Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



The antahkarana is the true science of the mind

Where you leaf all your previous achievements behind

And utilise mental substance for the bridging between the personality triad

And soul, and then between soul-infused personality, and the spiritual triad


First, the life thread comes directly from the Monad or the One

To be anchored in the heart, during incarnation, for everyone

It is the seat of life

During the time you are alive


Then, directly from the soul, comes the consciousness thread

Which, during incarnation, is anchored in the head

It is the seat of consciousness

That brings about your responsiveness


Thirdly, and initiated and constructed by the personality

And anchored in the throat, is the thread of creative activity

It is the seat of creativity, created through our conceptions

That now gives life and expression to our creations


The antahkarana [OM] is a fusion and combination to perfection

Of these three threads [the sutratma - AUM ] and their projection

Into the higher mental plane, until the abstract mind

Is related by a triple cable to the concrete mind


On the first great union on the path to reality

A rhythm [OM] is set up between Soul and Personality

This first step to liberation

Is completed at the third initiation


Thus the energies that animate the soul and the personality 

Are blended and fused into one, soul-infused personality

The three aspects of the soul in the spiritual world

And the three worlds of the personality become one world


After the bridging of the personality and the soul

Comes the bridging of the spiritual triad and the soul 

This personality, soul and spirit combination

Is completed at the fourth initiation


Before a man can tread the path himself

He has to become that path itself

By using these forces for self-unfoldment and unity       

And in the service of the Plan for humanity 


By acting as if this stages have already been achieved

A shortcut to creating the antahkarana can be perceived 






The Church Fathers, taking the idea from the Jewish Pharisees

Made devils of the pagan gods, Mithras, Serapis, and others deities

And the Roman Catholic Church, in its blindness

Denounced former worships as commerce with the powers of darkness      


Up till then, magic in all ancient times

Had been considered as divine science,

As wisdom, and the knowledge of God

To bring healing, and to be used for good


Ignorance was enthroned as the mother of devotion

And the people end up being ruled through emotion

Learning was denounced, and philosophers pursued

The sciences in peril of their lives, if sued   


The votaries of the ancient worship and priestcraft         

Were persecuted and put to death on charges of witchcraft.

For the Church, there was no distinction

Between witchcraft, heresy and opposition  


Of all the various learned nations of antiquity

None was ever guilty of such a crowning absurdity

Not even the ancient Jews, believed in hell for evil

Or an eternal damnation any more than a Devil


There is no great enemy of God

Arraigned in battle against the good

There is only suffering, erring humanity,

Struggling to bring normality


The forces of evil are, in the last analysis,

The entrenched ancient ideals and practices

Of thought which have served their purpose in evolution

In bringing the race to its present point of manifestation


But which must now disappear or retired 

If the New Age is to be ushered in as desired

The old forms of religion, politics and social order

Must give place to newer ideals in the new world order.


When will man, the victim of his desires and evil

Triumph over the world, the flesh and the devil?

It is brought about when the man in incarnation

Is one with his soul and knows no more separation







What we understand as enlightenment

Is very much a process of alignment

The three aspects of the mind that must blend

Are the upper brain, pituitary body, and Pineal gland


On etheric levels the soul works through the upper brain        

During meditation, energy is poured into the physical brain

Where it affects the nervous system and the man eventually

Acquires a new capacity to think clearly and synthetically


In the pituitary body, we have the seat of the lower mind

The emotions, habits, instincts and things we must leave behind

When the personality riches a high order of soul-integration

This body centre of energy will have a powerful vibration


Concentrating on the region of the pineal gland

Or, between the middle of the forehead and the pineal gland

Will subjugate the five senses, through the mind

And activate the etheric centres of this gland and upper mind


It is from this great etheric central station in the head

That energy for distribution in the great work can be had  

From whence man can make a contact with the realm of soul

And receive the messages and impressions to play hid role


This prose of enlightenment is brought about, as you will find

Through the subjugation of the lower nature by the mind

Which transfers the activity of all the centres below the diaphragm

Into the three centres [head, heart and throat] above the diaphragm


This is done through life, love and service when in incarnation

And the enfoldments and developments brought by meditation

Then a magnetic field is set up between the positive

Soul aspect and the personality that has become negative


Then, the light breaks forth and we have enlightenment

The phenomenal light in the head, and the achievement

Of the third initiation or Transfiguration

Brought about through soul transmigration


The light in the head, which is at first but a spark

Is fanned to a flame which illumines all that is dark

Like a “Sun of righteousness” shining bright

For the son of man, has become a “son of light”






