stays open

While in death, this life thread is broken  


Thus the conscious entity that cannot return

Is home again, free and ready to learn

And experience the spiritual-life

While preparing for another earthly-life


Because death is undertaken at the direction of the higher-self

The process works automatically for the lower-self

For when the soul withdraws its attention

The physical body goes into disintegration


The man knows himself to be as he was before incarnation

And although there is no more sense communication

Astrally and mentally the interplay can be more sensitive

Because freed from the body there is no more negative 


One day there will be understanding of the laws of abstraction

That will enable the one who is making the transition

To withdraw consciously and in full waking awareness

Out of the physical body into a higher consciousness


I wish you to remember these words at your release

"Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace."