Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy




One day, in the year 1926, on a hillside at the edge of a beech forest in a secluded valley in the West of England; as I was seeking ardently to enter the Sanctuary of Nature’s hidden life, for me the heavens suddenly became filled with light. My consciousness was caught up into a realm radiant with that light which never was on land or sea. Gradually I realised the presence of a great Angelic Being, who was doubtless responsible for my elevated state. From his mind to mine there began to flow a stream of ideas concerning the life, the force and the consciousness of the universe and their self-expression as angels and as men. This description is not strictly accurate, however, because during such communication, the sense of duality was reduced to a minimum. Rather did the two centres of consciousness, those of the angle and myself, become almost co-existent, temporarily forming one “being” within which the stream of ideas arose. This, I believe, is essentially true of all interchanges which occur above the level of the formal mind, and especially at those of spiritual Wisdom and spiritual Will. In the latter, duality virtually disappears and oneness, uttermost interior unity, alone remains.

Daily entering that realm of light, I found that the great ocean of the life, the force and the soul of the universe had its myriad denizens. These are the Spiritual Selves of men and Super-men and the vast company of the Angelic Hosts, of which the Being who “addressed” me was a member. He was supernally beautiful, majestic, godlike, and impressive and impersonal to the last degree. As teacher to pupil, he began to tell of – and to enable me, with gradually increasing clarity, to perceive – the Angelic Hosts, their Orders and degrees. He told of their communion with men, as in ancient Greece, Egypt and Eastern lands, their place in Nature as Ministers of the Most High and of that great dawn of creation when, metaphorically, as the Morning Stars they sang together and as the Sons of God they shouted for joy. He spoke of the creative process as the composition and performance of a celestial symphony, of the Logos as Divine Musician and of His universe as a manifestation of celestial harmony. He told of the great Gods who assimilate the mighty creative chords in their primordial potency and relay them through all their ranks from the highest spiritual worlds to the realm of everlasting Archetypes, the great sound-forms upon and by which the physical universe is modelled. Therefore, he said, the music of the Creative “Word” passes on to the lower worlds, where lesser Hosts formatively echo and re-echo it, thereby building all Nature’s varied forms. Since the Great Artist of the Universe perpetually creates, the Creative Symphony is ever being composed and ever performed. Angels and men live amidst celestial harmonies, the everlasting music of the spheres.

Such, in part, is the vision which once I had and which still lives with me. With it there has come the knowledge that, in their real existence, the Gods who once were so near to men were none other     than the Angelic Hosts, that throughout the great racial darkness they have still been near, though unperceived, and that the time approaches when again the Major Creative Powers and Beings, the laws by which Cosmos emerges from chaos and the place of humanity in the vast process of divine manifestation will become apparent to mankind. For that day, it was intimated, man may well prepare. Ugliness must be banished, war must be outlawed, brotherhood must reign, beauty must be enshrined in human hearts and revealed through human lives. Then to a humanity united in one fraternity the High Gods will reveal their immortal loveliness and lend their aid in building a new world in which all men may perceive and serve the Supreme as Beauty and as Truth.





New Zealand





The following illustrations by Ethelwynne M. Quail, based on the researches of Geoffrey Hodson, and the accompanying information, was given out in the book, The Kingdom of the Gods by Geoffrey Hodson in 1952.




As far as my experience goes, variations of this type of primitive sea fairy are commonly to be seen skimming the surface of the oceans and the lakes of the world. Relatively undeveloped, the sea nature spirit has as yet little or no form. There is a rudimentary head which is the seat of consciousness, whilst a current of streaming white force suggests a body and a wing. More complex examples, with two or even more wing forms, are also to be seen.

These creatures fly about the surface of the oceans in innumerable hosts. Sometimes they rise high into the air; at others they plunge into the water to reappear in a few moments in a flash of white light, catching the eye with its brilliance. After a moment’s concentration required to focus the appropriate power of vision, the swiftly moving, bird-like form appears to the observer, somewhat as painted by Miss Quail. The distance from head to tip of wing would vary from three to twelve feet, according to phase of manifestation and stage of development.





