Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



Yes, we know, “God is Great”

But, do we know, ‘how Great’?

My body have many sells but we are one

God’s body have many spirits and They are One


Your spirit is one of Them, as is all humanity

And so it will be for all eternity

Our body sells have a spark of consciousness

While God’s spirits have self-consciousness


There is spirit in every atom in the physical solar system

Each belonging to a spirit or deva in the spiritual solar system

The soul represents the spirit in every living body

While the spirit represents God in everybody


“Matter is spirit in its densest form

And spirit is matter in its finest form

Or matter is spirit in its lowest vibration

And spirit is matter in its highest vibration”


While Spirit is the first principle of the Holy Trinity

Matter is the third principle of the Holy Trinity

Christ the second principle as the son

Is the Force that binds the two into One


“I and my Father are One”

Are words destined for the lips of everyone

When we realise this as fact

While we go through the act


As your body has a Spirit

So does each planet have a Spirit

And so does the Sun have a Spirit

All answering to the one Spirit


The Spirit that uses the Sun as his body of manifestation

Is our highest God giving life to everything in His creation

While on earth our destinies and our evolution

Is controlled by God that uses Earth as His body for His evolution


Thus all spirits are on their way to the Sun

For “God is a consuming fire” the spirit of the Sun

So, as you can see, we truly are one

For God, in his Greatness, covers everything under the Sun


“Man know they self”

And become one with they Higher-self





When we see evil

Or hear about evil

We just want to fight it

Or we want to destroy it


This enemy of out race

Who has no face

We cannot fight 

And walk in the light


For when we fight it

We shall become it

We must fight it inside ourselves

And not outside ourselves


If we kill the instrument it deployed

Evil itself, will not be destroyed

It will jump from the host of evil

To possess the “destroyer” of evil


Because the evil of Nazism

Is now in Zionism

And in the victors of every war

There truly are no victors in war


This is a lesson for those without light

Where ignorance is evil’s host and our plight

That must be overcome by all means and might

By spreading education and shining God’s light


We need good and evil to overcome stagnation

Positive and negative are the two poles of creation

The one, spirit, pulls and teaches us

The other, materialism, will test and retard us


Everybody will, like Jesus, eventually pass

After absorbing all the lessons of their past

Only when no atom of your being harbours evil

Can you truly overcome and triumph over evil


This also goes for humanity as a whole

Where we can talk of a planetary soul

The triumphs and failures of every personality

Are also the triumphs and failures of our humanity


With wisdom earned through purification

We can end wars and achieve liberation

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Creativeness incorporates the heart

