Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



This leads to illumination at the third initiation.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. So, it stands to reason that if you are an integrated personality or in the process of becoming one, that you will necessary have an influence on your environment or on relations within your individual sphere. The reverse is also true and you will be more sensitive, and thus more affected by your environment than the average man. I cannot put it better than the following abstracts:

When aspirants consciously and of their own volition undertake to hasten their evolution, it will be found that they are working simultaneously on the co-ordination of their physical-etheric vehicle, the integration of their emotional vehicle as a responsive whole, the integration of their lower and higher mind, and the integration of all these three aspects into a unified instrument. And at the same time they are striving for soul contact, soul impression and soul control. This effort in turn produces the integration of personality and soul which results in what is spoken of as “the soul-infused personality”, a degree of which is necessary as the starting point for a totally new stage of esoteric training for discipleship service. Furthermore, they are learning to relate themselves to their environment – to humanity in general and to their group in particular. The integration process is therefore not merely a vertical one – of the vehicles or mechanism with the soul – but also a horizontal one into the planetary life of which they form a unit. This horizontal integration proceeds with growing rapidity as soul contact deepens and soul infusion of the personality increases, because the soul is group conscious and impresses the mind and brain of the aspirant with the fact of his or her common identity and shared destiny with all people.

We must also bear in mind, however, that the achievement of the integration of the personality can become, in turn, an obstacle if our vision is not constantly held on the next stage ahead – that of soul infusion. Integrated personalities intensely aware of their potency, power and efficiency, but lacking the humility and love born of soul vision, can become a hindrance to, instead of powerful workers for the Plan. Aspirants nearing the stage of integration as personalities need above all else a sense of true humility and the ability to see their integration as but another step towards the high goal: that as working as the soul.

This stage of events, where the personality is becoming truly integrated, is one of the most difficult that the aspirant has to face. The potency of the personality becoming dominated by the Soul produces an intense karmic activity. Events and circumstances pile fast and furiously into the experience of disciples. Their environment in the three worlds is the best possible for them at this particular stage of their lives and provides the right setting for experience; their experiences fluctuate between the extremes; they work off their karmic obligations and pay the penalty of past mistakes with great rapidity. Incarnation succeeds incarnation and as this educational process proceeds, the progress achieved by the aspirant is tested by the frequency of moments of crisis. Climaxing moments are of importance and the pursuit of an even tenor is not usually good for a disciple……

The Laws of the Soul concern the life of the soul on its own plane, and the relation of the blending soul and personality. When the personality is becoming infused by the Soul then these Laws of the Soul are consciously and voluntarily obeyed. This inevitably “brings about increasing relation between the Hierarchy of Souls and Humanity as a whole, between the great planetary centre which is the custodian of the principle of love, and the planetary centre, humanity, which expresses the energy of mind. Because we are today occupied as aspirants and disciples with the task of coming under these higher laws, it is necessary for us to work simultaneously towards right human and right Hierarchical relationships. The first involves service; the second indicates our willingness to learn.

The Tibetan tells a disciple, “I desire deeply that you may emerge into that freedom of Life and expression and thus liberate yourself from anything which may hold you back from the field of full and loving service; I speak here of inner habits of thought and not of any external responsibilities and contacts.” Then he goes on and add, “you need to learn to realise more definitely … that a life of fuller expression in outer service upon the physical plane is required and would further aid you towards your goal…. The wisdom which you have necessary wrought out in the furnace of pain and suffering must be available and used as the Way of Light and Joy opens up before you. The eventual great work, successfully carried forward, which falls to the lot of all who achieve the great Initiations, grows out of a steadily expanding consciousness, a steady decentralisation, demonstrating in a constant outgoing in compassion and understanding to the needs of the little ones upon the Way of Life and it means also a greater realisation of the nature of the whole. Learn, therefore, to include more people within your range of thought.

As these truths are wrought out in the crucible or the fire of daily living, we shall inevitably arrive at two other points:

1.       That the expression of divinity and growth in the life of the Soul produces a new attitude towards our personality relationships;

2.       That the sense of relationship, of obligation and of right activity must work out in the realisation of our individual responsibility.

