Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



With the first ray soul, the love of power must dominate

And those without power he must repudiate

First there must be not a circle, but a line

And as long as he works alone he feels fine


His ears are closed to other opinions

Even if they are in their millions

Emotion is not used in furthering of the Plan

Where he throws everything in a frying pan


Moving forward in his purposes undeviating

He knows nothing of negotiating

He destroys and tears down in order to rise

To greater heights upon the ruins of his devise


He rises by trampling on anyone

And upon the destinies of everyone

This man will express these qualities in every relation           

A destroying force at home, business or in the nation


His progress is by being in control

Thus keeping everything on the roll

But love must take the place of emotion

Thus keeping everything in motion


At first, his motive is that of selfishness

And achievement base on separateness

After failure to be satisfied, this solo man

Can become a server to the plan


The first ray man will become God's Destroying Angel

After working first as a dark angel

Of destruction for power and lust for form

To which he shall no longer conform


Power selfishly used exhausts its user

And evokes an antagonistic force to the abuser

Not being satisfied anymore, and alone

He will find that he cannot do it on his own


The one who travels on a line, returns upon his way

He mounts the cross with others and without delay

He starts to rebuild for the benefit of all mankind

A better structure than anything left behind


Thus by arresting his selfish efforts, he can

Start to work with aspects of the Plan








We all know about the Illuminati conspiracies

Where everything in the world is part of their legacies

We do not want to go along with their fallacies

But are all caught up in their activities


This seems to be going on for centuries

Where in their search for their adversaries

They will crisscross all boundaries

While controlling all agencies


They instigate wars and finance armies

Even manipulate and control the authorities

While treading the rest of us like zombies   

Only there to bring in their bounties


They don’t give a dam about casualties

Or how many ends up in the cemeteries

Who cares about communities?

The only thing that counts are commodities


 While they pretend to work for charities

And are busy with all their ceremonies

They take openly from all the countries

While the sheeple sit in the movies


But what lies behind all these conspiracies?

And how do they affect our liberties?

What about God’s Plan and the spiritual hierarchies?

Or is all this part of God’s mysteries?


These people are controlled by demonic entities

Through materialism and lust for more monopolies

Some claim to be atheist, with no fear for Deities

But what goes up, must come down or there are penalties


But the good forces also have their emissaries

And these dark disciples are their enemies

We are in a spiritual war throughout the galaxies

Of which we know nothing in mind or memories


How do we know what is good or bad for our families?

What act is good or bad for the people’s destinies?

Often we see crises dictate against our fancies 

In our development of spiritual properties


Spiritual development needs these atrocities

To deliver our souls to the Deities





To build the New Word edifice

The heart must be invoked into service

In line with the Will of God as planned

So that our future can unfold and stand


In this great Service, caution and care

Must be used to build in the square

Where purity of heart is most essential

If we want a future with spiritual potential


When your service becomes creditable

Progress on the path will become inevitable

You make progress because you serve

Whilst leaving nothing in reserve


Those who enter the path of service to the Plan

Will always have enough reserve to go the span

The giving hand must be cherished

For it can never get impoverished


Each Spiritual Teaching ordains giving

Otherwise it cannot be receiving

Spiritual energy for the execution of the Plan

That flows inexhaustible to the serving man


Let each heart pour out spiritual gifts while living

For nothing refines the heart as spiritual giving

The magnet of the heart can attract multitudes

But only if it is a heart without attitudes


Fill the heart’s chalice with spiritual treasures

While forgetting earthly pleasures

The energy of service must be intensified

And the spiritual teachings specified


All benevolent strivings like mercy, pity and love

Are methods of connecting to the higher worlds above

This onward march must be understood as a service

To the Teachings of life as well as to the novice


This service will not be comprehended by selfish hearts

And those dabbling in the black arts

Their poison must be consumed amongst the blind

By serving hearts for the salvation of all mankind


Let the thought of service accompany each deed

And let the command of God become your creed





The second aspect of the technique of integration

Does not use destruction through crystallisation

But the reabsorption of form in the light

For he has become a bearer of light


When he loses taste for material possession

And the will for existence and expression

He is left with a sense of futility and emptiness

While his soul screams out in thirstiness 


What should now be the procedure and right use? 