Or rather, the sacred fire of the heart

Which radiates a special light       

That shines in nerve substance ever bright


This is a fiery potentiality of a magnate

Of creativeness that will never stagnate 

For a heart consecrated to righteousness

Will radiate it in its creativeness


We must prepare for higher realisations

By bringing new consciousness to our vibrations

Only the heart can be the accumulator

That brings Fohat to the illuminator


Affirm thought as the power and co-creator

Of existence while acting as our translator

Into a realisation of spiritual creativeness

Under the heart’s persuasiveness


When the stage of creativeness has been reached

You better practice what you preached

Or be retarded for many lives to come

By a rhythm hard to be undone


It’s not always fair to the good souls

To absorb the evil of the bad souls

That is why we have Karma

To force us to do our dharma


We create through psychic sensitised vibrations

Thus each work becomes a source of subtle vibrations

Where quality will be the foundation of cooperation

With cosmos that speaks through every creation


The highest energy creates only under tension

When life brings feelings of contention

So absorb everything life can teach

To bring great creations within your reach


The creative feeling is creativeness of thought

While reason without heart will come to nought

Purification of the heart brings sensitiveness

That leads to the renewal of consciousness


Ignorance disturbs the ascent of the hart

When this ally of the dark force plays its part






When we talk about Heart-qualities

We are actually talking Soul-qualities

For the soul is anchored in the heart

While the brain learns to play its part


The wisdom and knowledge of the heart

Is the soul’s reservoir that will make us smart

Through the direction of psychic energy

Poison is replaced by treasure, cleverly


Courage is born of a pure heart

Where it dwells in the womb of the heart

In the Fiery World we need to walk fearlessly

Thus the need down here to fight evil endlessly


When only good thoughts can be chosen

It means the gates of Beneficence are open  

As the recipient of the earthly poison

Where prana pacifies the flow of poison


True solemnity is built in the highest tension

Bringing our progress to our attention 

Through solemnity salvation can be attained

But it must be absorbed and maintained


We have a love that holds us in the mire

And a love that can inspire

The one is earthy

And the other heavenly


The abode of spirit is beautiful

So we can build by using only the beautiful

In the heart we will always find the spark

That we need to kindle the light in the dark


For success, extreme tension is needed

But in action the limit must not be exceeded

For the heart to stay the transmuter of energies

The main accumulator of our memories


Thus we need to develop all these heart qualities

For our future intercourse with higher energies

For without them we will be blind

And just be left behind







Where are we going on this journey of life?

Where we know nothing but strife

This journey that took so long in our roam

That we don’t even know there is a home


 We are on a wonderful journey of destiny

And we won’t know it without some scrutiny

Never mind the question, “who am I?”

It should be, “what was I?”


We are to discover our own unfoldment

While going through personality disbandment

To be as we were before we left our abode

When duty called to pick up this load


So many questions on our way and overall

And so much to do to answer them all

For to be able to appreciate their brilliance

They have to be answered through experience


This kaleidoscope of madness

That can bring us so much sadness

Hides all the answers to the Cosmos

And will call for more than our utmost


Some of us just want to stay here

With things we hold deer

But it is time to find the way back home

And to remember we are not alone


By looking forward whilst remembering the past

We can develop spiritual assets that will for ever last

Great wonders are still to be discovered

As our spirituality is uncovered


The whole universe is waiting for us

The fiery worlds are waiting for us

Time to say “good bye” to materiality

And to say “hallo” to our spirituality


This wonderful journey will never end

Just as time seems to have no end

Who knows where it may leads?

Or what will be its proceeds?


So, be active in life and deliver your input

For our progress depends on our output





I do not want to utter these words as an appeal

But, I think, it is time you know how I feel

And how I found the light

Destined to shine ever bright


It is no need to say I was wrong

For what is right and what is wrong?

One moment I think I was right

And the next I want to hide from sight


Overcame by the shame of this lie

It might have been better for me to die

But luckily I realised that I had no control

Over things ordained by my soul


We have found love and happiness

Disguised in its one-sidedness

How could we know what we had

If we never went through the sad?


One of us might have known

But the other had to learn on his own

Maybe we were holding each other back

And destiny decided on a different tack


This crisis of necessity for progress

Was all ‘part and parcel’ of the proses

Of learning and gaining experience

In how to bring out the brilliance


There is a higher Schemer up there

That will lay everything bear

So that your light can be seen from afar

Because you are destined to shine like a star


Thus, life never takes us where we like to go

For that is not for us the way to grow

In time we will see everything clear

And we will know what to hold dear


Even if we never see each other again

We are always united through our pain

A sweet pain that was not in vain

But was needed to break the chain


To give birth to true love

Inspired from above




The Subtle World is the exalted sublimation

Of the Earthly sphere with fire in manifestation

It is the essence of all existence

And eventually destroys all resistance


When this Invisible World becomes real

You will become familiar with the surreal

Then you can notice the growth of consciousness

While your soul grows in dominance


Through creativeness you become a co-worker

And start to call yourself a soul-worker

Great is the achievement of work in this World

Where all our efforts in fire get pearled


Thus pray before going to sleep and think

In order to strengthen the beneficent link

And act as the Teachers have instructed

So your eyes cannot be obstructed


The Invisible Worlds can create anything

And have its presence in everything

It is the prototype of earth

Where it comes to birth


The New World is the perception of the invisible one

The way we will be when everything is done

Thus we must strive towards this transformation

If we want to see the end of creation


Love is the impetus for the expansion of consciousness

Where a flaming heart will bring harmoniousness

Love lies on the boundaries of the New World

And without it the New World cannot be unfurled


For the path of love is the tension of cosmic energy

Driving and pulling us onto the path of the clergy

Where everything must be directed to good

To be loved and understood


Yoga comes through refinement of the Heart

Thus a fiery Baptism must play its part

To receive those beneficent currents

That will give us power over the elements


So, become accustomed to constant labour

And never forget your neighbour