Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



Bhakti Yoga proceeded along the path of the feeling for love

But in Agni Yoga the heart leads to the world of love

This exercise of consciousness is the Yoga of the heart

Where we fight the battle for understanding the heart


Agni Yoga is the way of fire and brings to sensitivity

The human heart through our interactivity  

With one another in the physical world

And the circles of the Subtle and fiery world


The heart demands a new understanding of life

For the heart is a magnetic and radiant centre of soul-life

Where everything is seen as a channel for energy and as a way

To create the right relations and attitudes we need every day


Problems then find their proper place in relation to the whole

Where the personal self fades out and the soul takes control

Expressing its true nature through the heart

Enchanting those who go by way of the heart


Thus, are the old forms outgrown through joy and pain

Causing the love nature to expand, to grow and to gain

The personality to express adequately the nature of love

Brought about through those we know and love


By broadening the Teaching of the Heart and of light

We can increase the rhythm of the fight

We can spread the teaching by unexpected ways

To various parts of earth to prepare us for challenging days


We must always remember while we are in our strife

To feel the influence of the Teaching in the midst of daily life

By the smallest things, by each action and each touch

While denial and daily habit can deprive us of much


No terror should fill the hearts of the warriors of Armageddon

For they are armed with the Teaching as their weapon

While the Heart can endure many dangers through vibrations

No matter their expressions or manifestations


As the teachings of the Heart are being unfurled

We become accustomed to the spheres of the Subtle World

And manifestations that are unknown to the law of physics

But known for centuries by all Sages and Mystics






Be prepared for an inevitable intensification

Of tension in your life and its escalation

For this pressure is a law of existence and memory

While the path of love is the tension of cosmic energy


Become accustomed to constant labour and action

Endless and untiring, a labour for limitless perfection

Where the unification of consciousness is, first of all

The preservation of energy for us all


The heart will not be aflame without love

And it will not be invincible without love

Nor will it be self-sacrificing without love

And it would know no pain without love


Some have realised through trials and by surviving

How arrows never reach those who are striving

For the striving spirit with the velocity of light

Changes its position and becomes elusive in flight


Thus, let us be aware of the unprecedented tension

And be sensitive to each other with good intention

For the love in your Heart is the real thing

And beyond the Heart’s thread, there is nothing


Pulsation is inherent in each growth and progress

So be not confused by the fluctuations of success

One can continuously create new vibrations

And thus repel darkness and its creations


While these tensions were being precipitated

The greatest fire of the Heart was being created   

The Heart may beat the same way as usual

Though the spiritual tension be unusual


Those who deny the Teaching are losing traction

While those who affirm Truth are nearing perfection

Unceasingly and during all times this teaching

Is being poured upon Earth through our preaching


We cannot imagine our earthly existence without this link

The light from the invisible world that makes us think

As the anchor of salvation and the guiding light

It strengthens our advance in the darkness bright






The soul body or causal body has its place of strain

On the third sub plain of the mental plane

Five vibratory impulses from the Manasadevas in their focus

And four inherent in matter, produced the ninefold Egoic Lotus


At this stage tightly closed, nine petals folded

One upon the other waiting to be unfolded

Thus the appearance on the mental plane

Of the manasic triangle to start this campaign


It circulates between the manasic permanent atom

And a point at the centre of the egoic lotus like a phantom

And thence to the mental unit which has appeared

Upon the fourth subplane through instinct engineered  


This triangle is the Nucleus of the Antahkarana and will shine

Ever brighter until it produces an answering vibration in time

From both the lower and higher triads, or lower and higher mind

Connected through the egoic lotus, or Son of Mind


The work of the highly evolved man is to reduce this triangle

To a unity by means of the highest aspiration he can wangle

Which is simply transmuted desire affecting mental matter

To turn it into the Path by which to build the Antahkarana ladder


And thus reproduce in a higher synthetic form the earlier trail

Along which the spirit took possession on a higher scale

Of its vehicle, the causal body, and from thence

again work through the lower personal self hence


Over time three more petals appear which close eventually

In on the central flame, covering it effectually

To remain closed until the time comes into focus

For the revelation of the “Jewel in the Lotus”


