Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy


 I have been studying esoteric science and philosophy for over 40 years now [I think I can call myself an esotericist by now.] and I just feel it is time to clean up the mess the amateurs are doing on the Internet. If you are familiar with the Conspiracy Theories on the Internet then you should know who I am speaking off. I intend no disrespect towards anybody but the truth must eventually come out, if that is what we are all looking for; except of course those who are in this quest for the money, and there are a lot of them; thus, working for the dark side. These people are ignorant about a lot of things and are doing more harm than anything else. According to them there is no good guys; everybody and everything is part of the “Illuminati Conspiracy”; they cannot distinguish between friend and foe; which is understandable to me because they have started to look at the wrong end of this problem. There is an esoteric end from which they know nothing off. They see only the outside and speculate about the esoteric side while they attack the esotericists [like the Theosophists] that can give them the information they need. On this website, I am not going to attack the so-called “Illuminati” but try to explain them to the public, by supplying them with facts that have come across my path through years of studying, and in pointing them into the right direction to prove these things for themselves. I have no books to sell and want no followers, just fellow searchers on the way while we walk together.

Everybody is using [as you know] the word “Illuminati” to refer to the materialists, and Black Magicians that are running this world today; not only today but for “millions” of years. There is nothing illuminating about them or even any other organisation that is out to overthrow them, even if that organisation claims to be the “real Illuminati”.  If they are the Illuminated ones, where is their doctrine or their scriptures or teachings that can lead you to Illumination and free you from this world? They only know darkness. These materialists are the Dark Brothers of humanity. Their Masters form the Black Brotherhood and they are all part of the Black Brotherhood. You can say we have a Dark Brotherhood, with their ignorant materialistic followers, on Earth working under the Black Brotherhood which is in the spiritual worlds, just to distinguish between the two. There is not one enlightened soul amongst the lot of them on earth and their job is to stop you from becoming illuminated, so please help me and lets start an call them by their real names [We should not forget that they are our erring brothers.]

The Dark Brothers [DBs]

The Dark Brotherhood [DB]

The Black Brotherhood [BB]

The White Brotherhood [WB] 

New World Order [NWO]

Old World Order [OWO]

Evil World Order [EWO]


They are the Dark Brothers [DBs] that upheld the Old World Order, [OWO] who do not want to change into the New World Order [NWO], unless they can form an Evil World Order [EWO]. So, we have the NWO, or the EWO coming up. The NWO is all part of our evolutionary development that is being planned for humanity by the Masters of Wisdom that belong to the White Brotherhood [WB] acting on influences from high up in the Spiritual World and the DB wants to take it over. The Dark Brotherhood [DB] has controlled the Age of Pisces and wants to control the Age of Aquarius as well.

 You see, and this is where it all gets very interesting; the White Brotherhood and the Black Brotherhood although working against each other on earth, are both part of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet. One works for evolution and the other for involution; the one, under the Christ Consciousness, or the second principle of Deity, and the other, with form under the Holy Ghost, or the third aspect of Deity. The trick is to know who is who. The WB works through Esoteric Societies like the Theosophists and the Lucis trust and all the open-minded people in all the churches while the DB work through fundamentalist of all religions and materialists bankers and corrupt politicians, just to name a few.

If you want to get your teeth into some hard facts, you can read all about the Masters of the great White Brotherhood on this site at: THE OCCULT HIERARCHY [AND THE TEMPLE OF IBEZ] I suggest that you start there.

Then you can read all about the differences between the Dark Brotherhood and the White brotherhood on this site at: WHITE AND BLACK MAGIC.

I also suggest you read up on the Jews on this website at: THE JEWS

But before you go there I just want to inform you some more on what is wrong with the “Theories” on the Internet, according to my humble view. [I think it can be of value to you.]