Raja-Yoga will bring in different views

And an alert mental detachment

With a spiritual enrichment


This will produce the needed alignment

And build the antahkarana through refinement

This crisis usually persists for a long time

But eventually the light will break in sublime


Light reveals and brings a stage of revelation

Of faults that can prevent salvation

It reveals how the soul sees the personality

As well as its own individuality


It indicates the procedure next to be followed

And all the things that are not allowed

A vision of those who are travelling the same way

Of his soul, of his Angel and the Master of his Ray


The Master Himself is contacted through invocation 

When the disciple has done the needed integration

Thus the power to draw unto himself dominates

While love directs chooses and nominates


Integration, as the result of revelation, is the way

Of fusion of the personality ray, with the egoic ray

Where love-wisdom is in control

And of least resistance for a second ray soul


The first ray penetrates, pierces and produces

The line along which Light comes for many uses

The second ray is the "light-carrier" on the way

And supplements the work of the first ray 


Thus through centralisation

He has found his inspiration





With the third ray soul love of truth must dominate

While the love of his own thoughts he must terminate

Love of the ordered process must control

While the love of his own wild activity is not the goal


Enforced quiet will bring about the true alignment

Not of meditation but of living and self-confinement

From the glamorous forms with which he is surrounded

So that his personality can be grounded


Otherwise he will manage to get nowhere

Always be occupied with objective somewhere

Which may materialise in some dim and distant future

While failing the objective of the immediate future


The expression of wasted energy to be

Where futility is the result to see

When carefully laid plans

Cannot end their dance


To offset this, he must stand quiet at the centre

Thus allowing time for new visions to enter

And no longer make opportunities for himself on his way

But meet those opportunities which come his way


Thus through a very different activity as yet

He applies himself to the need to be met

From the angle of a glamoured third ray attitude

He will start to work from a higher altitude


Thus alignment is reached through stillness

But this will first lead to some mental illness

Like a deep distress over the uselessness of everything  

And his determination to stand as a spiritual being


This crisis evokes understanding and light

Revelation upon revelation, ever bright

He begins to work with the Plan as it is

And not as he thinks it is 


This process takes much time and stammer

Corresponding to those spent on glamour

But having done all this by filling his cart

The third ray man is ready to play his part


Enmeshed within my self-created glamour, no more 

Through stillness I am ready to go to war





This ray is midway between all the rays

And can clearly see the two opposing ways

Seeking oneness while form divides

He finds war and separation on all sides


This is essentially a force of healing and correction

Which brings all forms to an ultimate perfection

Upon our planet, a bridging group

To bring about an at-one-ment coup 


Acting as a clearing house for divine energy on earth

Producing unity, harmony, beauty and rebirth

Of the individual that can merge with the whole  

While keeping personality under control


This is group fusion with a greater whole

And not individual fusion with the whole

And until this is experienced in person

He will newer comprehend this lesson


When this fourth ray alignment becomes an eventuality

There will be a crisis between soul and personality

The relation of soul energy and course

In relation with personality force


A sense of isolation it will produce

That might make him a recluse

Where a sense of despairing futility

Will make him question his own ability


A determination to stand in the midst

Not to admit defeat but give fate a twist

And a recognition of the warrior within

Will give his live a new spin


He relinquishes the fight in order to stand

In oneness with the enemy, hand in hand

In the breaking forth of the light of victory

The future and the Plan is no more contradictory


This development of spiritual adaptation

Will bring personality integration

And will make fusion sway

Between personality and soul ray


In steadfastness I work and stand

Whilst contemplating to play my hand





He stands amazed and in wonderment

And see nothing, but God’s garment

He penetrates the mysteries of form

But not the Mystery behind the form


Love of the form must never hide the Life

Of the one who brought the form to life

And preserves it for His use on earth

Whist giving spiritual forces a rebirth


He must cherish and know and understand

The nature of the veils of life, and make his stand

To investigate the Plan the source and the Mystery

Behind the creation of forms throughout history


He must detach himself from form

And make his personality conform

Then start to use the form which will neither veil

Nor hide the Self but will lead him to the Holy Grail


Revealing all the radiance of God

His power and magnetism, broad

Revealing all there is of form, and of life

Of beauty and the usefulness of the strife


Then the mind can reveal the One   

All form and life blended and fused like a Sun

“Thou art the One. Thou art the form.

