Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



The world has a spiritual destiny through which we plod    

To fulfil the purpose which we call the Plan of God

Working through a network of lighted triangular segments

Which underlie the entire world of physical life and events


Triangles Work creates a worldwide network of light and goodwill

For the distribution of spiritual energies and Will             

It’s a means of intercommunication for the world

Where practical co-operation is to be unfurled


A triangle is a group of three people who link each day

For a few minutes of meditation to evoke and relay     

The energies of light and goodwill through imagination

Into the consciousness of humanity for liberation


They visualising these energies circulating and interacting             

Through the three focal points while connecting

And pouring out through the network of triangles

That surrounds the planet in its celestial tangles


At the same time they repeat the Great Invocation

Thus helping to form a channel and foundation

For the down-pouring of power, light and love

Into the consciousness of humanity from above


Triangles Work is an activity whereby the network of light

And goodwill covering the entire planet in its plight

Is created and maintained as interlocking strands

Invoked by all Triangles workers in all the lands


The Triangles Work is an act of service to humanity

And to help bring the world back to sanity

Through the stimulation and increase of the flow

Of light and goodwill into the world below


It helps to establish right human relations

By distributing light or understanding among nations

And to raise the level of human consciousness

To a level of spiritual responsiveness


Triangles Work links men and women of goodwill

In a spiritual world service of free will

That transcends all barriers of race, class or creed

Ignoring economic and political convictions indeed






The triangle work gives us an insight into ourselves

And our group work relationships with other selves

Thus we can move into the light of the soul

After our achievement of total self-control              


Our creative service is enhancing the balance and stability

Of the planetary etheric web and its transferability

From a network of squares in the past

To a future network of triangles at last


To respond and absorb the new extra-planetary forces

Pouring through it into objectivity for future causes

For each triangle is a relaying point of energy distribution

And an integral part for the whole of planetary evolution


Humanity is at long last responding to the spiritual values

That underlies the culture of the soul and its virtues

The outpouring of goodwill is gaining momentum

While the force of separatism is increasing its venom


Ultimately, nothing can arrest the tide of evolution

And for human development there is no substitution

Thus, human destiny, direction and the speed of progress

Are the responsibility of all of us that can take the stress


If we care deeply about the welfare of humanity

And the wise stewardship of the planet to maturity

Then our work in Triangles is a daily act of concentration

Love and dedication, leading to humanity’s liberation


Thus, we must enlarge the work of the Triangles if we can

So that subjectively, etherically and according to the Plan

There is nothing that we must still unearth

Before light and goodwill envelop the earth


Every triangle we form will put more light in the net

A new link, a new channel for Divine energy to connect

Across the skies to protect the souls of our earth

Just as we see the stars at night around our earth


The network of Triangles exemplifies our mediating role

As a bridge between world personality and soul

Between the spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity

Working for right human relations and world unity






The extension of the threefold thread

Was first woven unconsciously in the head

Through life experimentation and the response

Of consciousness to environment up to the nonce


Then, through the use of the imagination

In the process of projecting this vibration

Of the triple blended energies, of the life thread

Consciousness thread and creative thread


As they are impulsed by the soul and being assisted

Across a gap in consciousness which has thus far existed