Then the three permanent atoms are enclosed in the center   

Of the lotus and can be seen clairvoyantly as a subcenter

For a burning triangle of three points of light

Within an egoic lotus still very white


The causal body though only in an embryonic condition

Is now ready for full activity during its long transition

Of the matter, the spiritual and the consciousness aspects

Into the Antahkarana or Rainbow bridge with all its prospects





From the evolutionary angle there is little conscious awareness

Existing between the soul and the personality consciousness

A man’s whole effort is to become aware of the Soul

And to transmute his consciousness into that of the Soul


As the fusion of soul and personality grow stronger

The creative thread becomes active and grows longer

Thus the three threads steadily fuse and blend

And become ready to bridge the gap to the higher end


To unite Spiritual Triad and the personality

Through the medium of the soul and its centrality

Involves a direct effort at divine creative work

Where the soul puts the throat centre to work


Now the integrated personality gets active

With the help of the soul who is no longer passive

And starts to build the Antahkarana

With knowledge of the ancient arcana


This is the fusion of the three threads and a projection

Of them into the higher mental plane for a connection

Between the lower concrete mind and the abstract mind

The Soul or Egoic Lotus also known as the Son of mind


They are now related by the triple cable of the Life Thread

The Consciousness thread and the Creative Thread

This must be held firmly in the consciousness

Of the soul-infused personality with ferociousness


The man now stands holding the mind steady in the light

While his meditation and devotion aid him in this fight

Knowledge of the process becomes clear

As growing soul contact is brought near         


Even occasional flashes of intuitive perception

From the Triad becomes part of his reception

To complete the rainbow bridge in his goal

To unite the Spiritual Triad with the Soul


Thus the, Spiritual Triad, soul and Personality

Become united as a higher spiritual mentality

Where the third initiation marks the consummation

And the fourth initiation the complete realisation


Only when this is done

Can you and your Father be One





In considering this process it is necessary to unwind

The thread and to recognise the three aspects of the mind

As they express themselves upon the mental plain

And produce the varying states of consciousness on that plane


It is impregnated by those qualities and aspects of that Being

We call God and in Whom we live and have our being

The expression of that Trinity of aspects as known

And taken by religions to be their own


First, utilising the life thread, we have the Father Aspect

Based in the heart and supplying Purpose as the Will Aspect

It’s our life purpose that motivates our evolution

And  will eventually brings everything to conclusion


This is the underlying Plan of God from the beginning

A mystery to us but the essential Cause Of Being

The force or note of synthetic sound

That makes everything go around


Secondly, utilising the consciousness thread, the Son Aspect

Supplies wisdom and understanding as the Love Aspect

Through the Soul for quality of sensitivity

To be used and expressed through our activity


It is our nature of relationships without confusion    

The method on which to base our evolution

It is the note of attractive sound

That creates beauty in abound


Thirdly, utilising the creative thread, the Mother Aspect

Also the Holy Spirit, is the Intelligence Aspect

Created by the man through the throat centre

After many incarnations the way to enter 


This is the intelligence we find in substance

The nature of form against resistance  

The note of nature’s contribution

And its response to evolution


When the man has gained the right attributes

Each of his three divine aspects contributes

To the building of the rainbow bridge

To lead him over the ditch


Before a man can tread the path

He must himself, must become that path






The major realisation to be grasped about our fate

At this point in human evolution is the need to relate

Consciously the Spiritual Triad on the spiritual plane

With the threefold personality and the Soul on its own plane


This is done through the creative work of the personality

The magnetic power of the Triad, and the conscious activity

Of the soul, utilising the triple thread

Or the life-creative-consciousness thread


You can see, therefore, why so much emphasis is laid

By esotericists upon fusion and blending in their crusade

Only when this is intelligently realised can the disciple begin

To weave the threads into a bridge of light now hidden within


This eventually becomes the Lighted Way across which

He can pass into the higher worlds of being and unhitch

Or liberate himself from the three worlds

While moving on to higher thresholds


It is in this world cycle pre-eminently a question of fusion

And expressing in full waking awareness without confusion

Three major states of consciousness

Without giving in to glamorousness


The Human consciousness has the goal

Recognition and cooperation with the soul

The influence of the consecrated personality

Expressing through intelligent action in reality


The Hierarchical Consciousness has the goal

Awareness of the Self, the Soul

Recognition and cooperation with divinity

Through Love the second principle of the Trinity


The Shamballa Consciousness of will, on man

Leads to recognition and cooperation with the plan

The influence of the Triad expressed through strife

Leads to awareness of the unity and purpose of life


The man who builds the Antahkarana across the mental plain

Connects or relate these three divine aspects with much pain

He treads the path of return and builds the antahcarana bright

Crosses it and achieves the freedom of the Path of Light




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Objective perception has to do with man’s conscious realisations