The Dark Brotherhood is in direct opposition to the white Brotherhood who is in charge of the spiritual development and education in this world. They are the ones [Angels, - to use a Christian phrase] who have form and guide religions and are still doing it today through loyal workers in every religion. Unfortunately as soon as they start anything good in this world the Dark Brotherhood send their agents in and they end up controlling it in a short time. That happened to all the religions and Secret Societies through the ages as well as governments and the UN….we know the old story. But, and this we must never forget, in all these organisations there has always been good people working for the good of humanity and they have been doing a great job in spite of all the forces working against them. Sometimes they had to work in secret, but they have always been there, even in organisations like the Free Masons, and plenty in the UN. These people are working to bring reform from within because you are not going to overthrow the Catholic Church for instance from outside. At the right time the right people will be in place to do all the necessary reforms when it needs to be done. This is what the illuminated people in this wold work for even if they find themselves in the wrong crowd, so to speak. Revolutions are not going to get us anywhere. Revolutions are always controlled by the Dark Forces but not reform. The people writing the Conspiracy Theories do not know who are the good guys or the bad guys; we need to educate them with the rest of the world. We must stop the DBs from taking over the NWO and making it an Evil World Order [EWO] All this writings about UFO’s, Lizard People, Jews, Zionists and all the other so-called conspiracies are a mind game to keep the masses occupied and to lead the enquiring mind astray and away from the real stuff.

Another big mistake that need to be thrown some light on is the attack by ill-informed and misguided people [usually conservative or orthodox Christians and other religious conservatives] who see the Theosophical Society and the Lucis Trust as evil. [Lucis means light in Latin, as you know] There are people that have never read any of their books but take abstracts out of context from these books that were brought under their attention by somebody else and then they go and attack these two organisations because they see them as a thread to Christianity and working for the Devil. [See the Devil Myth on this website.] I have been studying their books for over forty years and can only say that they are just out to spread the light amongst the unenlightened peoples in this world. Unfortunately most of the people that belong to a religion see them as a thread instead as a source of enlightenment where they can find all the spiritual treasures of the ages that have been kept clean and unaffected by dogmatism of any kind by the Masters of the White Brotherhood. It is the only place where they are going to find the key to understand the Bible and all the religions in this world, given to them by the forces that started these religions in the first place before they were defiled by the materialistic forces. They are the only philosophy that can bring all the religions together to form one religion because the parts of the truth that you find in all the religions must in the end form only one truth. The truth is the truth; it cannot be anything else when there is no dogma or ignorance involved. The irony is that once you realise the truth with the help of these organisations you become an even bigger believer in your old religion for now you really see it for what it really is. There is no reason to take any religion away but once they know how each one forms part of the whole there will be no religious wars anymore. So, tell me how can that idea that we are working for be evil?

Common sense dictates that if there is a God, and we know instinctively, that there is only one God, or Creator or Creator-force, then somewhere along the way the different paths must start to meet and eventually form only one path. All it takes is for us to look around us and behind us and we shall see others on their paths going the same direction; now, why not join them and walk the rest of the road in company with our brothers?; you can keep on looking ahead of you and walk the path alone and in misery but you will also get there in the end; but it does not have to be that way and it is not the way of the New Age where everything has to be done in group form, forgetting about the individual. We have to stop and help others on the way, so that we can go forward otherwise the road will be full of miserable and sick people lying in our way and we won’t pass anyway.

All the esoteric writers and the Conspiracy Theorist use knowledge that were introduced to the world through these books of the Esoteric Societies; some people use it out of contacts or in a way that we know that they know nothing about the Secret Doctrine, Helena Blavatsky, the Theosophical Society, Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust and quite a few other organisations, that are also working under the White Brotherhood. It is laughable what some people uphold as facts when they are just recycling the old hatreds perpetrated against these societies on the Internet. When you surf the net and come across somebody that throws a stone or point a finger against the Lucis Trust and the Theosophical Society, be very sceptical about what this guy is telling you; we are never exclusive and our philosophy is so near the truth that it includes everything and everybody even the Dark Brotherhood as you can see.

I would advise anybody that is interested in the truth [and only when he is ready] to go and buy the first book that was written by Alice A. Bailey, INITIATION HUMAN AND SOLAR. When you read it you will know that this information in this book does not come from man. It would help if you have read, The Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky, but it is nor a prerequisite. If you are reading this you will be able to understand the Bailey books as long as you start with the first one in the series of twenty four books.  The Alice Bailey books and the Secret Doctrine are the biggest and most valuable treasure in the world. Nothing gets near it. If knowledge is power then this is all the power we need to change the world; more powerful than all the nuclear bombs or missiles in the world. That is why the Dark Brothers and their agents are attacking these organisations by misinformation and unfortunately they have seen to it that the word illuminati now have a stigma to it by being used in the wrong way and the same goes for the shorter version Lucis or Light. Just mention the word in public and see what response you get. I must say they are clever. Light replaces the darkness that is ruling this world; how it can be evil, I don’t know. We need enlightenment.