Between the personality in its three aspects

And the monad and its three aspects


This is the bridge the man builds through meditation

Understanding and the magical work in creation

Of the soul between the three aspects of his mind

The lower mind, the Son of Mind and the Higher Mind



The thread is woven as a result of the appearance

Of life upon the physical plain and its adherence

From the world of exoteric phenomena and seeing

Into the world of subjective realities and meaning


It is the bridge between the personality and the soul

And then with the spiritual triad to form a whole

The first half through the use of mental substance

The second half through the use of light substance


It’s the triple thread which exists from the beginning of time

And links the individual man with his monadic source sublime

The thread of life, consciousness, and creations    

The responsive agent in all sensitive reactions


It deals with the incoming system of energy distribution

The process of usage, transformation and its fusion

Also with the outgoing energies and their relationship

To the environment in their creationship


The goal is to become aware of this stream of energy

In its diversifications and to employ it expertly

Interiorly in self-unfoldment as far as you can

And in the service of humanity and for the Plan







We move from Raja Yoga or the path of the mind in this thesis

To the Yoga of the Heart, Agni Yoga or the Yoga of Synthesis

This Yoga of fire is the true Yoga of the Hierarchy for humanity

That worked through the cycle of Pisces and Christianity


We cannot conceive of the unity of humanity by way of the brain

But the radiance of the hearts can link us like a golden chain 

For the substance of the heart belongs to the Subtle World

While it also forms part of the Fiery or Spiritual world


Thus it leads us beyond Earth and always higher        

Through the Subtle World to the sphere of Fire

Where the contact of the heart with the Highest

Remains our only refuge to remain unbiased


The heart is the life force that feeds us like the Sun with energy  

It’s the sun of the organism and the focus of psychic energy

The focal point for the sensitivity for the three higher centres

As the solar plexus is for the three lower based centres


Thus the Kundalini is the laboratory of the heart

And the brain and the centres are the estates of the heart

They can be nourished or strengthened through vanity

But the heart stands as the temple of humanity


How significant is the labour of the expanded hearts

Who are working self-sacrificingly with all their parts

Not without cause was the heart marked by the cross

The service of such a great heart is hard to come across


Strive towards the construction of the temple of the heart

Through unity in consciousness into the life of the heart

For it reacts on impressions from the buddhi plane

While the solar plexus responds to the astral plain


The teaching of the heart is so needed for the future

Where it suits the cosmic conditions as our tutor

It is set out like an anchor on a golden chain in a storm

Making it easy to practise Agni Yoga whilst in the form


In the great battle and the peril which gathers over earth

Use your own heart as refuge and for spiritual birth

To reaffirm your trust in the masters and the Hierarchy

Thus turning to the simplest ways for humanity






The heart is the centre of life, of sensitivity and of livingness

It is the organ of transmuted emotion and of lovingness

And the astral life which pours through the solar plexus

Has to be changed into the life of the heart and its nexus


True love is devoid of personal emotion yet full of sensation

Intelligent and active but entirely free from self-preoccupation

Whoever shall aid his near ones to find the path of the heart

Shall also find his own perfection and play his part


The doctrine of the heart is fundamental to the life of spirit

Where the vehicles of personality, soul and spirit

Are really three expressions of the Divine Heart

Leading through the subtler words like a solar chart


The heart works with causes and directional action

Not with reactional effects or reflective action

Its Consciousness is an entry into divine knowledge

Purpose and action that we must acknowledge


The capacity to focus in and function as the “Heart”