Through his five senses and his brain during his incarnations

But there is also a response of the organism of a different kind

Like dreams and intuitive recognitions which are not of the mind


It is not easy to develop a clear and definite relation

Between outer life and inner reality without exertion 

It takes persistent effort and determined modifications

Of personality aims, interests and motivations


Also the conscious interpretation of the events

In the daily round, into terms of permanent ends

A refocusing of our thoughts on outer world activities

And to think in terms of higher values and realities


Only that viewpoint which is unselfish and loving

And groomed to the service of the whole in being

And confident in the ultimate purpose, can distil awareness

From the higher planes and relate it to the higher consciousness


This process to raise the vibration of one sheath

To that of the next higher vehicle or sheath

And so on up, will be quite strenuous 

But perception will become continuous


We need the problems of our daily experience

That must be solved, to lead us to sentience

Where physical, etheric, astral and mental elements

Are aligned each to constant Soul adjustments


Through Personal alignment we build the bridge filament

And through its use it grows and becomes permanent

Continuity of perception is established and continuous

When perception in both worlds is simultaneous


Motive must be searched for its universal relevance

Action weighed for its finer importance

And experience measured in terms of soul integrity

Thus allowing the Soul to control the aligned personality


Thus the relative Soul value will come into manifestation

 If sufficient will power is evoked for its creation

At the end, all this can become instantaneous

As personal alignment may become instantaneous






Running all through human history is a triple thread

And in its interplay, the story of evolution can be read

It is not about the history of conquerors or nations

But our developing consciousness and human relations


One thread guides the thoughts of man through the bends

Of the developing form aspect and racial trends

And it shows how the forms of nature have kept pace

With the needs of the emerging human race


The second thread leads us to an understanding

Of the growth of consciousness and it’s blending

From the instinctual stage into that of intellectual awareness

And on to intuitional illumination, the goal of consciousness


The third thread concerns the Plan itself and the goal 

As yet totally unrealised except by the highest soul

Unless on the highest point of initiation you can stand

It is not possible to vision this Promised Land 


The errors and mistakes of past centuries as unfurled

Culminating in wars and our present problems in the world

Are the joint errors and mistakes of humanity as a whole

As we overcome materialism to reach our goal


This recognition will lead to the establishing one day

Of the principle of sharing, so needed in the world today

Goodwill fosters the manifestation of the principle of co-operation

The enemy of competition and the secret in every human relation


Through the blood relationship between men, we can relate

To dissolves all barriers and end all separativeness and hate

The peace and happiness of each is the concern of all

To develop the principle of responsibility overall


Thus, occult work is the contacting of the Plan

And the desire to co-operate with the Plan

The work of thought-form building and the confining

Of the attention to the mental plane while designing


Also direction of the thought-form from the mental plain

With all the concentration you can gain

Knowing that right thought and right orientation

Lead to correct functioning and not into temptation  






None of us is entitled to believe that the ideas we hold

Are necessarily the only correct ones to behold

Thus the presence of goodwill in all our thinking

Is fundamental to our ideas for linking


Humanity’s problems, which can only be solved by goodwill

Must be solved by humanity itself and by its free will

According to our emphasis, speech, attitude and way of living

We can increase or solve the problems with no misgiving


We are not unaware of the problems we and humanity are faced

And we are not futile or helpless to solve them when braced

The fruits of clear thinking will inevitably present themselves

Through right speech, clear thinking and controlling ourselves


A partisan attitude with its consequent distorted loyalties

And a prejudiced spirit will end in casualties

And any fixed idea with its crystallising effects

Is a handicap to clear thinking of all subjects


Goodwill acts as a clarifier and as an illuminating source

To put us en rapport with humanity’s difficult course

Where goodwill and intelligence cause a reaction

A useful server will emerge onto constructive action


Maybe none of the world’s problems today

Can be solved by any of us on our way

But we can arrive at a better understanding

Of past mistakes for our present and future planning  


Thus we can find the school of thought preferable

Which seems to us the most constructive and practical

We can train ourselves to accept a new spiritual effort

That will demand sacrifice and discomfort


But it will prove fruitful and rewording