Life is the ultimate game we play

Where everyone becomes a prey

Because we do not know the rules

Or the aim of this game for fools


While we are here, we are forced to play

To swim or drown, each in his own way  

Where everyone gets a chance for progress

To experience and to work for success


Or to fall down to the lowest depth                                           

Of misery and ultimate death

Of the soul and spirit through lack of love

And not understanding the rules from above


In this game there is no right or wrong

They are the instruments that play along

While we triumph over materialism and greed

And lend a helping hand to those in need


These rules exert penalties when broken by man 

And to learn through trial and error is the plan

To force man to obedience through realisation

While mastering the game, and gaining liberation


Through suffering we learn the rules of this game

While the development of consciousness is its aim

We must learn to master and adept the rules

Only then will we no longer be fools


If you are not worried about glamor and fame

There is a short cut to become master of this game

Let the Masters show you how to use your tools

Then plan your own game according to the rules


We must move from players of this game

To becoming observers of this game

For this experiences and lessons of life

Are all we take with us from our strife 


Thus by conquering the rules, we master this game

And with no more rules to absorb, it is the end of this game

We have moved from man to soul by playing this game

Now we must move from soul to spirit via another game






The secret of meditation work in its earlier stages

Is the power to visualise like the sages

Where through the use of visualisation

We use the creative power of the imagination


This, plus mental energy, when combined

Will further the ends of the Hierarchy, through the mind  

That will lead to awakening and spiritual birth

And into carrying out the Divine Plan on earth


On the astral plain, visualisation builds a picture-form

And energy of the mind gives life and direction to this form

This demonstrates that energy follows thought

And that there is truth to what we’ve been taught


Once you have achieve factual knowledge of this kind

A rapport or line of energy is constructed to the mind

And to make planed and constructive progress

The disciple must utilising this creative process


The basic objective of occult meditation

Is to become an outer manifestation

Of what we are in our inner reality

And to be of serve to humanity


It is effective in transcending separateness and isolation

And helping planetary evolution and restoration

While the consciousness gets focused into playing its roll     

In the alignment of lower mind, higher mind and Soul


Thus occult meditation brings mental illumination

Contact with soul energies and the correct interpretation

Of light, love and power, the major aspects of the life force

Directing them in the form of ideas for the right course


It is also concerned with the right use of the personality bodies

The mental, emotional, etheric, and dense physical bodies

First their integration into a unified and coordinated whole

And then the fusion of the integrated personality with the soul


Thus, through the disciplined use of the mind

Combined with service to others of our kind

We have the means for attaining that realisation

Of “The Christ in You”, through Occult Meditation


Thus, by combining heart and mind in occult meditation

We can build the Antahkarana, and achieve illumination





THE HEART - 36  


Since ancient times, the heart was the abode of God

Thus the teaching of the heart, is indivisible from good

When we talk about the heart, we talk about the beautiful

And the love of God, that we know must be bountiful


The heart is the abode of straight-knowledge

That can override the mind-knowledge

For straight-knowledge concerns cosmic truth

Which the heart recognises, as undisputable truth


Striving to the summits, is on the heart’s path

Whoever thinks purely, is on the heart’s path

Whoever is ready for infinity, is on the heart’s course

And on their way for the realisation, of the source


The Heart is a bridge to the highest worlds

For it absorbs the laws of the subtle worlds

It is granted for highest communion

To bring about personality and soul union


Because the heart is the throne of consciousness

A sensitive heart will lead to the renewal of consciousness

And its transportation along the Chain of Hierarchy

Leading to ultimate contact with the Hierarchy


Balancing the consciousness with the heart substance   

Gives impetus and motivation to the unifying substance

For the heart’s anguish or joy interresounds 

With the far-off spheres, of all the rounds


Feel the heart as not one’s own, but as the universal One

For it is verily an international organ, belonging to no-one

Through this sensation, one can liberate oneself from egoism

For only pan-humanity dwells in the heart, and not egoism


The heart is an accumulator and transmuter of energies

Acting as a dynamo and vessel, for universal energies

Deprivation of its highest links, will lead to decay in the heart

And faint-heartedness and intolerance, will impoverish the heart


The heart is also considered the abode of the imagination

And for movement and action, it needs experimentation

Through the Antahkarana it becomes a bridge to higher worlds

By which we can infiltrate the currents of the Subtle worlds


Above all formulas stands the energy of the heart

The source of riches, spiritual as well as material, is the heart


Based on the Agni Yoga Teachings




The Gods have sat the pace
We must follow as the human race
To wherever it may lead
Even through hell indeed
On this planet we have lessons to learn
And stripes for our souls we will earn
That will prepare us for the higher life
Where we will fight with less strife
For strife there will always be
Even in the higher evolutions as we shall see
We have to fight through every manifestation
To achieve that ultimate liberation
The world is our oyster and we are the pearls
The solar system is the sea through which it twirls
Our Sun and its planetary creations
Is one in the Cosmic Sea of manifestations
As above, so below, and on it goes
We will never find the end to where it grows
We are but sells in a body, in a bigger body….
Of the one that looks after everybody
In a crisis we might think we are on our own
But be assured we are never alone
If we can but see through the darkness
We will see the hands stretched out in kindness
Trials and crises make us strong
Therefore it cannot be wrong
From the things we hate the most
We can be sure to learn the most
The things that make us rebel
Only drives us forward to excel
Hardships are just trails to be had
For the bigger test that lies ahead
Even if you are having a terrible live
Be assured you are still part of the hive
In the end we must triumph as one
So reach out to everyone

MONEY - 38


Money has been reflected to material ends

To be used for self-gain and everything it can bends

So that even as a philanthropic objective

It has not been very effective


Money is used for the construction of form

Where greed and corruption is the norm

To satisfy the vices of the lower-self

To the detriment of the higher-self


The forces of darkness are manipulating this force

To steer us of the evolutionary course

And while satisfying our personal desires

We are only feeding these fires


Money feeds a state of evil necessity in our history

But our future will lay claim to a different story

Where the right use of this force through sanity

Will lead to the redemption of humanity


The material wellbeing of humanity has its place

But is not the ultimate goal of the human race

We must learn to control this energy and make amends

By using this force for spiritual ends


A spiritual asset, money can be

A force for good, to set us free      

From the chains of materialism

Greed, power and commercialism 


The investment of money in education

Is lying a good spiritual foundation

This spiritualising of money through the human mind   

Will unleash a spiritual force of a different kind


Where the treasures of every land

Shall be shared and used by every hand

To alleviate poverty in every county

So everybody can share in the bounty


The time is not yet for this vision to materialise

But in our future we shall realise

“To those who give shall be given”

