Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy


The first thing which every earnest student has to grasp is that esoteric training is self-initiated and self- imposed and self-applied. He is self-taught. No one is going to give us this training, for it is essentially a training in living spiritually in a material world. We have to train ourselves and it is not an easy task. There are-needless to say-certain basic and well known rules which have stood the test of ages, but we have ourselves to apply these rules and attain the needed attitudes- alone and unaided. Esoteric training falls into two parts:

[1]     The stage wherein the personality attempts consciously to know itself as a soul and gradually becomes a soul-infused personality. Through discipline, meditation and service, the individual brings his threefold personality [physical, emotional and mental vehicles] under control of the soul and thus becomes simply the agent for the soul life, light and service. It is with this stage that most students are now engaged; gradually the focus of consciousness shifts from the emotional nature into that of the mind and then student become integrated personalities and are ready to begin the process of shifting their consciousness into a still higher aspect of themselves and become focused in the soul.

[2]     The stage when the student begins to live the life of inclusive, loving esoteric understanding. When a measure of this has been achieved aspirants become aware of an even higher goal and their soul-infused personalities reach out to the spiritual expression of their highest divine aspect, the Monad, the Spirit or the Life. This expression is called the Spiritual Triad, the three aspects of which are to the Monad what the three aspects of the personality are to the soul. The student then begins to learn the nature of the will, to master the higher energies.

Six essential phases of esoteric training are:

1.            Training ourselves to live and work in the three worlds of human evolution as souls.

2.            Realising our exact point of focus or identity and learning gradually to shift it higher as life goes on.

3.            The clearing of our mental aura by right directed thinking.

4.            The redemption of that which is material and related to the form nature.

5.            The establishing of right human relations.

6.            The development of telepathic sensitivity and an intuitive perception of the inner side of life.

Esoteric training is not a process of acquiring cosmic information, ascertaining certain academic facts anent the solar system, the planet, the kingdoms in nature, the Lords of the Flame, the existence of planes and principles or the mysteries connected with the theme of hierarchical contacts. These wisdoms and knowledge will come as we begin to live as souls.

Esoteric training is a living process of daily intelligent and planned progress nearer to the heart of reality; it is the mode whereby the consciousness becomes inclusive of that which is other than itself; it is a discipline of thought and a determined control of the emotions and a strict adherence to the sacrificial life. But it results in radiation and in a wide spiritual influence; it enables one to become a bearer of light in a darkened world. It leads from darkness to light, from the unreal to the Real and from death to Immortality.

The quite ordinary formulations of “loving living and of daily instinctive self-sacrifice” suffers from being so vitally familiar yet...they are the A.B.C. of esotericism...

From the works of AAB and DK.