The sea nature spirit evolves into the type of sea sylph here portrayed. This example has reached individualisation and, with countless similar and different beings, may be seen in the upper air, chiefly above the seas. The average height of the central form at this level of evolution would be from ten to fifteen feet.





Since, like their relatively formless element, nature spirits of fire are without a fixed form, descriptions of them are somewhat difficult to obtain and record. The suggestion is received of an underlying human shape, limbs and “hair” being build of streams of rushing fiery energy and only rarely conforming in shape and position to the human frame.

The face, however, when not veiled by auric flames, is distinctly human in appearance. Quite non-human, however, is its expression, whilst the upward-slanting eyes seem to be lit with a kind of unholy delight in the destructive power of their element. The face is triangular, chin and ears being pointed, and the head surrounded and outlined by flickering, orange-red flamelets, through which shoot flashing tongues of fire. Salamanders vary in height from two or three feet to the colossi of fire-power who are the Fire lords associated with the sun.





This is one of the many types of non-individualised sylphs commonly to be seen in the air over the land. It is in swift motion, with shining inner aura streaming in beautiful, wing-like shapes behind and above it.

Interpenetrating and extending beyond the form and aura here portrayed are the finer radiations, not shown, characteristic of every member of the Angelic Hosts. They are generally ovoid, composed of many brilliant hues, and extend for several yards on every side of the beautiful form within.

The orange sylph is possibly associated with the solar life-force or prana with which the air is charged, and which constitutes the vitality of all organic forms. The height of the central figure of the sylph is about five feet.



5. A LORD OF THE TREE FERNS - [Newara Eliya, Ceylon]


Whilst the building Orders of the Gods play all important parts in solar and planetary creative processes, another Order is concerned with the evolution of consciousness within form. Trees and forests also receive similar assistance, the classical concept of the dryad of the trees being founded upon fact. Nearly all well-grown trees have attached to them, in addition to innumerable nature spirit builders, an advanced nature spirit or a God which throughout its life remains within or linked to the astro-etheric double and the aura of the tree. The presence of such a being, through the constant play of its thoughts and auric energies, greatly quickens the evolution of tree life and consciousness. Such nature spirits and Gods are subordinate to more advanced beings in charge of groups of trees of the same genus, as are found in large woods, forests and jungles. 

The tree fern God here portrayed was observed over the jungle in the mountain district of Ceylon, near Newara Eliya. Such a being assists the evolution of form and the unfoldment of consciousness of a very large number of tree ferns. It is of interest to observe that the patterns formed by the flow of the lines of force in the aura of this God reproduce within it certain of the tree fern forms.

The central form of this being is some fifty feet tall. The aura, however, is capable of extension for at least one hundred yards in all directions and was thus expanded when first seen high in the air, about a mile away. In the picture the outer aura is omitted and the inner aura is shown in phase of contraction, as when the God graciously hovered for a few minutes of mental communion. Through both form and aura currents of force, presumably from the tree fern Archetype, play down into successive areas of the jungle as the God moves above its domain and ministers to its charges.



6. A LORD OF THE PINES - [Cape Peninsula, South Africa]


This being was observed in association with groups of stone pines in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. as the picture shows, the colouring and the lines of force in the inner aura – the outer is omitted – suggest somewhat the needle-like foliage of the pine. Many well-grown pines were found to have their own tree God resembling the one here portrayed, but smaller in size and lower in evolution. The stature of this God is about thirty feet.



7. A TREE NATURE SPIRIT – [Madioen, Java]

his sixteen-year-old Waringan tree grows in a garden in Madioen, in the Island of Java. It was planted by the lady of the house, who became much attached to it and felt it to be a living, conscious being from whom , she assured me, she received a sense of friendliness and rest.

When taking tea beneath its welcome shade, I became aware of the presence of this delightful tree nature spirit or dryad. I found it to be approaching individualisation, or evolution out of group into individualised consciousness [on the deva path of evolution], and to be well aware of the affection of the owner of the tree and responsive to it, which would beneficially affect its development. This nature spirit is approximately five feet tall.