Bringing expansion of consciousness while evoking

Compassion and comprehension of the difficulties

Of struggling humanity with its undeveloped faculties


It will put us in touch with the Spiritual Hierarchy

And help us see our problems from the point of Hierarchy

To help us solve our problems is the main task of Hierarchy

And as a group of souls, we are an integral part of Hierarchy






All problems and conflicts on earth are screaming for a solution

Of the eternal conflict between spirit and matter through evolution

We must find solutions based on truer spiritual values and sanity

And on the concept of ONE WORLD and ONE HUMANITY


We must see what we can DO in our role as saviour

Beginning with our own attitudes, thoughts, and behaviour

And so learn to make our approach practical

And individual but nevertheless inclusive and diplomatical


To gain a better grasp of world affairs must be our goal

Through a more inclusive approach to humanity as a whole

Thus we all will be better informed as the observer

Becoming a more useful world citizen and world server


It is essential to approach these problems as the occultist

Working from and in the realm of causes and not be a cultist

You will need to penetrate into the world of meaning in this role

And transmit the lighted understanding and direction of the soul


The Hierarchal objective is to raise or expand through the Adepts

The human consciousness and to sit in motion ideas and concepts

Which will lead to the steady evolution of human civilisation

And culture without the thread or evil of crystallisation


That they have been successful in this endeavour

History proves from the caveman to whatever

And the fact of war is no exception, for war is to humanity

As a whole, like the conflict between soul and personality


War has a secondary conflict between the Black and White forces

Brought about by what is to us, unknown or hidden courses

Owing to the synchronisation of the two conflicts

It can have sad human repercussions with no quick fix


The black Lodge has been defeated during the last war

But has crept up again as strong as ever, asking for more

The human conflict still persists and humanity

 Is well on the way to a solution through Christ-tianity


The Hierarchy makes a constant and progressive study

Of human affairs and problems that can be muddy

They watch all human trends and human planning

And are aware of all good and bad forces in their scanning






Evolution is the proses which unfolds the life of all units

The developing urge which eventually merges all units

And all groups, until you have that sumtotal of manifestation

Which can be called nature, or God and His Creation


Evolution is the unfolding of an increasing power to respond

The aggregate of all the states of consciousness and beyond

It is also cyclic development where nature repeats continuously

Until certain defined ends have been reached as previously


Or till certain concrete results have been brought about

And certain responses made to vibrations from without

Through discrimination or intelligent choice illustrated

This purpose of the indwelling Existence can be demonstrated


Evolution is also ordered change and constant mutation

The ceaseless activity of the unit or the atom’s vibration 

The interaction between groups and you and your brother

And the endless play of one force or energy upon another


Evolution, whether of matter, spirit, consciousness or intelligence

Is an increasing power to respond to vibration with diligence

It progresses through constant change trough discrimination

And by the method of cyclic development or repetition


We must become aware of these esoteric studies ultimately

And its connections to the conflicts and trails of humanity

Bringing together practical and sympathetic relations

Between humanity and Hierarchy, and races and nations


The attitude and effort of thousands of sincere people today 

To find a solution to humanity’s problems come what may

Will provide a “bridging vehicle” subjectively over time

Between humanity and its spiritual Leaders sublime


They will be enabled to give divine guidance in the form

Of intuitive suggestion in an effort to reform

Which should serve to bring into focus all things

That has been clouded and obscure for human beings


Those who have been the “have nots” for ages

Must become the “haves” and turn the pages

In order to work through the necessary experiences

In the realm of physical treasures and imbalances  


Thus enabling them to judge comparative values

In terms of right human relations and virtues






We must learn something about the energies and forces involved

If the present world problems are to be resolved

The complex problems with which the UN are confronted

And the rest of humanity been haunted


All history is the record of the effects of these rays

Energies or radiations working on humanity in different ways

Through its varying stages of evolutionary development

From primeval humanity to our modern advancement  


All that has happened is the result of these energies

Pouring cyclically through nature and human activities

Expressing themselves through successive civilisations

And cultures while fashioning the many races and nations


This in no way infringes upon man’s free will on his prospects

