Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



The first thing for me that comes to mind when I think of the soul is the part of me that lives somewhere in the spiritual world that I cannot see, hear or touch. It is me, but then it is not me. It is me on a higher plain, where I come from. It is me when I am back home. The me, that collects all my knowledge when my school-term here on earth is over, until the next term begins with my next life.

I have this intensive feeling that I came from somewhere to which I shall return after death, and that there is an afterlife. If it was not for that intuitive knowledge and my believe in spirit, then to me, the soul might not have been a thing of reality.

Through my studies, I have learned that the soul is half way between my spirit and myself, the personality that is writing this. Through the help of the Solar Angel [who was a human being once] and my spirit my soul was created to enable my spirit to take possession of a body on the physical plane. A chain reaction was started long ago that I am only now becoming aware off. A chain reaction between the evolution of the spirits up high and the evolution of the animal bodies down below that came about because of the invocation of both sides, leading to the evocation of the individualisation of the human body through the establishing of the Soul through the help of the Solar Angel. The chain reaction was as follows:

Spirit—soul in the Causal body—mental body, higher and lower—astral body—etheric body—physical body.

Sometimes the word soul can mean or imply the following:

·         Me, my personality.

·         My mental body…..higher and lower mind…..intuition.

·         My astral body

·         My etheric body

·         My physical body

·         All four, or just the first three. These are the bodies in which the soul are incorporated and  which he use to gain experience to liberate himself as well as the little lifes that make out  these bodies.

·         Ego or Higher-self.

·         Solar Angel.

·         Human soul.

·         Spiritual soul.

·         The Christ in me.

·         The Holy Grail.

·         Son of God.

·         The Egoic Lotus.

·         The Causal Body.



My relationship to my soul is at this stage a one sided relationship where I do all I can to evoke a response. No major contact has registered in my brain jet. The search for truth, esoteric studies, purifying of the lower bodies and the control of the lower bodies by the mind are first priority in my life. Sometimes despair sits in, sometimes depression and sometimes rebellion, but I grasp the facts involve and that it is not just all about me. I am learning patience and am getting satisfaction from the knowledge that nothing will ever stop the inevitable. It is just a matter of time and service to humanity and the Plan, and the purification of the lower bodies.

I think in most cases it is like the path of the tortoise but I cannot be like that and I’m going forward with a steady and continuous effort.  

SOUL’S EXISTENCE                                                                                                             

I agree with the following statement: “To write the history of man’s believe in the soul one would have at the same time to write the history of the whole human race.” Our perception of the soul had to keep pace with our mental development, or the development of our consciousness. The two goes together. The perfection of consciousness will lead eventually to the perfect realisation of the soul on its own plane.

Through the ages there have always been the knowers, a few selected men who could claim to know God and his work. Their task was to throw some light on the soul and its laws. They were, the illuminated ones, the soul infused ones, the mature ones amongst us. Our problem was that so far in the history of the world there have never been enough mature people in the right places. A  mature truth told to immature minds ceases, in those minds, to be that same mature truth. Immature minds take from it only what immature minds can assimilate. In the end, even though they may give it lip-service and built institutions in its name, they turn the mature truth into an applied immaturity.

This fate of psychological depreciation has been the fate of all our greatest human truths, especially in this case, about the soul, and God. Uttered by mature minds, and for the purpose of maturing minds, they have been received, for the most part, by less mature minds—and have thus been only partially comprehended, they have found expression in ways that have perpetuated as much misunderstanding as understanding, as much error as truth.

No wonder so many intelligent people in the world today do not believe in a God or the Soul. I sometimes sit and think that what the world needs is proof. You cannot argue with an educated scientist or a person of higher intelligence than yourself without proof. They have so much mental pride that they think that a person that believes without proof is an idiot and they look down on you if you claim to know something they do not. Our minds have now reached a stage of development where to say, you believe, in not enough. The minds of many people need proof today. For them, according to their Ray influence, that is the path of least resistance.

The limitations of the child-mind in the child-body are an old story. But only as we have come to know something about the problems of psychological growth have we been in a position to realise that similar limits are set to the reception of truth where childish outlooks and emotions are housed in an adult body.  On the other hand, intelligence is not illumination or maturity either. If there never yet have been enough mature people or enlightened people in the right places, one of the places where there have never been enough of them has been on the receiving end of great truths. Because there have never been enough mature people to hear truth where it has been spoken, even the greatest of our truths have been in large measure impotent.

Our insight into this arrested development invites us, therefore, to a new appraisal of such significant insights as have come into human history. Now we must find a way of doing justice to the greatness of what has been great while, at the same time, we understand the failure of such greatness to affect our redemption from littleness.

People need prove and the proof of the soul’s existence would bring a profound effect amongst mankind to bring them out of their immaturity. This will go a long way, but, as you know, only those who have reached a certain stage will be able to make use of this revelation immediately. The baby-souls will not be affected that much. The biggest effect will be on the World Soul, and the world as a whole and only if the world leaders make use of the facts and see to it that it is taught in every school in the world, no matter where. 