The teaching given in any true esoteric school is entirely futile and ineffectual if it does not cause repercussions in our daily life, if it does not lead to many changes of basic attitudes. Truth – to be of a spiritual usefulness – must, at some time, begin to condition our thinking and so further the control of the Soul over the lower nature. “One must distinguish between essentials and non-essentials. This is a statement of deep occult fact and significance and holds the key to the spiritual life and to all the occult mysteries. Bring it as a touchstone to every problem and situation of an emotional nature and every glamorous personality reaction and watch the light which will stream in from every side. Ask yourself, for instance: Is this line of thought or of inner, emotional reaction an essential or is it of no importance in the light of the larger issues, and therefore a non-essential? Is my agreement or disagreement with someone’s ideas or point of view based on the spiritual essentials or upon personality non-essentials? Act then on the response which you call forth, as you stand in the light of your own Soul.” These are crucial issues and upon their right settlement depends the pace of our evolutionary development. All teaching and theory has to be worked out in practical experiment and the gained experience of the consciously active aspirant. The major task with which each of us, as aspirants, is confronted is to become a conscious co-operator with the Soul.

In all relationships, we have to learn to see people as they are and, at the same time, neither over-rate nor under-rate, their assets or their faults. We must not overlook their faults because we personally like them, or deal with them as undesirable citizens because we have a prejudice against them. We also have to see all people within our range of contacts, turning our backs on none but recognising that all of them form a part of the divine and social body within which we ourselves move. Therefore, only by accepting everybody as they are [as well as ourselves] and by experimenting in relationship do we gain understanding which will enable us to live with people and help them instead of shutting them out of our consciousness.

This means that we become less profoundly preoccupied with ourselves and our own spiritual progress, and that we begin to know and practice something of a most necessary decentralisation. This is not an easy thing to do and is accompanied by a good deal of self-revelation. We begin to find ourselves out! This is fine and good – provided we do not let it depress us unduly. We must not forget that every disciple has some major characteristic which requires transmutation. Some know what it is and are working at it and the others fall into main categories: they are either working furiously to bring about a general change in themselves and thus succeed mainly in bringing their faults to the surface and they do this with such potency that they are temporarily handicapped in their service to their fellowmen. Or, secondly, they are overwhelmed and depressed by the discovery of their weaknesses. They resent being thus handicapped and the energy which should go towards the processes of transmutation is turned towards their lower natures in disgust, self-pity or hurt pride. All this leads to loss of time and produces inevitably an over-emphasis of the personality. This leads also to an interruption of the processes of right relationship as the individual is primarily concerned about himself or herself and yet he or she needs to have always in mind that in these days of world strife, it is the bringing about of right relations which presents the key to the immediate aspect of the vision which must be precipitated upon our planet. We have here a clear indication of the handicaps under which the Soul has to work. The Soul, though constituting one great total, is limited in its expression by the nature and quality of the form in which it is found and there are consequently forms which are highly responsive to and expressive of the soul and others which – owing to their density and the quality of the atoms of which they are composed – are incapable of recognising the higher aspects of the soul or of expressing more than its lower vibration.

When the lower personal self is subordinated to the higher rhythms and is obedient to the new Law of Service, then the life of the soul will begin to flow through the man to others and the effect in the man’s immediate family and his group will be to demonstrate a real understanding and a true helpfulness. As the flow of life becomes stronger through use, the effect will spread out from the small family group to the neighbourhood. A wider range of contacts becomes possible until eventually [if several lives have been spent under the Law of Service] the effect of the outpouring life may become nationwide or worldwide. But this will not be planned nor will it be sought for, as an end in itself. It will be a natural expression of the soul’s life, taking form and direction according to a man’s ray and the past life of expression; it will be coloured and ordered by environing circumstances, by time, by period, by race and by the age of the soul. It will be a living flow and a spontaneous giving forth; the life power and the love demonstrated, being sent forth from soul levels, will have a potent attractive force upon the group units with which the disciple may come in contact in the three worlds of soul expression. There are no other worlds in which the soul may thus express itself. Nothing can stop or arrest the potency of this life of natural, loving service, except in those cases where the personality gets in the way. [Thus, the need for integration]

To know what we are doing and to be consciously working on the process of integration is the guarantee of ultimate success. Before us lies much teaching on the higher stages of the planetary process of integration – that of relating ourselves consciously to the Spiritual Triad. This relationship is brought about by the building of the second half of the antahkarana. The first half of the antahkarana relates the personality to the soul. As the Path opens before us, new vistas reveal themselves and the Path of The Lighted Way of Integration can guide us to yet another step on the ‘road back to God’.

Our specific work, visualisation and meditation, is built around two thoughts we all need to grasp more clearly: Visualisation and Responsibility. One of the things which every neophyte needs to develop is the imagination, because it is the great creative faculty. “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” is an aphorism which we all accept, but that which implements that thinking and gives it creative quality is the consecrated imagination and the visioning of ourselves as expressing the qualities of Light, Love and Power of the Soul. As this imaginative facility is creatively developed, it finds itself paralleling another major concept: that of the responsibility which rests upon all who can imagine and who, therefore, become creators of that which ought to and eventually will be. 

Based on the works of AAB and DK.