For these forces have both their higher and their lower aspects

And men respond to them according to their mental

And spiritual development without being judgemental


Because nations and races as a whole are doing the same

Through participating in this great evolutionary game

Humanity has reached a point in its development today

To respond to that which is higher and better on the way


That certain potencies are coming into play, is undebatable

Thus we must see the lines of development which are inevitable

Certain forces are becoming increasingly active

Whilst others are steadily becoming inactive


There are usually five dominant energies active at any time

As they play upon the planet, they evoke response, big-time

Producing turmoil and chaos, the good and the bad

The warring and healing forces, the happy and the sad


They, therefore, account in their totality for all that we see

Happening around us at this time, whatever it may be

Thus we must penetrate into the distant world of causes

And see past and present in their true perspective, as forces


These effects which are producing so much fear

Foreboding and concern will eventually clear

And will give place to love motivated by wisdom

In cooperation with intelligence, to gain freedom






First the point reached by humanity itself through evolution

Is one of the major and primary causes of our malfunction

We have reached a stage which necessitates drastic modifications

In man’s entire attitude to life and to all his world relations


His intelligence has reached the stage where we can acknowledge

The fact that nothing can arrest his progress into knowledge

Which would be dangerously misused for selfish ends

If nothing were done to safeguard his friends


He must be taught to react to a higher and better sense of values

Even to the cost of temporary pain on his way to develop virtues

Millions of human beings are now at the point of integration

 And the hastening of this proses brings another complication  


Certain people are standing forth above their fellows

Expressing their potency of achieved integration like rainbows

Seeking to mould the racial thought and life to a certain pattern

According to their inclination and type and ray of their lantern


Their motives are good but they are unexperienced in many ways

Thus they make mistakes and are side-tracked in dangerous ways

 Leading people into error, trouble and atrociousness

But the result will be awakening of the public consciousness


Second, the emerging of a new racial type in every land

But primarily in those where the Caucasians are in command

It will bring intuitive understanding from above

As well as transmutation of desire into group love


Third, the ending of the Piscean Age, through crystallisation

Of all Piscean ideals that were in organisation

They have done a great and needed work

And have served their purpose as the framework


Fourth, the coming into manifestation of the Aquarian Age

With new incoming influences to condition the future age

The consciousness of universal relationship and integration

And proven and experienced unity will be the next formulation


The individual will subordinate his personality to the good of the whole

They will take the new ideals and the emerging ideas as their goal

And in group activity materialise them where they can

And not as some person’s determined and imposed plan






The Piscean Age has been the expression

Of material production and commercial expansion

The salesmanship of the products of human skill

And religions for which we will go out and kill


We are educated and brainwashed to believe

That this is essential to happiness and relieve

From poverty and misery all over the world

And part of the vision of the future new world


The old simplicity and true values have been temporarily

Relegated to the background so that we can voluntarily 

Engage the necessary path of materialism

To awaken our sense of globalism


Through the planning of the Hierarchy of Wisdom

Who planes our way to the Spiritual Kingdom

This was permitted to continue through human fascination

Thus bringing the people to the point of saturation


The world situation is expressive of our concrete woods

Where possession and the multiplication of material goods

Constitute a handicap and are no indications that humanity

Has found the true road to happiness and tranquillity


This spirit of possession and aggressive taking

Of that which is desired through bad decision making

Has proven widely inclusive and can be found

In nations, races and individuals abound 


Aggression in order to possess has been the keynote

Of our civilisation to keep it and everybody afloat

During the past fifteen hundred years

And will still be responsible for many tears  


Commercialism is doomed, but not yet dead

Painting the immediate future with dread

This lesson is being learned, and the revolt

For simplicity, will strike like a lightning bolt


With the industrial-military-complex, money is king

And by now we are all aware what this will bring

Start to spiritually empower yourself

And the world will take care of itself






Here I stand on the bottom shelf

Forced to fight and provide for myself

Masters of wisdom or my higher-self

Who will show himself?