The Theorists use the word Lucifer as if it is another name for the Devil and think they are clever, when in reality Lucifer has always been the name in the old scriptures, before the dark Brothers in the church changed it, as revering to the planet Venus. The luminous planet; Lucifer, the Luminous one, or the IL luminous one. Thus, anybody that uses the name Lucifer, as substitute for the Devil, is immediately revealing his own ignorance about the esoteric knowledge of the world or even plain history and should be quiet. The same goes for the name Satan that used to be Saturn. See THE DEVIL MYTH on this website.

The Dark Brothers, by attacking these organisations and the founders are keeping the people away from their literature. They can infiltrate these organisations and cause trouble but they cannot change the contents of the books like they have done with the Bible.  Nobody can contradict what is written in these books because there is nothing else to replace it with or to repudiate it with. Religious debates hold no water against them because religion gets absorbed by them and becomes one with it. There is no rival accept ignorance that refuses the new [actually new versions of old truths that never change] as substitute for the old out dated believes.

Old truths do not work anymore because the truth is always relative and progressive in its manifestation. We must keep up with science and the development of the human brain. That is why through the ages we always had spiritual people coming as messengers from the Gods with new revelations, or updated old truths, for the new age. Then we also had the people under the Dark Brotherhood first fighting the new revelations before eventually defiling it to suit them.

Every force in this world that helps us forward in life, to get education, to get a better job, or make spiritual progress or in general help your evolution is spiritual for you. Every force that retards your progress in whatever way or works against your evolution is evil to you. That is what good and evil really is. No more and no less. The one force is pushing you forward while the other is pulling you back to prevent you from going forward when you are not ready. This way the slow ones are kept back to follow at their own pace and to go forward when they have overcome the negative pull on their own when they reach the right vibration. We must just realise that not everybody is ready for what we are ready for but we must always keep the way open or keep on showing the way for those who have eyes that see and ears that hear. We must see the big picture.

The real illuminati are the illuminated souls in this world that have reached the third initiation [like Jesus did at the Transfiguration on the mount and like Buddha did under the Bodhi-tree] and has joint the Masters of wisdom to protect humanity from the evil forces while guiding their evolution. See INITIATIONS on this website.

So, the Conspiracy Theorists should become experts in Theosophy and The Secret Doctrine and above all the teachings of Alice Bailey and work with the White Brotherhood and the Esoteric Societies to enlighten the world’s people against the evil in our midst and stop propagating revolution and the end of the world. The world is not going to end soon.

I am a student of the Lucis trust and the Arcane School that are spreading the light through the books of Alice A. Bailey and Master DK. They have nothing to do with this website but, you can go to the Official Website of the Lucis Trust and tell me if there is anything evil there or in any of their books. They say we are evil because we are working with the UN. What is evil about that? The UN is the only World Wide Network that has the potential to change the world and although they are not perfect, they are doing very good work. Lean to know who your enemies are; for that you need knowledge; where are you going to get it?; - at the esoteric Societies as you did for ages; what do you think we are doing; even every book in the Bible was at one time or another only in the hands of Secret Societies or people who did not want to share their knowledge with everybody; knowledge is power; if everybody in this world know what we know there would not be any Dark Brothers; it is all about spreading the light on our side and keeping you in darkness on the other side by the Dark Brothers.

Is Christ not spreading the light like the Buddha did before him and all the other avatars, prophets and holy men before them as history proofed? Are they not the Illuminati?

 Their Teachings are the only Teachings that can lead you to Illumination and into the spiritual world. We are just spreading the light in a dark world and if your mind is big enough to understand then it is time for you to join us.

The Official website of the Lucis Trust is at:



"Let humanity constitute your field of service, and may it be said of you that you knew the spiritual facts and were a dynamic part of these spiritual events; may it not be said of you that you knew these things and did nothing about them and failed to exert yourself. Let not time slip by as you work."                                           

[Alice A. Bailey, Rays and Initiations p760]


“All are working for the Light, so unite in that and ignore anything that would divide.           Unite in the greater work leaving all the lesser behind.”

[E C]