Makes the disciple a true magician and smart

Enough to align with the group soul on earth

And help to bring the Plan of God to berth


Thus is the purifying agency of the heart distributed

Making the power to lift humanity undisputed

Where the world is waiting for the new divine heart-beat

New light, life and inspiration from a New Age seed


The debris of the old must be collected by the magnetic quality

Of the heart and burned in the Fire of the Heart of Equality 

The realisation of the heart’s qualities is a vital step for the world

In the building of the bridge of salvation to the subtle world


The heart is a living centre of spiritual energy in the body

That can be seen through etheric perception by everybody

Who have the ability to see all expressions of life on earth

In terms of forms, organisations and people and their worth


The magnetic quality of the soul whose value we define

In terms of love-wisdom, the Christ principle divine  

Is the controlling energy of the heart, overseeing 

That its use brings the soul-infused personality into being






The heart is the organ of sensation for all the senses

And can detect the faintest stirrings behind all the fences    

When we understand the sensitiveness of the Great Heart

We will read the significance of creation from this chart


The temple of the heart is an imminent sensation

Of the sensations from the cross of matter vibration

From planetary, solar, zodiacal or any cosmic neighbour

From all contact with the four kingdoms in nature


From all human reactions and responses to the subtler worlds

From all registration of the interior life of man in the subtle worlds

From all sensitivity to soul contact by the personality

And from all recognition of hierarchical activity


The power of the heart conquers absolutely everything

Working through emotions and loving understanding

Of far off events the heart may know the significance

For it can sense distant events over any distance


Before the judgement of the brain dares to reflect

The heart will be the first to discern and react

For the magnet of the heart links all manifestations

Making us collaborators with all fine manifestations


The heart depends upon and reflects the cosmic pulse

That can make a man react on instinct or an impulse

The heart is the emotional body developed to its greatest

Destined with the mind to develop man to its highest


The flame of the heart is the Fire of Space, the unifier of worlds

And it is kindled, in striving towards unification with Higher Worlds

The heart thinks, the heart affirms, the heart leads to unifications

Man is as he thinks and creates according to his affirmations


Only that heart from which no cunning or corruption amongst man

Can be concealed, can judge where freedom begins for his clan

For the heart knows to discern the seed of treason

Planted by evil waiting for its unavoidable season


So, the source of riches, spiritual as well as material, is the heart

And unity of consciousness, is the simplest way to the life of the heart

So persist in the achievement of the heart so that it may unfold

For it is the coffer of ecstasy which cannot be acquired by gold






Whoever thinks purely is on the heart’s paths

Whoever is ready for Infinity is on the heart’s path

We summon all hearts to the realisation of the Source

For those striving to the summits are nearing the Source


The way is one, and nothing will impede the pure heart      

For nothing will ever cloud the path of the pure heart

The heart is the silver thread, which is the ladder to liberation

And its strength enables us to climb the mount of initiation


Uphill all the way to the summit through guarding our anger    

And by holding the tread of the heart as the sole anchor

Thus the Hierarchy becomes the thread of ascent to reunite

And the heart becomes the throne of the Highest Light


The sacred heart is the path to the focal point of the initiator         

And the truest approach is with the heart as mediator     

To make it a reality and be able to approach to Hierarchy

Concentrate upon the heart as the channel to Hierarchy


Salvation could be found along this channel since creation

Not arguments, not doubt, not uncertainty, but salvation

The affirmation of the law of the heart has navigated

The entire history of humanity since it was originated


The heart will lead one by the path of Christ to Transfiguration

By forgetting ourselves in service, great is the energy in creation

That can make a difference in someone’s life every day

For such love does not calculate, but acts without delay


Who knows the path of service better than Christ?

The One who paid for humanity, the ultimate price

Thus he is the Initiator at the first two initiations

Guiding and helping us to bring about our liberations


A flaming heart is needed to hear the music of the spheres

Build on the path of sacrifice laid by sweat and tears

The forces of spirit that took decades to be venerated

Is now, though the way of the heart, being accelerated  


Through the path of Communion, on the Physical plane

Through the path of Great Service, on the emotional plane

And through the path of Hierarchy, on the mental plane

We gain synthesis on the path of the heart, in the fast lane




THE SEVEN RAYS [9 poems] 



The seven rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness

Of the universal Mind manifesting in all its enormousness

Seven intelligent entities through Whom the plan is working out

Embodying divine purpose while creating everything about


They create the forms and are the forms through which

The divine ideas are being carried to complete and enrich 

They correspond to the ventricles of the brain

And to the seven centres within the brain


They are the seven Breaths, animating all forms created by them

As the conscious executors of divine purpose and “mayhem”