Thou art the mind. Know this and conform.”


This alignment between soul and form

Will also unleash crises like a storm

For the balanced vision causes much difficulty

And the spirit path will ask for much loyalty


Ending of the joy-life and desire comes at a cost

That leads to aridness and a sense of lost

This balanced condition between self and not-self

Leads eventually to a crisis of choice by himself  


And to the major task of the disciple's life in form

For when the dual crisis is over, it is time for reform

Then the light streams forth through revelation

Of one form and soul vibration


Through detachment from the grip of form

He has managed himself to transform








Why so many conspiracy theories on the run

When in reality there is ultimately only one?

They all show a finger to the top of the Pyramid

But they all look with different eyes to that Pyramid


Not every theorist is standing at the same place

Thus each has a different light in his face

Some use binoculars from up high

While others can only use the eye


Not all are educated or from the same faith

While quite a few are even without any faith

Not everyone is from the same race

Or the same time and space


Some only use the mind

And leg thus far behind

Others only use the heart

And thus feel only a part


We think humans are at the top controlling us

While they are only being used to lead us

The true and the false Illuminati are being controlled

So that our unstoppable evolution can unfold


We all know by now about the Holy trinity

The three creating forces through eternity

They work together where ever they can

To establish and develop God’s Plan      


One takes a positive and one a negative course

While the Christ Principle is the synthesising force

Each of the principles has its own disciples, tasked         

To work for causes that must still be unmasked


You are part of this plan and has a task

And the time has come for you to ask

What are they trying to prevent me from doing?

And where am I supposed to be going?


This is what the conspirators are trying to prevent

For this will lead to the ultimate event

Where enlightenment and liberation for earth

Will bring the end of their control, to birth


Unless you can see that we are in a spiritual war

You are still ignorant and just asking for more





The sixth ray devotee, is lost in his devotion 

Which can usually cause quite a commotion

He, the idealist, runs blindly after his Master

Causing his work and activities to end in disaster


Losing himself in the chaos of his uncontrolled aspirations

And the glamour of his own thoughts without foundations

He is all the time occupied with himself and his work

Lost in a world of his chosen ideal and visions murk


He must divorce himself from the thraldom of form

And go and stand quietly at the centre, to reform

Just as the third ray disciple has to learn to do

And there align himself with visions true


Breadth of all visions and a right sense of proportion

Of all forms of truth, dreams and reality without distortion

Will help him find God in every man     

Thuds earning the right to work with the Plan


This alignment will also produce a crisis at this station

For it will leave him destitute of incentive and motivation

And of appreciation by others and the purpose of life

A state where sensations and questions are rife


His fanatic, devotional driving of himself and others

His lack of understanding of the point of view of others

The idea of "my truth, my master, my idea, my way"

Leaves him and he has nothing to make him sway


Swept by futility, his world rocks under him 

While the light of the soul goes dim

Let him stand still at the centre, eyes on the soul

Until the light breaks in, illuminating the goal


He learns to express that inclusive love

Which is his major requirement for this shove

And to let go his narrow, one-pointed attitude

By welcoming all visions with gratitude


If they serve to lift and comfort his brothers

He welcomes all truths and revelations for others

He welcomes all dreams if they can act as incentives

To his fellow men and help them with their objectives


"My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me."