8. A MOUNTAIN GOD – [Harrismith, OFS, South Africa]

Here is portrayed a mountain God intimately associated with the element of fire. It was observed at Loskop Mountain, near Harrismith in the Orange Free State, South Africa. the remarkable arrangement of the auric forces and the brilliant colouring are unique in my experience. Both are well portrayed in this fine example of Miss Quail’s art. The central figure at the time of observation was partly within the mountain and some fifty feet tall. A greatly extended outer aura, here omitted, shone with simitar but more delicate hues.



9. A MOUNTAIN GOD – [Drakensberg, Natal, South Africa]


This being was observed in the Drakensberg Range in Natal. Two of the  most striking features were the remarkable mitre-like effect produced by the uprush of forces from the head and shoulders and the brilliant, four-funnelled force-centre in the region of the solar plexus through which power was flowing into the mountain below. The axes of the rapidly spinning funnels formed an equal-armed cross, the arms of which met within the form of the God and pointed forwards, backwards, to the right and to the left. In this picture the effect of translucency, characteristic of the appearance of all the Gods, is well portrayed. In the process, however, the impreeion of the tremendous power of the God and of the passage through it at high voltage of mighty forces from above, also of brilliance and radiance, is perhaps, not conveyed quite s adequately as in other pictures.

Watching this God throughout successive days, I was reminded constantly of the vision of Ezekiel. Certain currents in its aura were arranged in the shape of upward-pointing wings, far more three-dimensional than any picture could suggest. The chakras received and compreeed the descending forces, which were then directed into the mountain below. The central form in this case is at least sixty feet tall and it I s one of the most majestic and splendid members of this Order of the Angelic Hosts that I have ever been privileged to behold.



10. A MOUNTAIN GOD – [Drakensberg Range, Natal, South Africa]

This God was also observed in the Drakensberg Range in Natal, presiding over the region known as the Amphitheatre at Mont aux Sources. I have more than once received evidence of similarity of types and appearance in the various Gods of one mountain range. Comparison with the previous one reveals a similarity between the two Gods of the Drakensberg Range. In both of them the wing-like radiations and the intensely brilliant, vortical force-centres or “wheels” were noticeably common characteristics. The God is shown in phase of expansion, the auric wings extending at least half a mile from tip to tip, whilst the outflowing and descending energies have a very much greater range. In this picture, part of the outer aura is included. The central form is at least sixty feet tall.



11. A MOUNTAIN GOD – [H.H. Mountains, CP, South Africa]


The picture portrays the presiding God of a mountain range, which was observed high above one of the peaks of the Hottentots Hollands Mountains in Cape Province, South Africa. as I observed and gave my description to the artist, the downflow of power was os great and so brilliant as almost to conceal the form and aura of the God. The chief colours shown were lavender, gold and white, the central form of the God and the aura immediately surrounding it shining in those hues with a dazzling radiance quite impossible to reproduce. The uprush of golden-coloured, fiery power above the head was particularly brilliant, bestowing upon the God the appearance of a majestic Deva King wearing a crown of flames. In all cases of devic direction of natural energies, however prodigious the outpouring of power may be, the God always gives the impression of complete mastery of the forces flowing through and all about it. the central figure is at least eighty feet tall.



12. A MOUNTAIN GOD – [Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa]

 This God was observed at one of the mountain peaks of the Table Mountain Range in the Cape Peninsula, South Africa. evidently it has close affinity with the element of fire. The picture shows the inner aura and form alone and in phase of contraction, during which it is drawing into itself universal fire-power. This it directs in a concentrated stream, as an awakening force, into the mineral life and consciousness indwelling in the mountain below.

The upward-flowing streams above the head were enlarged into a cup or bowl of flame [like a mountain flower, the Protea, found on this mountain range], reaching high into the heavens. Fiery energy was playing down into this auric chalice, from which it passed through the form in great sheets, streams and flashes into the surrounding atmosphere and the mountain below.

In phase of expansion, the God presented the most magnificent appearance. The Auric forces then resembled tongues of flame shooting out for hundreds of yards on every side, as if he stood in the midst of a mighty conflagration. The central figure is about sixty feet tall.