Through Their advanced stage of development

They are impelled toward creation and fulfilment


Their purpose is such that it is idle for us to speculate

For our highest point of achievement is too low to locate

That which is the producers of all forms in the solar system   

As well as the sum total of all souls in the solar system


They wrestle with matter in order to subjugate it

To the divine purpose, and the goal, as we can sense it

Is to subject the material forms to the life aspect

Whose qualities will bring the will of God into effect   


Through the seven rays, the life or spirit aspect flows

Cycling through every kingdom in nature as it grows

Producing all states of consciousness and entities

With different awareness and capabilities  


Every human being is swept into manifestation

On the impulse of some ray that is in manifestation

And is coloured by that particular ray quality on earth

Which determines his form aspect since birth


Indicating to him the way to go in life first unconsciously 

Until he can sense the ray purpose and cooperates consciously

This synthetic purpose of the seven rays in manifestation

He only begins to sense after the third initiation


Thus the human soul is a synthesis of material energy

Intelligent personality consciousness, and spiritual energy

Each qualified by one of the seven rays as his own ray type

As is the physical, astral and mental body with his own ray type




The purpose of Deity, the Creator, is totally unknown 

To all save the higher initiates who work on their own

But the purpose of each ray Life may be sensed and defined

Subject of course to the limitations of the human mind


All the Lords of the rays create a body of expression 

Thus the seven sacred planets came into manifestation 

The planned activity of every ray qualifies every form

Within his body which is functioning as a dorm


The energies of these seven Lives are not confined

But sweep around the solar system as designed

Just like the life impulses of a human through the body

To fulfil the objective for which he created his body


Each of the seven kingdoms in nature reacts

To the energy of some particular Ray it attracts

The Laws of nature is the will of the seven Deities

As we develop and comprehend their capabilities


Making Their impressions upon substance without relent

In order to create and produce a specific intent

Through the method of the evolutionary process

In whose entire duration there is no recess


As part of the initial Plan, They swept into activity

And became the seven Builders through creativity

The seven Sources of life and the even Rishis

Of all the ancient scriptures to form the Rachis


They are the original psychic Entities

With the capacity to express love in dualities

The loved and the loving

The desired and the desiring


They produce in the human kingdom, self-consciousness 

And in the superhuman world a synthetic inclusiveness 

Where all human monads carried into manifestation

Is part of a Ray Lord’s body of manifestation


They express His quality and appear phenomenally

To express his quality in this world potentially

The work of the esotericist is just this very thing

Out of latency, the hidden quality to bring




First we have the First Ray Lord of Power and Will

This Life wills to love, and uses power in goodwill             

The sun is regarded as the esoteric substitution

For the planet He uses as His body of manifestation


Special Virtues are: Strength, courage, steadfastness

And truthfulness arising from absolute fearlessness

Power of ruling, capacity to grasp great questions

In a large-minded way, and of handling men and actions


Vices are: pride, obstinacy, anger ambition, and wilfulness

The desire to control others, arrogance, and hardness

Virtues to be acquired are: sympathy and tolerance

As well as Tenderness, humility and patience


Those on this ray have strong will power to be used

For evil, or for good when will is by wisdom fused

And made selfless by love in a governing ray

That can be used in a creative and benign way


The first ray man will always come to the front in his own line

He may be the burglar or the judge who give him a fine

But in either case he will be at the head of his profession

The born leader just waiting to come to expression


In every public career he’ll be the one on whom to depend

Fearless of consequences and indifferent to comment

The first ray man often has strong feeling and affection

But he does not readily bring it out into expression


He will love strong contrasts and masses of colour

But being an artist is not part of his valour

If modified by the fourth, sixth or seventh rays

He may be a great composer and never cease to amaze


As a first ray man his literary work will be strong and cutting

But he will care little for style or finish in his writing

In attempting the cure of disease his best method would be

To use the will power to send strength through the patient to be


His method of approaching the great Quest

Would be by sheer force of will and conquest

And such a man would, true to his form

Take the kingdom of heaven by storm






The Lord Vishnu, the Lord of Love-Wisdom

Is on the same ray as the Solar Deity of the Solar Kingdom

He installs the quality of love in his communication

Through the planet Jupiter, his body of manifestation


Special Virtues are: Calm, strength, and endurance

Love of truth, faithfulness, and clear intelligence

Also a serene temper, patience and the intuition

To bring all these qualities into execution


Vices are: Over-absorption in study and indifference to others

Also Coldness and contempt of mental limitations in others