I think I really have done more than enough

My travels through life have made me tough

And this personality have seen the rough

I need no more to eat from this trough


I have no need for money and fame

That can only bring my soul to shame

The time has come to take a higher aim

Thus I need no more to play this game


My personality is screaming for release

Please pass me the pipe of peace

That can cure me from this disease

And cause all this suffering to cease


Through pain I have set myself free

From everything negative I could see

But I have grown roots like a tree

And down here there is nowhere to flee


What I need is the touch from above

Released through divine love

That will give me a shove

To fly free like a dove


Yes I think I have done all I can

To get out of this frying pan

And if this was only the ground plan

Then I want to take part in the Great Plan


I hope You find me worthy for this  

And reword me with your bliss

So that I can escape from this abyss

And give evil a miss


So I can help in the fight against stagnation

By helping humanity to overcome temptation

For by helping to bring spirit into domination

We will eventually all find illumination 






When pain is no more pain

And you start to see through the rain

Then soul contact you start to gain

And you know it was not in vein


You start to see from a higher perspective

Where everything seems more active

And when the mind becomes more objective

Life again, will become attractive


Pain and suffering, each has its place

To help you pick up the pace

By overcoming them in this race

You can be sure not to end in disgrace


Pain is there to wake you up

For you are no longer a pup

And if you don’t want to be laid-up

You better empty this cup


If you don’t wake up, suffering will result

And help to make you an adult

With your soul you can then consult

To make your personality exult


Realise you are being set free trough pain

And start to use your brain

Never do the same mistake again

And never let your memory wane


Start to live in the world of the mind

For you are no longer amongst the blind

But you are standing up amongst your kind

And you might even help those left behind


Realise and learn through your emotional trials

And through all the covered miles

Keep them in your memory files

Covered up by your smiles


For this is your treasure of wisdom to come         

That will deliver your soul like a ripe plum

For Spirit has become your chum

And you are part of the sum






The great uniting factor is the mind

Made up by the three aspects of the mind

The lower concrete mind and the Son of Mind or soul

And the abstract mind or higher mind, who is in control


The lower mind is often called desire-mind

And mostly controlled by the desire nature of mankind

Man must gain complete control for himself

And realise the mind as a fact in itself


He must use that mind in order to contact the soul

The Son of Mind who is the self and gain the whole

Through mental concentration and meditation

And the transformation of desire into aspiration


Every good deed, through aspiration has been gathered up

By the soul and has contributed to the composition of its cup

When soul and body has been fused by the lower mind

The next step would be to blend with the Higher Mind


The spiritual man than lives for a while as a duality

But later realises that he must become a unity

For this duality must go to its Dad

By being absorbed into the Monad


Thus man will become pure spirit again

If he learns to use the mind to attain

The mind, therefore, can be cognised

In two directions and further scrutinised


First, it can be known, recognised and seen

By the soul on its own plane as part of the scene

And secondly, it can be seen and known as a vehicle

Of the man on the physical plane as well as his chronicle


For a long time man became that with which he identified

Himself to the exclusion of the true spiritual man specified

Who can be known, contacted and obeyed once the mind

Is relegated as an instrument of knowledge to lead the blind


The mind, is therefor, a controlling factor in the three worlds

A contacting medium on the mental plane and subtle worlds

And a creative center to put the personality on course

To build the bridge which will unite it with its source


The Spirit or Monad

Via the Spiritual Triad



HELL -78


This should not be news for you, my pal

But if you don’t know it by now, we are in Hell

And here we shall dwell

Until everything is well


Since the beginning we were unfit

To walk on the spiritual grit

Thus we are in this quarry pit

To make everything fit


Only through hard labour and sweat

Can our stagnation be offset

Thus we pay our debt

And get rid of all regret


Every rock we chisel must be square

And based on everything fair 

To be a proper stair

That will never need repair