No longer the cry to be





Spirit is in a spiritual war with dark forces on earth

That wants to retard human evolution on earth

Spirit works for spiritual unity and oneness

While they work for material unity and oneness 


They have control over the treasures in the ground

While controlling governments with the pound

They keep the rest of us in ignorance

By controlling the media and all utterance


They control and deal in arms and finance terrorism

While orchestrating wars to drag us back into animalism

They turn nations on each other to kill millions

Trying to bring the population down by billions


They also use religion as a tool

Presuming everybody is a fool

For as long as we fight each other

We would not want to help one another


They also have germ and biological programs

Their chemtrails and fluoride poison our dams

They use science for mind control and retardation

While their control over commodities brings starvation


Why would they be so stupid to do all this

And work to drag us all into an abyss?

This may sounds like fiction from a sick mind 

But if you think this you are still amongst the blind


It is all about the retardation of your evolution

For the dark forces work for devolution

While your soul works to overcome materialism

Their work is to promote and support materialism 


By killing humans or stopping their development

They are promoting their own establishment

On earth they are committing a total heist

To prevent the reappearance of Christ


Everything spirit instigates for the whole

Quickly ends up under demonic control

We know their time is running out

For new spiritual forces are coming about


How far God is willing to let them go

Is only for Him to know





The seventh ray disciple wants to integrate the two

Where lay the emphasis and what shell he do?

At his hand are form, activity substance and desire

Where shall he send his thoughts to bring the fire?


At the centre he stands, the worker in the field of magic

He knows the Temple of the lord and its rituals of magic

He loves to see the forms emerge, created by his mind

And do their work, but he is still working blind


Learn not to love the work, but the Plan

And let it control your life if you can

Work to bring unity and purpose to birth

And help to establish it on earth


He must see himself as a relating agent in life

The one who stands in the midst of the strife

Attending to his portion of the task

With the effect of producing alignment at last


The moment that this alignment is achieved

Inflow of power from both sides will be perceived

This fact will always evokes a seventh ray crisis

That will lead to the beginning of true gnosis


If he is material minded and selfishly inflated      

The personality nature will be stimulated

And he will be waring furiously with all

Behind an instinctual and intellectual wall


He is glamoured by the beauty of his motive

And deceived by his strong personality emotive

Caught in a maelstrom of lower magical work

Where sex magic and black magic lurk


If warned of all the dangers that might win

He will stand steady at the centre within

And there suffer until the light in the East

Rises upon his darkness to kill the beast


Then comes the revelation of the Plan

Ever the motivating power of this man  

He works upon the outer plane of manifestation

Constructing forms for divine will penetration                         


This seventh ray is now coming into manifestation

Thus he must work with care and trepidation





Only the man who is the product

Of a long and fruitful life and good conduct

Will be able to safely build the bridge

Between highest and lowest ridge


Undertaken by ancient and proven rules

The building of the Antahkarana is not for fools

When these rules are correctly followed over time

A sequence of events will come to its prime


As we build the Antahkarana

On our way to Nirvana

Man the Trinity

Becomes a duality


A fully conscious soul on the physical plane

When fully registered in the physical brain

The divine intermediary or soul

Has reached the end of its goal


The body of the soul is destroyed

As the fire of the Monad is deployed

We than have perfect alignment

For body and spiritual refinement


The veil of the temple is rent in twain

And doomed to never appear again

The forth initiation is passed

The crucifixion is surpassed


The bridge between monad and personality

At last leads to liberation and immortality

With a line of light between father and Mother

That brings revelation of the Father


Spirit has mounted on the shoulders of matter

To the place from whence it came to shatter

With knowledge gained and experience worth

The Son has finished its work on earth


The task of Saviour has come to an end

And now at last, is the time to ascend

The unity of all things is known

There is nothing more he can be shown


Thus the battle against evil has been won

And he can say: “I and my Father are One”





Why are most rulers of people   

Treating us like sheeple?

We really have no say

While we live their way


The more civilised we become

The more they treat us like scum

And the more they decay  

The more we become the prey


As our spirituality increases          

Everything falls to pieces

Because evil finds no opposition

When spirit allows no competition


In order to save you lots of grief

I have to shatter your belief

If you have a good heart

You must learn to be smart


In our fight to survive each day

We cannot see the betray

Or the deviousness of their schemes 

That feed of our dreams


We trust without reserve 

While we fail to observe

That it takes a thief

To catch a thief


We all know what good people’s aims are

But do you know what evil people’s aims are? 