Virtues to be acquired are: energy, unselfishness and compassion

And although he love the truth, he must bring love into expression


This is called the ray of wisdom from its characteristic desire

For pure knowledge and truth with no time for a liar

Cold and selfish, if without love or compassion

And inactive without power in expression


When both power and love are present and working

Then you have the ray of the Buddhas that is lurking     

In all great teachers of humanity, who, have attained

Wisdom for the sake of others, but never acclaimed     


He is ever unsatisfied with his highest attainments

No matter how great his knowledge or achievements

His mind is always fixed and ready to respond

To Heights unscaled in the far beyond


The second ray man will have tact and foresight

Clear intelligence and wisdom to work on any height

He will make an excellent ambassador with knowledge

Enough to be a first-rate teacher or head of a college


He will make a good business man, with accountabilities 

While as a soldier he will plan wisely and foresee possibilities

The artist would always seek to teach through his art

Where his pictures would have a meaning and heart


The characteristic method of approaching the Path would be

By close and earnest study of the teachings to the degree

Where they become so much a part of the man's consciousness

That he will express intuition and wisdom with efficaciousness 





The Lord of Active Intelligence in matter is the causation

Of the motivating impulse in the initial work of creation

He uses the planet Saturn [Satan] as His body of expression

While through matter He helps humanity into expression


Special Virtues are: Wide views on all abstract questions

Sincerity of purpose, clear intellect, caution and patience

The capacity for concentration on philosophic studies

With no tendency to worry himself over trivialities


Vices are: Intellectual pride, coldness and absent-mindedness

Vagueness, isolation, criticism, obstinacy and selfishness

Virtues to be acquired are: Sympathy, tolerance, devotion

Also accuracy, common-sense, energy and emotion


This is the ray of the abstract thinker and inquirer               

The metaphysician and the great philosopher

The man who delights in the higher mathematics

But hates the juggling of money and its acrobatics


While using his imaginative faculty to grasp the essence

He sees both sides of the coin when solving questions

He is a dreamer and a theorist that hates to be wrong

Thus his idealism will often be strong


As a soldier he will work out a problem in tactics                                  

But is seldom great in the field with all its gymnastics    

As an artist his technique is not fine or the clearest

But his subjects will be full of thought and interest


He will love music, but he will not produce it

And as a business man he would be a hit

Although always full of ideas, round and about

He is often too impractical to carry them out


Can be unconventional to a degree, when in company

Unpunctual, regardless of appearances and slovenly 

His literary style is often vague and involved but when

Influenced by the fifth ray he will be a master of the pen


The method of approaching the great Quest for this ray type

Is by deep thinking on philosophical or metaphysical lines, when ripe

Till he is led to the realisation of the great Beyond                          

And of the importance of treading the Path in respond  






The function of The Lord of Harmony, Beauty and Art

Is the creation of Beauty, as an expression of truth in art

Through the free interplay of life and form, by all egos

Based on the plan as it exists in the mind of the solar logos


Special Virtues are: Strong affection

Quickness of intellect and perception

Also physical courage and sympathy

As well as devotion and generosity


Vices are: worrying, lack of moral courage and incorrectness

Indolence, extravagance strong passions and Self-centredness

Virtues to be acquired are: confidence, self-control and tranquillity

Also unselfishness, accuracy, mental and moral balance and purity


This is the "ray of struggle" for on this ray the qualities of activity

And inertia are so strangely equal in proportion, to combat inactivity

That the man is torn with their combat, and the outcome in struggling

Till the Christ is born from the throes of constant pain and suffering


Inertia induces love of ease and pleasure, a hatred of causing pain

Thus moral cowardice, indolence, procrastination, and no gain 

Activity is fiery, impatient, ever urging to action with a new plan

Thus life is one perpetual warfare and unrest for the fourth ray man


These contrasting forces make the friction and confusion

But the experience gained thereby produces rapid evolution

It is the ray of the reckless cavalry leader who will lead 

Reckless of risks to himself or his followers indeed


For in moments of excitement the man on this ray

Is entirely dominated by activity and ready to play

Easily overwhelmed by sorrow, failure and adversities

But as quickly recovering from all opposites and calamities


It is pre-eminently the ray of colour interaction

Where the artist can produce colour to perfection

Full of melody will the fourth ray compositions be

For the fourth ray man loves a tune when he’s free 


 The method of approaching the Path will be by self-control

Where equilibrium amongst the warring forces is the goal  

The lower and extremely dangerous way is by Hatha Yoga

That will cut him off from higher forces like a black toga





The Fifth Ray is The Lord of Concrete Knowledge and Science