13/14. A MOUNTAIN GOD – [Kirstenbosch, Cape Peninsula, SA]


This God was observed in the Cape Peninsula, near the eminence known as Castle Rock, high above the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The second, profile picture shows in part the arrangement of the inner auric forces of the mountain God, the stature of which is about sixty feet. The outer aura is omitted.

 Apparently the establishment of the Gardens in this area has offered it an opportunity of extending its operations beyond the mineral and bush consciousness and forms of the mountain into those of the many wild and cultivated flowering plants; for when studying it for the purpose of these pictures, I noticed that its beautiful lavender and green aura was frequently extended in a great sweep of force to include the whole of the Gardens.

The creative energy then flowing through the aura of the God produced within it the geometrical mental forms upon which the shapes of the plants and flowers are founded. This specialisation and intensification, augments the form-producing capacity of the universal, creative power and thought. Plant devas and nature spirits similarly receive these forces, further specialising them and increasing their power accurately to reproduce in etheric and physical matter the plant forms conceived of by the Major Mind. The High Gods and their individualised subordinates perform this work deliberately and self-consciously as servants of the One Will. Nature spirits serve instinctively in response to impulses natural to them, strengthened on occasion by their deva superiors. The ultra-microscopic builders and the larger nature spirits perform their share in this creative process quite unconsciously. They play with and among the creative forces and the forms which they produce primarily in etheric matter. Their play is, however, quite purposeful, though they are unaware of the fact, for their movements cut lines of force in the ether which mark out the areas and centres of molecular, and later sell formation. All these processes and activities occur within the consciousness of the presiding God.



15. THE GOD OF A SNOWCLAD RANGE – [Sierra Nevadas, California]

 In this picture an attempt is made to portray a God perceived in the Sierra Nevadas in California. In order to show the concentric arrangement, the colouring and the dazzling whiteness of the outer sphere, a cross section has been taken through the sentre of the aura. The devic form is approximately fifty feet tall. It was described at the time as follows:

There comes a great white angel of the heights shining with the light of sunshine upon snow. On every side his far-flung aura gleams with brilliant hues, ordered in successive bands from central  form to aura’s edge, pale rose, pale blue, soft green and purple. From his head a widening stream of white and fiery force arises and and from behind the form flow waves of power suggesting auric wings.

The face is strong, virile, masculine. The brow is broad, the eyes wide apart and alight with power. The “hair” is formed of flashes of flame, like fiery power shooting upwards from the head. The nose and chin are delicately yet strongly modelled, the lips full, the whole face instinct with the majesty and power of the mountain range. The form itself is veiled by streams of white, flowing energy. At intervals, throughout the form and outwards-flowing power there flashes a white radiance, dazzlingly bright, as of the sunlit snows.

He answers my call for light, “speaking” as if in a deep, resonant bass, vibrant as if with the power of the Earth itself.

“The Gods await the conscious reunion of the mind of man with the Universal Mind. Humanity awakens slowly. Matter-blinded through centuries, few men as yet perceive the Mind within the substance, the Life within the form.”

“In search of power and wealth, men have traversed the whole Earth, have penetrated the wilds, scaled the peaks and conquered the polar wastes. Let them now seek within the form, scale the heights of their own consciousness, penetrate its depth, in search of that inner Power and Life by which alone they may become strong in will and spiritually enriched.”

“He who thus throws open his life and mind to the universal Life and Mind indwelling in all things, will enter into union therewith and to him the Gods will appear”

 “let him with intent of mind and will thus meditate:

 Power universal,

Life indwelling,

Mind all-pervading,

I am one with thee.

 Gods of Power, Life and Mind,

I greet You.

In the Self of the Universe, we are one.

I am that Self, that Self am I.”



16. A LANDSCAPE GOD – [Cape Province, South Africa]

 This very great being is the presiding deva of an area of the Cape Province, South Africa, covering many thousands of square miles. It is stationed high above the region immediately to the north of the Karoo Desert, its sphere of influence extending to the coast where, at certain of the Capes, landscape devas are established. Natural forces from the South Pole and Antarctic continent flow northwards into South Africa, and doubtless other continents in the Southern Hemisphere. These Gods assist both the development of form and the awakening of consciousness in the mineral kingdom of the desert, plains and mountains of their region and at the same time conserve and direct the forces from the Pole.