Those blocks that forms our foundation

Must be strong to hold our spiritual creation

They must stand through every incarnation

And last to the end of our salvation


Only the strongest granite will withstand 

All the tempests that are planned

To test you by the Devil’s command

While spirit holds your hand


It is not easy to build your house on rock

But this path of thorns we must walk

We must overcome every stumbling block

So that every grain of evil can unlock


Here, Evil is the king and ruler of form

And while you do not conform

Your soul will lead you through every storm

To where you will eventually be warm


While our going is tough under earthly Kings

And we run around in rings

What can I say about these things?

“Lord, give me wings?”






South Africa is a country in pain

With the Black Knights in charge, insane

And mostly working for self-gain

With very little for the people to gain


Here the white man brought civilisation

That ended up in stagnation

Not standing up to the expectation

Of giving everybody an occupation


The evolutionary government is worse

In every aspect proving to be a curse

While draining the purse

Instead of writing a new verse


Since minerals were discovered in the ground

There was no peace to be found

For the people who fought on the battle ground

The  politicians deceived in every round


A way must be instigated soon

To distribute the mineral wealth in tune

With the needs of everybody in the commune

Instead of going to the overseas tycoon


The State should run it for the people

Who should not be treated like sheeple

Banks and all other assets should be the steeple

That guides, upholds and protects the laypeople


On the top it was about black and white

And separatism that is not right

But deep down a materialistic plight

That turned everything into a fight


Ill-informed people went blind

Pushed by politicians from behind

That sold out their own kind

With corporate paybacks in mind


Can all this be set right

Without another fight?

Who will be our White Knight

That will restore the light?


There never was, or will be, such a man

But if we all stand together, WE CAN                                               






Corporations and financiers are playing their role 

While taking an unproportioned toll

While we find ourselves in a black hole

They stay for ever in control


It was always this way

For this is their role to play

We would not be where we are today

If they were not there to pay


They are the oil and grease on which the world runs

Supplying mining jobs while selling minerals by the tons

And while they finance wars and make and sell guns

They still are the ones that feed out sons


Their God-given task is to be the driving force

But some leaders have taken a materialistic course

And while we are all betting this dark horse

We are drifting away from our source


Greed is good but in the long run it is wrong

For it makes only the personality strong

Our spirits are not singing this song

That can only take us where we do not belong


The corporate world should realise its place

In the big scheme for developing the race

They are the custodians in this time and space

Let’s hope they do not end in disgrace


They are supposed to supply a service to humanity

And not to satisfy their own greed and vanity

This is all now bordering on insanity

And it’s time to take a look at “Chris”-tianity


They are the movers and the shakers

But not their own lawmakers

They do not have to own acres

And neither do they have to be Quakers


But there are written and unwritten laws

That should make them think and pause

The next time they stretch their paws

Let there be a probable cause






The silver thread that links the disciple

With the Teacher or archetypal 

Is the great magnet of the heart

Thus the disciple must harken the heart


For when we need a guide in times of pain

The heart is the anchor for this chain

That must hold through all the trials

And lead us to the end with smiles


The thread of the heart retains

The consciousness of all the planes

And only when it is completely drawn

Will the understanding of patience dawn


Guard the heart to protect the silver cord

For beyond the heart’s thread there is no Lord

Strengthen the thread through your thoughts

By eradicating the appearance of unfit thoughts


The thread is strained by the power of endeavouring

So let’s not burn the thread through faltering

The tread will not break when strained

For only by this way is knowledge gained


Solemn love will lead through the veil

While common love will not prevail

So learn to understand the solemnity of love

If you want to migrate to the worlds above


Our Solar System is made of, and by love

And are being held together by love

If we study solemn Love, we study God

If we express solemn love, we express God.