And with the mind of the creative Deity he is in compliance

Science is a psychological unfoldment due to this ray

Whose influence is great and growing by the day


Special Virtues are: Strictly accurate deliberation

And justice without taking mercy in Consideration

Also keen intellect and independence

Common-sense and perseverance


Vices are: prejudice, criticism, narrowness and arrogance

Also unforgiving temper, lack of sympathy and reverence

Virtues to be acquired are: love and admiration

Also wide-mindedness, sympathy and dedication


This is the ray of science, research and investigation

The man with keen intellect but prone to intellectualization 

Who will trace the smallest facts to its source

And verify every theory on every force


He will generally be extremely truthful

His lucid explanation of facts very colourful

In receiving favours or flattery he will have a dislike

But he will be orderly, punctual and business-like


It is the ray of the great chemist, the practical electrician

The first-rate engineer or the great operating physician

As a statesman, the fifth ray man would be narrow in his views

But as the head of a technical department he will infuse


  As a soldier, he would turn to artillery and engineering

While the artist on this ray is rare without persevering

His creations, although technically correct in form 

Will be dull, lifeless, uninteresting and not be worm


His style in writing or speaking will be clearness itself

But he will lack fire and take time to explain himself

Thus he will often be long-winded, but correct

From his desire to say everything on his subject


For the fifth ray, the method of approaching the Path

Is by scientific research of the scriptures on the path

Pushing it to ultimate conclusions, and implications

Followed by the acceptance of their interpretations






This Lord of Devotion and Idealism is of the same quality                   

That is a characteristic expression of our solar Deity                

A divine sincerity and a one-pointed or blind dedication

Are the qualities of all that is found within His manifestation 


Special Virtues are: love, devotion and tenderness

Also loyalty, reverence, intuition and single-mindedness

Virtues to be acquired are: common sense, truth and balance 

Also Serenity, Strength, self-sacrifice, purity, and tolerance


Vices of Ray are: Selfish and jealous love without clarity

Over-leaning on others, fiery anger and partiality

Also sectarianism, prejudice and superstition

Prone to over-rapid conclusions and self-deception


This is called the ray of idealism and devotion      

The man is filed with religious instinct and notion         

With Intense personal feelings and passion

Where likes and dislikes are the fashion


Everything is either perfect or intolerable

His friends are angels, and honourable 

His enemies are very much the reverse

And made to live under a curse


Although he must have a personal God offcourse

His devotion can be to a person or a cause

Whether these be concrete or abstract

It all depends how he sees the fact


The best type of this ray makes the saint

The worst, the fanatic that cannot be constraint

The typical martyr or the typical inquisitor is he

The originator of all religious wars and crusades to be 


He is often of a gentle nature with even sadness

But he can always flame into fury and fiery madness 

Laying down his life for the objects of his devotion

He will have no mercy for those of a different notion


Never a great statesman or a good business man

But he may be a great preacher or orator if he can

His way of the Path would be by prayer and meditation

Aiming at God, spirit, soul and body unification






The Lord of Ceremonial Order is now coming into power

And is surely making His pressure felt by the hour

His influence is most potent upon the physical plane

A numerical interrelation between seventh ray and plane


Special Virtues are: Strength, courage and self-reliance

Courtesy, extreme care in details and perseverance

Virtues to be acquired are: love and realisation of unity

Wide-mindedness, gentleness, Tolerance and humility


Vices of Ray are: a strong attachment to external forms

With strict adherence to traditional or prescribed norms

Also, bigotry, pride, self-opinionated and over-indulgent

Narrow-mindedness and prone to superficial judgment


This is the ceremonial ray which makes a man delight

In all things done decently, in order and right

Always according to rule and precedent 

Where nothing can happen by accident


It is the ray of the high priest who wants to officiate

And the soldier who does everything to consolidate 

Of the ideal commissary general who will not delay

To dress and feed the troops in the best possible way


The seventh ray man will often be sectarian or dogmatic 

Where to say and do the right thing is automatic

He will delight in fixed ceremonials and observances

In great processions, shows, and performances


It is the ray of the perfect nurse for the sick

Careful in the smallest detail and ready with a trick     

To try and grind them in the iron mill of routine

Where everybody becomes part of the machine


Also of the sculptor or designer who sees it as his duty

To always produces and design forms of beauty

Or where his fluency in writing and speech can be helping 

To make the literary work of the seventh ray man outstanding 


He can be superstitious and take interest in predictions

In occult practices, spiritual phenomena and revelations 

He will approach the Path through practice and ritual

Where the control of elemental forces will be habitual


EDGEBA  Based on the work of AAB and DK.