Ambassadorial Gods were also perceived moving between the Antarctic and South Africa, whist others maintained relations between the God here pictured and those of the mountains, jungles, deserts and plains to the North. On many occasions I have become aware of the operation of a system of devic inter-communication maintained by travelling Gods, who visit those stationed at important continental regions of the globe.

I have received evidence of the existence of a great planetary, landscape God, so mighty as to be able to hold the whole Earth within its consciousness, a Deva King of the physical world. I have also observed the radiation from the centre and surface of the Earth out into interplanetary space of very powerful, natural energies. In addition, from the sun and the planets, and possibly from outer space, great forces reach the globe, as if the Earth were being subjected to a perpetual inflow of power. Moving amidst these interchanged forces, planetary and extra-planetary, Gods of power, like devic engineers, are to be seen. As in the case of the landscape God here portrayed, they appear to be responsible for the reception, specialisation and re-direction of these energies. This God is at least one hundred feet tall, whilst its auric forces are capable of extension to a distance of a great many miles.



17. A GOD OF THE GOLD REEF – [Witwatersrand, South Africa]

 On the surface of such a gold-bearing reef as the Witwatersrand in SA, I have seen numbers of Gods and nature spirits associated with the creative force, the ensouling life and the indwelling consciousness of Gold. Above them both spatially and in evolution, were groups of higher Gods, whilst beyond these again, dimly perceived, was the one planetary Intelligence of Gold. This Great Being appeared to be merged, as Co-ordinator, Director and Awakener, with the force, the life and the consciousness of Gold.

This picture, whilst an accurate reproduction of my description, somewhat too much suggests human femininity. The descending gold-creative energies, the brilliant gold points or centres of force in the aura and the smooth, rhythmic flow characteristic of the force aspect of gold are, nevertheless, well portrayed. The lateral extension of the auras of these Gods was less than usual. The vertical extension, on the other hand, was immense, reaching from some two hundred feet in the air to at least the same distance below the surface of the veldt, whilst the actual gold-producing force played on down to the reef, in some cases six thousand or more feet below.

The central figure was unusually small for such an auric extension, being in this case little more than eight or ten feet tall. The presiding God of the Gold Reef is, however, colossal in stature.

On the Rand, at the level of emotion and concrete thought, a Gold group consciousness exists. The lesser Gods of gold are curiously impassive. Occasionally those near the surface of the veldt move slowly in a chainlike interweaving, as of a movement in some stately dance. At the same time they maintain a graceful motion of the arms, as in the hand-sowing of seed. Apparently oblivious of externals, they use their minds to impart to the “Descending” triple stream of gold power, life and consciousness an additional force and individuality. Even if the attention of one of them is caught and held, it sees one but dimly as if through a gold mist and makes no effort to respond.



18. A GOD OF THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC – [South Coast of Java to Australia]

 This magnificent ocean God was observed from the south coast of Java. Apparently it is the ruling deva of the great area of the Pacific Ocean which extends from Java to Australia. At the higher mental level it is relatively formless, as here portrayed, though the unusual pointed oval shape produced by the flowing streams of its auric forces was clearly discernible. As the picture shows, great currents of power descent upon this sea God, are compressed within its aura and then released into the ocean beneath.

These forces are both creative and energising. All atomic and molecular patterns, and the forms of marine vegetation and of fish and their shells, are in part a product of these descending, creative energies. The sea God also directs power currents of quickening energy into the consciousness incarnate in every atom of the sea water and in the forms of the mineral, the marine plant and the fish kingdoms.

This being is subordinated to a still greater God, responsible for the whole Pacific Ocean, in its turn a vice-regent of the planetary sea God, which performs similar functions [and doubtless many other as yet unknown to me] for the life and consciousness of the oceans of the world. The God here presented is similarly assisted by great hosts of subordinates in a descending scale of evolutionary stature, the more advanced of whom resemble it in appearance.

At the lower mental and emotional levels these Gods assume concrete shape and operate in oppositely polarised pairs. Thus, although there is no sex in the Kingdom of the Gods, the appearance of male or female or deva and devi is sometimes suggested according to preponderant polarity. Beneath these in evolution are the non-individualised sea nature spirits, and below them again the primitive beings portrayed in Plate 1.

