Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Soul Development

 Sensitivity is the quality that enables you to expand your consciousness so that you become aware of ever-widening ranges of contact. In other words, to be alive, keen to recognise relationships, quick to react to need, mentally and emotionally. Physically attentive to life, and rapidly developing  the power to observe upon all three planes in the three planes in the three words simultaneously.

We have to get away from ourselves and our personal reactions, our own interpretations and personal demands, and become Spiritually sensitive. By this I mean alert to the voice of the soul.

As far as consciousness is concerned, we are fully conscious only on the physical plane, nearly conscious on the emotional plane and only developing consciousness on the mental plane.

The development of the human being is but the passing from one state of consciousness to another; a succession of expansions of growth of that faculty of awareness that constitutes the predominant characteristic of the soul. It is the progressing from the consciousness polarised in the higher self or Soul, to polarisation in the Monad or Spirit, till the consciousness that is [trapped] in the human is eventually divine.

These realisations, or apprehended expansions of consciousness, are under natural law, and come in due course of time to every soul without exception. Our particular mode of developing the consciousness of the human family was initiated by the Hierarchy during the Atlantean root-race and is proceeding at abnormally fast pace.

For the human intellect, evolution is the story of the evolution of the consciousness and not the story of the evolution of the form. Thus, our goal is:

1.       the production of increased sensitivity,

2.       expansion of consciousness and

3.       an increase in perceptive awareness.

As for service, the Soul is inclusive and service is a Soul instinct. It is simply the first real effect, evidenced on the physical plane, of the fact that the soul is beginning to express itself in outer manifestation, through the personality, and the first effect of this inflowing force of the soul, is to integrate the personality and to bring all the three lower aspects of the man [physical, emotional and mental bodies] into one serving whole.

As the work of learning to serve proceeds and the inner contact becomes more sure, the next thing which will occur will be a deepening of the life of meditation, and a more frequent illumination of the mind by the light of the Soul. Thereby the plan is revealed.

Our task then is to aid the work which the Hierarchy plans to do by finding the ways and means whereby our service can be wisely rendered.

As for the server, every human being who reaches the goal of light and wisdom automatically has a field of influence which extends both up and down, and which reaches both inwards to the source of light and outwards into the “fields of darkness”. When he has thus attained, he will become a conscious centre of life giving force, and will be so without effort. He will stimulate, energise, and vivify to fresh efforts, all lives that he contacts, be they fellow aspirants, an animal or a flower. He will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness. He will dispel the glamour around him, and let in the radiance of reality.



The spiritual evolution of man runs briefly as follows:

At first it is the force of the plane substance, which directs him, causing him to identify himself with the grosser substance and to consider himself a man, a member of the fourth Kingdom, and to be  convinced, therefore, that he is the Not-self. Later, as force from the Ego pours in, his psychical evolution proceeds and he begins to consider himself as the Ego, the Thinker, the One who uses the form. Finally, energy from the Monad begins to be responded to and he knows himself to be neither man nor the Angel, but a divine essence or spirit . . . A man is then seen as he is truly—a network of fire with flaming focal points, transmitting and circulating fiery energy.

Everything that helps him on his way is spiritual and everything that hinders him on his way is evil. Education is one of the most important tools that he needs, if he wants to make any progress at all. For spiritual education you need intellectual development, and for that, you need normal, informative and instructive education. I regard them thus as phases of one effort.

Spirituality is essentially the establishing of right human relations, the promotion of goodwill, and finally the establishing of a true peace on earth, as the result of these two expressions of divinity. It is a state of being and not so much of achievement. 

The disciple... can never be static; he can never rest; he is constantly adjusting himself to new conditions; constantly learning to function therein, and then subsequently finding them pass away to give place, in their turn, to new. This goes on until the consciousness is stabilised in the Self, in the One. Then the initiate knows himself to be the onlooking Unity, watching the phenomenal phantasmagoria of life in form.

We must remember that in all work that is truly occult, expected effects are very slowly achieved. Should a man seem in any one incarnation to make spectacular progress, it is due to the fact that he is but demonstrating what has already been earlier acquired [... in previous incarnations], and is preparing for a fresh period of slow, careful, and painstaking endeavour. He recapitulates in the present life the processes surmounted in the past, and thus lays the foundation for renewed effort.... What the personality spends many thousands of lives in establishing, is not going to be lightly altered when the Ego—working in the lower consciousness—seeks to effect a change.



EDUCATION:      Education [for the masses] is the transference of knowledge, accumulated by us and our ancestors, to our children to fit them for a civilised community and to enable them to carry on from where we have left off.