I personally think that the Destroyer will have to come in first and do its work to prepare the ground for the planting of the seeds of truth. The religious fanatics, the leaders of the baby-souls, will otherwise just corrupt the truth of the soul as western propaganda or conspiracy. 


What is soul?

The Spirits, or Solar Angels, are Spiritual sparks, thrown off, by the Holy Trinity. All Spirits find themselves on one of the seven rays on the Monadic plane [second from the top], where itsef is a trinity. As the spirit falls into matter it clothes itself with seven bodies, each one courser than the previous one. They are the atmic, buddhic, egoic [Soul], mental, astral, etheric and physical bodies. [Matter truly is spirit in its lowest form.] All these bodies are connected by the Sutratma line of energy from the Monad to the brain of the physical body. The Sutratma is also a trinity and is the involution of spirit into matter. Through the Sutratma the Soul controls its mechanism. The Soul, is the vehicle of the Monad. It is in itself a triplisity, as is all in nature, and reflects the three aspects of Divinity on the mental plane.

The Soul on the mental plane is the instrument used by the spirit to work with, in matter. It is the middle principle, the Christ aspect, between God [Spirit ] and His form [body]. It is the force that drives the form along the path of evolution, through all the kingdoms of nature. It is the Christ in you, and on the level of the Soul it is one with all the other Souls, one with the Christ and part of the Over-soul. Therefore, to become part of the Soul, we must think more inclusive and less of ourselves

The constitution of man is created so that Spirit can express itself more adequately as evolution proceeds. We can say that the work of the personality is to go as low down into materiality as possible to supply the Soul with the necessary experience. This includes doing or experiencing the good things as well as the bad things. The Soul will in some way inform or influence the personality when it had enough, and the personality will then start to clime its way back to the Father’s House under the guidance or inspiration from the Soul, and will eventually lead to Soul contact.

The soul has no individual destiny, but is submerged into the One. Its destiny is the destiny of the group, and of the whole; its desire is the working out of the great PLAN, and its will is the glorification of the incarnated Logos.

The soul, macrocosmic and microcosmic, universal and human, is that entity which is brought into being when the spirit aspect and the matter aspect are related to each other.


Relation to the body

The soul lies back of the outer form, and creates it, maintains it, and uses it. The soul is “anchored” by one aspect of the Sutratma to a “seat” in the brain, found in the region of the pineal gland. The soul, as the life principle, is “anchored” in the heart.  From these two points the soul controls its mechanism. As consciousness, it controls via the brain, the nerves and the centres. As life, it controls via the bloodstream and the heart. To achieve victory over the emotions, the Soul must govern from above through the brain.


Relation to other souls

Having reached the soul in any form and contacted it through the medium of his own soul, he finds that all souls are one and can put himself with ease in the soul of an atom or of a humming bird, or he can expand his realisation in another direction and know himself one with God and with all superhuman existences.

 The relation of the soul to other souls and the word of souls is that of at oneness. Service to humanity is part of the agenda of the Soul, and as it takes control of the physical body, that service turn into service for the Hierarchy.  Thus our Souls are playing rolls in the processes of evolution that we have to do physically. One for all and all for one, we are one.

The soul hides within itself, as the “jewel in the lotus”, that faculty of dynamic energy which is the manifested attribute of the monad, the will. When the soul has unfolded all its powers and has to include within its consciousness all that is connoted by the “myriad forms that Being takes”, then in turn a higher and more inclusive state becomes possible and soul life is superseded by monadic life. This involves an ability to know, to love, and to participate in the plans of a life which has  the power to include within its radius of consciousness not only the sum total of the lives and consciousness of the life of the Logos of our planet, but all the lives and consciousness within our solar system. The nature of this awareness is only possible of comprehension by the man who has arrived at soul-knowledge.


Relation to the Master

 Only after the third initiation, is the initiate of any service to the Hierarchy and the Masters. The initiate is in a position at all times to recognise the other members of the Great White Lodge, and his faculties are stimulated by the vivification of the head centres and the development of intuition. When this has been done, when the physical body is pure, the astral stable and steady, and the mental body controlled, then the initiate can safely wield and wisely use the psychic faculties for the helping of the race.  He is now able to create and vivify thoughtforms that are clear and well-defined, pulsating with the spirit of service and not controlled by lower mind or desire. 

The soul might now be regarded as gazing in three directions:

1.            Towards the Live Supernal, the central life or energy, the spirit aspect, or the monad.

2.            Out and over the kingdom of souls, in which it dwells.

3.            Towards man, its reflection in the three worlds.


The Masters carry on Their work in the state of consciousness which we call intuitional and one of the major objectives of the work of the Masters at this time is:

1.            The development of the intuition of all disciples.

2.            The awakening of the discriminative faculty.

3.            The development of the disciple’s ability to sense the higher vision.

4.            The enabling of the disciple to arrive at a higher spiritual consciousness.


Control of its mechanism

The soul plays upon matter, forcing it to assume certain shapes, to respond to certain vibrations and to build those specified phenomenal forms which we recognise in the world of the physical plane as mineral, vegetable, animal and human. 