Under the seas, different types of Gods and Nature spirits are to be observed. On occasion I have seen huge, whale-like, etheric monsters drifting about somewhat aimlessly in the great depths. The Kingdom of the Sea is indeed a densely populated empire. It is presided over-chiefly, it would seem, from above the surface-by a very great being, the planetary God of the Sea.




Occasionally the deva portrayed in the previous picture descends to the “form” worlds, assuming there a definite shape somewhat as shown. Thus seen, it resembles some splendid Sea God from classical mythology, riding the waves upon a shell-like car.

The flowing curves of the aura resemble those of a shell and doubtless are partly produced by the passage through the God of creative energies expressive of the divine thought or Archetype of the shell form. In the higher worlds the God is of immense stature. In the lower, the central form is some thirty feet tall.




True music is a temporary, physical expression of the sound of the ever-uttered “word”. Throughout creative Day, the Great Breath is breathed upon the Great Deep, which responds as an Aeolian harp of myriad, vibrant strings. As creative night draws near, the Great Breath is breathed in. thereafter silence reigns within the Great Deep.

The Monads of living beings are as breaths in the Great Breath. When at the dawn of creative Day the Voice first speaks, the innumerable lesser breaths contribute the component notes of the creative chords, which is the “word”. When at creative Eve the Voice is stilled, the lesser voices die away. Therefore silence broods upon the face of the Deep.

Thus behind and within material universes creative sounds subsists, that celestial symphony of which Nature’s form are a physical expression. The ‘Word” itself exists in two phases, the pre-Cosmic and the Cosmic, the silent and the uttered. When “spoken”, the “word” creates and releases the divinest harmonies and upon these, as dynamic Archetypes, the universe is built. When the one creative Voice begins to speak, the ten divine Intelligences, the Archangels of the Sephitoth, the first manifested Lords of Light, hear and perfectly express the “Word”, this, creative sound, they transmit throughout the new-born universe. Therefore, the myriad Hosts of the Logos receive and re-express the music of the “word” in word of growing density.

Thus the Kingdom of Music is established, the citizens of which are the Spiritual Salves of angels and of men. In this Kingdom vast hosts of Archangels and angels re-echo the harmonies of the creative “word”, thereby aiding in the construction of the first, archetypal, sound-build forms. Each of these beings is perpetually resonant with the component chords and notes of the basic theme of the universe, its idea-motif. The loftiest Archangels first embody and re-sound the glorious harmonies of the “word”, which are then relayed by their immediate successors in the hierarchical Order. Thence the wondrous music descends through successive ranks of shining beings, until the lower worlds of form are reached. There, too, the Angel Lords of mental and emotional realms re-echo the creative “word”. Lesser angels and their younger brethren, the nature spirits, answer to the song, and by them the densest, material world is build according to the “Word”.

An Angel of Music, or Grandharva as I is known in Hinduism, is here depicted not as a portrait but as a type of celestial musician, the inner form only being shown.



21. and 22. A ROSE ANGEL


 The six pictures which follow portray who are associated with aspects of divine consciousness, rather than with currents of creative Life-force and the mineral and plant kingdoms of Nature. Rose angels, such as the one here portrayed, may be thought of as incarnations of divine wisdom and love, qualities which bring them into intimate contact with the Immortal Selves or Egos of men. Associated with such beings is indeed a privilege and their co-operation in the service of humanity can be of the greatest vaue.

The second picture is an attempt at portraiture, this closer view shows the various force centres. Those in the head are seen to radiate from a common centre, upward through the crown and forward through the eyes. as stated before, no static medium, however skilfully used, can possibly convey the delicacy, the flowing radiance, the translucence, which contribute to the general effect of the intense brilliance and the supernal beauty characteristic of the Angelic Hosts. This is especially true of the ethereal, radiant, angelic incarnation of divine love portrayed in these two Plates. The large and glowing aura, chiefly rose, crimson and gold in colour, has been deliberately omitted from both pictures in order that the graceful central form, normally somewhat veiled within it, may clearly be seen.