Two major ideas should be taught to the children of every country. They are:   the value of the individual and the fact of the one humanity... these two principles... will lead to the intensive culture of the individual, and then to his recognition of his responsibility as an integral part of the whole body of humanity.

The first effort of education to civilise the child, will be to train and rightly direct his instincts.

The second obligation upon the educators will be to bring about his true culture, by training him to use his intellect rightly.

The third duty of education will be to evoke and to develop the intuition. 

The true education is consequently the science of linking up the integral parts of man, and also of linking him up in turn with his immediate environment, and then with the greater whole in which he has to play his part. Each aspect, regarded as a lower aspect, can ever be simply the expression of the next higher. The problem in education is to gauge rightly the centre of the focus of a man’s attention, and to note where the consciousness is primarily centred. Then he must be trained in such a way that a shift of that focus into a higher vehicle becomes possible. We can also express this idea in an equally true manner by saying that the vehicle which seems of paramount importance, can become and should become of secondary importance, as it becomes simply the instrument of that which is higher than itself.    

When this is the case, you will have a civilised, cultured and spiritually awakened human being. A man will then be instinctively correct, intelligently sound, and intuitively aware. His soul, his mind, and his brain will be functioning as they should and in right relation to each other, thus again producing co-ordination and correct alignment.


KNOWLEDGE:      Our knowledge is all the impressions registered and recorded by our senses since the day we were born.

The goal of evolution is the attainment of consciousness on all planes; owing to the small evolutionary attainment of the race, only the physical plane is as yet in any way brought under conscious control. The knowledge which deals with that plane, the information which is concerned with densest objectivity, the sumtotal of facts connected with the five lower sub planes of the physical plane, are considered exoteric.....     Information and knowledge of the life evolving through the forms [energy and force], will for a considerably longer time be considered esoteric, as also will the apprehension and comprehension of the matter aspect, and the laws governing energy on the astral and the mental planes.

Thus we can say...the word of daily events—exoteric knowledge...the word of meaning—esoteric knowledge.

The range of fact in exoteric knowledge will differ according to:

1.            The age of the soul.

2.            Experience develop and used.

3.            Condition of brain and the physical body.

4.            Circumstances and environment.                      

All of us can understand and solve a problem; some of us can do it quicker than others. We can say that they are more intelligent than the rest, although they might not be wise at all.

Wisdom has to do with the development of the life in the form, with the progress of the spirit through those ever-changing vehicles, and with the expansion of consciousness that succeed each other from life to life. It deals with the life side of evolution. Since it deals with the essence of things and not with the things themselves, it is the intuitive apprehension of the truth apart from the reasoning faculty, and the innate perception that can distinguish between the false and the true, between the real and the unreal. The temple of wisdom must be built on the foundation of knowledge.

Knowledge when given must be used; it must be made of practical application in the daily life. We have a duty to do three things:

1.            The moulding of our daily lives upon the basis of the imparted truth.

2.            The building of that structure of thought, which will embody the New Age teaching by your thought; by your practical application of any truth, to your personal life at any cost; by your sacrifice and your service to your fellow men, and by the constant dissemination of any knowledge which you may possess.

3.            Distribution of the teaching over a long period of time.

MAN  KNOW  THEYSELF.          This should be our aim.....


ILLUMINATION:       All knowledge is a form of light, for it throws light into areas of awareness, of which we have hitherto been unconscious. All wisdom is a form of light, for it reveals to us the world of meaning which lies behind the outer form. All understanding is an evocation of light, for it causes us to become aware of, or conscious of, the causes which are producing the outer forms which surround us [including our own], and which condition the word of meaning, of which they are the expression.  This is “the light of the intellect”, which really means that which illumines the mind, and which can reflect itself in that mental apparatus which is held “steady in the light”. It irradiates the Way.         

 A man must learn to recognise that his chosen school of light, his peculiar vocation, his particular calling in life, and his personal trend, are only part of a greater whole, and his problem is to integrate consciously his small life activity into the world activity. It is this we call illumination, for lack of a better word.

Illumination reveals first of all the existence of glamour; it provides the distressing contrast with which all true aspirants [personalities] wrestle, and then gradually it floods the life to such an extent, that eventually glamour completely vanishes. Men see things then as they are—a facade hiding the good, the beautiful and the true. The opposites are then resolved and consciousness is superseded by a condition of realization of Being, for which we have no adequate term. The technique of light becomes a permanent condition. The world of meaning and of causes becomes gradually the world in which he finds happiness, and his selection of his major interest, and the use to which he decides to put his time and powers, are finally conditioned by the truer spiritual values. He then is on the path of illumination.

Eventually he will be able to say:

“I know myself.”

“I am.”

“I am that.”

“I am that I am.”

[From the works of AAB ans DK]