The law that will make us all even






All that is consists of energy

Has been built from and by energy

And will eventually be resolved back again

To the elements of energy through pain


It was just temporarily bound and limited to form                      

As condensed energy ready to perform      

Its duty in creation and the liberation

Of spirit from matter through separation


This is applicable to all forms in the Universe

Whether a sun, planet, man, or diverse

Under a divine blueprint, they are

Being controlled from afar


To bring about specific results on the physical plane

As visualised and ordained on a higher plane

By some Higher Entity and a conception

That is far beyond human perception


Primordial Energy, The will of God                        

Will forever remain obscure and awed  

The potency of this fundamental energy can

Annihilate any material form known to man


Thus it passes through a series of Celestial Entities or Bodies

To be subdivided and dispersed into smaller copies

Of a less volatile ray energy system

Long before it reaches our solar system


Every form in manifested life is thus moulded

Through seven Rays of Energy that are unfolded

By Seven Beings or Ray Lords that rule the horde

As the Seven Angels before the throne of God


Each ray is distinguished by its own special attributes

The qualities and characteristics that it contributes

To individual forms that are in many ways 

Being supplemented by the effect of subsidiary rays


Thus the negative qualities of the personality ray

Must eventually come under the sway of the soul ray

Under whose influence this life came into being

To be moulded by energy for its own wellbeing






So, as another year comes to an end

It is time for our memories to blend

To reflect on our deeds

And to taste the fruits of our seeds


If I have insulted you at any time

I hope I have not committed a crime

That is so bad that we cannot make amends

And drive all bad memories to their ends

If I have offended you through my actions

Please take in consideration my imperfections  

Although I might sometimes think I know it all

I’m just setting myself up for another fall


Some of us had a bad run

While others had their days in the Sun

What a treasure of bad and happy days

That led us on enlightened ways


Some experienced the sting of death

That came at the end of the breath

Others experience again the joy of birth

The recycling of a new life on earth


Some of our mirages came to an end

With no change of it ever to be mend

But even from this we did prevail

Much like a dog dragging its tail


Some experience financial hard times

Brought about through someone else’s crimes

We have experienced sickness

And overcome our weakness


So, brothers and sisters of my kind

Let’s leave the bad vibes behind

And take from the good, the bad and the sad 

The fruits of experience to be had


For wisdom is knowledge gained this year

And experience to be implemented next year

Through love and service to each other

Pease to you my sister and brother


So, my dear

I’ll see you next year







Waters of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men

To meet human need and bring about the time when

Through right relationships the light and love of the Plan

Can circulate through all the peoples of man


First chaos and confusion will reign

As your civilisation breaks down in pain

And a new one emerges that is more capable

Of expressing my energies which are inescapable


During the transition period a bridge will be built

Between the old and the new cycle that will never wilt

By all who can love and serve humanity

And stand like a beacon amidst the insanity 


My nature and quality of specific energies

Were held in solution on the inner plains for centuries

By great spiritual lives, to be released as the rebirth

Of the light, love and power of the divine plan on earth


My forces and energies are only temporary at work

So make use of the opportunity and don’t lurk

For if this opportunity goes to waste

The whole of humanity will be disgraced 


Each epoch has its own call for the Race

That is designed to make Earth a Holy Place     

The power of thought that can be unfurled

Will be the evocative principle of the New World


My incoming forces are having an effect upon the ethers

And on everybody that is learning to think and feel for fellow breathers

This wise, compassionate and giving hand in service to humanity

Will bring an end to vanity


The first effects is the stabilising of emotional reactions

That will lead to better human relations and interactions

The effect then on the mind will be real and lasting

Leading to the end product of a spirit-soul-matter casting


Another effect of mine is in the mineral kingdom

On gold and money to bring about your freedom