Life must advance along the channel of the heart

While knowledge of fundamental laws play its part

Only right use of the thread leads to transfiguration

From physical existence to supple manifestation


The light of the heart is the transformation of life

That shall lead to a more abounded life

If we follow the heart and learn to express mateship

Then right use of the thread will lead to ADEPTSHIP


EDGEBA [Based on the Agni Yoga Teachings]




We use one of the seven techniques of integration

On the threefold lower nature for assimilation

Where an active, conscious personality is our goal

Prior to its fusion into a unity with the soul


This will brings into conflict the personality will

Or the concrete mind and the soul will

For desire controls the human kingdom

And the will of god the spiritual kingdom


Thus there is a technique for each ray

All depending on the awakening soul’s ray

The soul is essentially the integrative factor

Applying its own methods as the main actor


Free from desire and actuated by love

Expressed through devotion for what is above

And service, wrought out into full expression

Upon the physical plane in a harmonic progression


With his bodies integrated, man becomes a personality

With all states of consciousness into one active reality

This must eventually happen to everybody trough evolution

But it can be produced by a planned mental application


He has passed a major milestone on the Path of Return

This is the first great step with still much to learn

The focus of his activity is contribution, not acquisition

Led by the Law of Service and not personal ambition


Thus he becomes an integrated human being

Within civilisation while also guaranteeing

Himself a wider and more inclusive conscious activity

In the spiritual world through his own creativity


We progressed from one realised integration to another

In the realm of consciousness whilst helping our brother

First was the etheric body integrated with the physical body

While in Atlantean times we added the astral body


In our Aryan race, humanity is adding another aspect

That of the mind and going into the world of abstract

We are rapidly adding reason, mental perception

And other qualities for our own perfection






The first esoteric books that you have read

Might have implied that Illumination is easy to be had

Even possible for everyone during one lifetime

As long as you stay away from serious crime


Just follow this Guru or his teachings and meditations

And you will have psychic powers and spiritual liberations

Clean your body and become a vegetarian

On your way to become a centenarian  


After many years of following and trying

You find out that somebody might have been lying  

For you did not achieve or make any progress

Or found anybody who has finished the process


You still feel in your heart and try to do it alone

You try to find the truth by working on your own

You are afraid to trust anybody les qualified than you

But you cannot find anybody more qualified than you


Jesus and Buddha are not walking this earth anymore

And living examples of illumination are no more

While your heart KNOWS there is a way to liberation

You think it was all just stories or somebody’s imagination


Determined not to give up in your search

You start to use your brain in your research

Now you start to see and understand in the light

That brings the big picture to your sight


Trough service the jigsaw is starting to build itself

Life has never been about illumination for yourself

Your own progress is slow for it must keep pace

With the planet and the rest of the human race


Everything leads to one mental unfoldment after another

And more integration with spirit and the Earth Mother

The world and our evolution as one

Is the only way that it must be done


Real illumination or full contact with spirit or soul

Is still very far off and part of a much later goal

That will not happen in this or the next life

And even that is part of a higher goal for a later life


You might never know

But progressively you shall grow




Life is a wonderful happening

Already geared up for our awakening

And if you have been listening

It can be quite illuminating


It is already designed to perfection

So that we don’t even need direction

As long as we don’t cause our own disconnection

Life will lead us to spiritual resurrection


If you are too good then we look bad

If you are too bad you make us sad

All bad people end up in jail, we can add

While good people will go to their Dad


So, try to be not too bad or too good

Just take the middle way as you should

If you want a good and happy life

With no complications and little strife


You can offcourse complicate it by plan   

And try to be as good as you can

But this is taking the short and narrow path

That will unleash the devil’s wrath


This path is only to be attempted on call

From that voice that puts spirit above all

When you have reached saturation

And life holds no more fascination


But right now, there is no need for all that

Plenty of time to enjoy life and have a chat

Some material forces might take you for a rat

So just keep an eye on the fat cat


We are the complexion of our times on earth

Where everything is already planned from birth

So, let’s relax and enjoy our hearth

For we may not have long on earth


Whatever you were, life has made you

What you are now, life has made you

Whatever you must be, life will make you

Till now, life has created and sustained you


So, where ever you go

Just go with the flow



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