If somebody tries to inform the sheep 

Do you think they will come out of their sleep?


We must all learn to walk the fine line

And fight evil with the help of the divine

To prevent the enslavement of humanity

We must bring back some sanity 


So, let the Whistle-Blowers, blow

And make their misdeeds glow

Let’s put them in the light

While we prepare for the fight


“The meek shall inherit the earth”

But not inside evil’s girth

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SHOW ME GOD!  -98    


Religions are mostly manmade out of revelations

Given to spiritual workers to enlighten all nations

Dogma is based on spiritual interpretations

And politics to control the congregations             


Churches were also subjected to infiltrations

From different evil organisations 

Thus, not perfect and subject to misinterpretations

That led to all kinds of differentiations


Notwithstanding all these accusations

Only fools will argue against a God of all creations

People’s devotion, spiritual visions and confirmations

Could not have been just their imaginations


If you want to see God, for your own confirmations

Look at yourself, all humans and their creations

All animals and plants and their differentiations

Even the planets, stars and all constellations


We are all one and part of His Creations

Like organs and sells in all physical manifestations

Forming greater unions through all vibrations

As we progress through our incarnations


You are one of God’s many mutations

 So there are no real liberations

But more a decrease in our limitations

From matter to spirit transformations


You might still have your reservations

But evolution shall supply all conformations        

When way into our future observations

We shall look back over today’s speculations


Our minds are not yet perfect in their interpretations

But later we shall know the way of the initiations

And work with spirits and their externalisations

To bring light to future civilisations 


While we go through all these purifications

To build up our qualifications

We pray, meditate and build invocations

That brings forth more proof and revelations


Be sure, Spirit stands behind all creations

Working to increase matter’s vibrations





I cannot say that I have had a bad life

Not always happy but surely an eventful life

Full of ups and downs but always onwards

While my soul was pulling me upwards


I found it hard to live with my compatriots

Always thinking they were idiots

Finding it hard to fit in with their ways

While preparing for better days


Only to end up like the rest

Always trying to be the best

Not knowing what life was all about

Till after I was burned out 


Life to me, became nothing but a lie

And I could not wait till it was time to die

But ever since I have started to question it

I have learned to see the other side of it


Everything we see and do is only temporally

Riches and fame, the good life, all temporally

The same goes for the other side of the coin

Where you get crucified or kicked in the groin


By loved ones you worked for all your life

Where words and deeds can stick like a knife

And both sides learn the hard way

By being worked like a piece of clay


7) Only by exposing this lie

Can you look through God’s eye

Where Wisdom is knowledge gained by experience

And implemented by love to gain sentience        


Be careful what you ask God

It might not work out as you thought

For what is planned in the spiritual world

Is destined to work out in the physical world


It might not make sense in the beginning

But in the end you will be winning

For life will set you free

To become what was meant to be


Maybe a worker of light

If you can handle the plight





If the heart is not afire

Through purification by fire

Than the fiery sphere

Will not let you near


For the affirmation of bliss

Always remember this

The heart must be tempered

If the spiritual world is to be entered


This is done through straight-knowledge

Not something you pick up in a collage

But knowledge through experience

Spiritual discipline and obedience


A fiery heart is never left behind

And always attract souls of the same kind

While working with the spiritual Hierarchy

To save the world from anarchy


The fire of the heart is of a high manifestation

And thus the best purifier and tool for creation

For now follows the flame of self-sacrifice

Where only the best will suffice


Labour is for the common welfare

Through engagement in spiritual warfare

And leads to the creation of more intense fire 

As long as there are higher worlds to admire


Every day the fiery heart creates miracles

To help humanity through its different cycles

In accordance with the laws of the universe

And to overcome all adverse 


“God is a consuming fire”

Are words that can make us aspire

Towards more refinement of the heart

And encourage the mind to do its part


Service and the purification of consciousness

Done with love and ferociousness

Will make everything on earth expire

In a whirling wind of fire


Only flaming, fiery hearts on earth

Can bring all this, to birth