Here the law is simple as is everything in spirit

The attachment to non-existent property, has no merit






The old world appear to be one mixed up place

Were everybody is always in your face

A lost world filled with mixed up souls

Each chasing his own materialistic goals


A place of war between haves and have-nots

Where religions tie each other up in knots

Of ignorance, hatred and bigotry

And life seems to end in a cemetery


Evil men seem to rule by proxy

And cling to power like an evil epoxy

Their clans come first and to hell with the rest

We get the scrap while they get the best


Enough, is never enough for them

For whom everything material is a gem

Thus they scheme and they hoard

Never satisfied with any reword


Politicians are either ignorant or corrupt

Thus causing evolutions to erupt  

Life seems to have no value in their game

Where “le miserable” must take the blame             


But alas, this world is not lost in space

And doomed to bring an end to the human race

But everything is exactly as it is supposed to be

For those who have eyes to see


All the lessons we have learned as a race

Have prepared us to bring in the new phase 

Were all this darkness will be destroyed by light

Brought in by humanity’s plight


The True New World is about to come

Can you not hear the new beat of the drum?

It’s the beat of compassion for all in your heart

That has waited centuries to play its part


The True New World must not be enchained

To the dead weight of matter after what we’ve gained

Through the destruction of the organisation of finance

The True New World will get its Chance






First we have the Father, or the Will aspect

Driving everything in matter to a better prospect

This gives us our Purpose in this world

Where everything must be unfurled


It is the underlying Plan of God          

That cannot be flawed    

Our life-force and essential cause of being

For we are not here for sight-seeing


It is the life purpose, motivating evolution

Where for every problem we must find a solution

The note of synthetic sound

That makes everything goes around


Then we have the Christ or The Son Aspect

Which we also call the Love aspect

The Soul Consciousness in the head-centre

Prompting wisdom and understanding to enter


It is the quality of sensitivity

For our compassion and expressivity

The nature of relationship

That leads us all to mate-ship


It is the method of evolution

Leading to our absolution

The note of attractive sound

Causing spirit to be unbound


Last we have the Mother Aspect

Also known as the Intelligence Aspect

The Holy Spirit, the Creator of the form

Through which Spirit and Soul must perform


It is the intelligence of substance to create

Everything we see up to date

And the nature of form

Where everything seems to conform


It is the response to evolution

By producing bodies for occupation

The note of Nature and Its vibration                      

Through every structure in creation






The fall of spirit into matter at the dawn of time

Was the beginning of the war against the grime  

That was doomed to obstruct his rapid return

No matter how much for his soul he might yearn


Spiritual forces are there to help man on his way

And to fight off the material forces every day

While the material forces on the other hand

Have plenty ignorant people under their command  


The higher spiritual path for mankind

And the path of matter can be defined

As the poles of Good and evil, light and darkness

Jinn and Yang, the path to eternal brightness


Today it signifies Mammon and big business

Where there is no room for brotherliness

Against the impoverished, jobless hordes

Who are forced to reach for their swords


To fight the injustice and cruelty of a social order

In which money takes the place of God across every border

And war is engineered by greed masquerading as patriotism

Through leaders professing to their own atheism


This occult or spiritual war taking place between forces

Of light and darkness with good and evil causes

Manifests on the material and mortal planes spiritually

As well as politically, culturally, and economically


It is difficult to discern the affiliations of our leaders

In this battle when there is a multitude of occult Orders

And Secret Societies working underground

Leaving no traces of their activities to be found


Thus, well-meaning people are easily duped to make a stand

And supporting long-range aims of which they do not understand

Believing they are working for a good cause

While they have been infiltrated by a dark force


Such is the fate of Religions and Masonic Lodges worldwide

That led us to this world of Jekyll and Hyde

Where our rulers have become the underlings            

Of economists and their sequesterings