The soul is the positive nucleus in the bodies of energy through which we function. In the beginning, the Self identifies itself with the form aspect, and duality disappears in the illusion that the Self is the form. It exerts as yet little pressure upon these bodies and identifies itself with them. Later the soul awakens to the need of dominating the situation and of asserting its own authority. Then the man begins to re-organise, to re-orient and to re-build his bodies. [The path of initiation is an intensification of this process through meditation and service.] Eventually the soul becomes the positive controlling factor when the three lower bodies have been redeemed. The animal nature has been conquered. Then full illumination and union with the soul is the right of the disciple who attains to the third initiation.

Now the soul control and rule the mechanism of the personality that was created by it in the first place. We can look at the whole process as follows:

When consciousness [the second aspect of Being] begins to manifest through the physical vehicle [third aspect] Spirit and Matter are consciously united within the individual and an ascent in consciousness to progressively spiritual life begins to express in a series of steps, or initiations. Intuitive thought, filtered through the soul as an instrument, sets that instrument and its essential substances in activity, and out of a blending and co-activity of thought, and life [the active forces and mediums of the cosmos] a way to oneness is evolved.

Man’s ascent, according to the ancient philosophers, is by a spiral path over which he surmounts essentially the same experiences again and again, but always on a higher level. Nevertheless that ascent is made in consciousness before the emotional or physical onreaching is possible. Soul forces must clear the way for ongoing, that mental, emotional and physical bodies may find the way prepared and safe.

The steps and the methods by which they are taken will vary with the school of thought to which the evolving ego is attached under the law of karma, but all have the same end—a substituting of the lesser nature for the higher until the highest, or ideal man [Christ] is eventually brought forth. But as long as the probationer retains a consciousness of separation—of God as without himself—he cannot travel any part of that Path which is God expanding from His centre within our souls into His unlimited universe.

It is quite right that man should not be able to travel the Path before he has developed within himself the essentials which make that Path peculiarly his own and at the same time safe for all else along the way. The various forces and egos he will meet must be understood and appreciated to be correctly evaluated. To arrive at this point means that the man must so merge his consciousness with cosmic laws and essential Being that he is himself all Paths.

Considered in its exoteric sense, the Path is threefold: probationary, that of discipleship, and one of initiation. The probationary period is that of self-discipline which leads to purification. The Path of discipleship is that of realisation of the laws, purpose and nature of consciousness and the soul. Such realisation is accomplished through mind control [ concentration which brings illumination, meditation which inspires, contemplation which leads to at-one-ment].In meditation we see the Path, and reflect upon it. In contemplation we live it soulfully. On the last division of the Path, that of initiation, the man becomes so at-one with his soul that it controls the lower man. He so unfolds that central energy of Spirit can manifest, and the Godhood implanted comes forth in an expression of Soul living through the vehicle of matter peculiar to this plane.

Before the Path is entered upon [that is, the tread of destiny followed to the Logos], the Soul must gain control over the physical body. This work must be done before it is safe to take the first initiation [which is the birth of Christ], for in it the heart centre is so vivified that there is danger to the rest of the man if the bodily vehicle is uncontrolled. At the second initiation, the astral [emotional] comes under control. The lower or desire nature is sublimated. The third initiation gives control of the mental body.

Whoever has contacted and activated his highest self [the soul] to the point of being able, through the Sutratma’s link with the devas, elements and primary energies, to understand and use his own three-fold nature, has unlocked the universe to himself.


Soul as “the co-ordinating” factor

The five senses are being steadily synthesised by the sixth sense, the mind. This is the co-ordinating factor. Later it is realised that the soul has an analogous function, for the soul of mankind is not only an entity linking spirit and matter, and mediating between monad and personality, but the soul of humanity has a unique function to perform in mediating between the higher three kingdoms in nature and the lower three. The higher three are:

1.       The spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, nature spirits or angels and human spirits, who stand at a peculiar point on the ladder of evolution. Of these, Sanat Kumara, embodying a principle of the planetary Logos is the highest, and an initiate of the first degree is the lowest, with corresponding entities in what we call the angel or deva kingdom.

2.       A Hierarchy of Lives - certain groupings of the seven rays in relation to our planet.

3.       A hierarchy of Lives, gathered by an evolutionary process out of our planetary evolution and from four other planets, who embody in themselves the purpose and plan of the solar Logos in relation to the five planets involved.

In narrowing the concept down to the microcosm, the ego or soul acts verily as the middle principle connecting the Hierarchy of Monads with outer diversified forms which they use sequentially in the process of:

1.       Gaining certain experiences, resulting in acquired attributes.

2.       Working out certain effects, initiated in an earlier system.


From the works of AAB and DK.