When, in the performance of certain Rituals of Freemasonry and those performed in the Churches

And other religious Rituals, the power and influence of divine love are invoked and poured forth with  angelic aid upon the world, angels of this Order would be likely to respond to the invocation and co-operate in the distribution of the power and its application to general and individual needs. This particular Rose Angel is some twelve feet tall.



23. 24. and 25. THREE HEALING ANGELS  





These pictures portray three different types of angels engaged in their healing ministry. The general method is first to direct streams of purifying energy into and through the aura of the sufferer, in order to disperse congestions in the etheric and emotional bodies especially and to drive out harmful substance. They then re-attune the chord or “Word” of the individual, usually dissonant in the psyche during ill-health, and try to restore the harmonious and rhythmic flow of the inner Life-force throughout the mental, emotional and physical nature. Finally, they invoke divine healing power which flows through their auras, as well as directly from its Source, into the patients, affecting them locally or generally, or both, according to the needs of the case.

Such ministrations are far more effective when man consciously invokes and co-operates with the healing angels. A successful method of spiritual healing with angelic co-operation consists of dwelling in concentrated thought upon the Lord Christ [Lord Maitreya for Buddhists and Hindus], the Healer of the World. Reverently entering His presence in thought and seeking to tough the “hem of His garment”, which means the fringe of His consciousness. The sufferer is then drawn mentally into His Presence, being visualised as radiantly healthy and flooded throughout his whole nature with the golden, glowing healing Life of God, as portrayed in these pictures. The following or similar prayer may then be uttered with powerful intent and a pause between each sentence:


             “May the healing power of the Lord Christ descent upon […full name]. May the healing angels embrace them - according to the Will of God”

After a pause of some minutes, during which the thought is powerful yet reverently centred upon the Lord Christ [Lord Maitreya], His outpoured healing power and the Healing Angels, the meditation may be closed with the words:

             “May the light of His love enfold them for ever. Amen.” [or Om]

             “All according to the Will of God”

             “Amen [or Om]”


Healing Angels have been found to be continuing their ministering for at least twenty-four hours after such an invocation. Regular practice by this or similar methods will quickly demonstrate the efficacy of angelic co-operation in spiritual healing. Those who participate are warned against the exercise of personal will in order to attain desired results. Once the healing power has been invoked, always with the fullest faith, the results should be left to the Karma and evolutionary needs of the individual. When there is a strong desire that some loved one should be healed, surrender to the divine Will and the great Law should be expressed in such words as “according to the Will of God” or “as may be most expedient for them”.

The occultist learns to work without thoughts of results. In no circumstances should he use his will power and occult knowledge to obtain by force, personal, material benefits for himself or for others. Such would be grey, if not black magic, the error into which Judas fell in selling his Lord for thirty pieces of silver. As Judas died by his own hand, so all who fall into this same error are in danger of a form of spiritual suicide.



26. AN ANGEL OF JAVA [Borobudor, Java, Indonesia]

 A remarkable Buddhist Shrine, known as the Borobudor, was built in the Island Java, some eight hundred years ago. This is an immense stone structure, with scenes from the life of the Lord Buddha beautifully carved on the sides of the four great galleries. This Shrine has become a place of pilgrimage and is regarded by many as a centre of spiritual power. Investigation revealed the presence of a very great presiding Angel, conserver and distributor of the power of the Shrine and source of potent spiritual forces which flow over the Island of Java and the surrounding seas.

 The height of the central figure is probably from twelve to fifteen feet, but in the case of an Ego which attained Adept-ship as man and then transferred to the Angelic Kingdom, the height of his body is not an indication of spiritual stature.


 Borobudur temple view from northeast plateau, Central Java, Indonesia. The narrative relief panels show all kinds of stories about Buddha such as the law of karma (Karmavibhangga) – These specific 160 hidden panels do not tell a continuous story, but each panel shows one complete illustration of cause and effect. Wikipedia described, “There are depictions of blameworthy activities, from gossip to murder, with their corresponding punishments. There are also praiseworthy activities, that include charity and pilgrimage to sanctuaries, and their subsequent rewards. The pains of hell and the pleasure of heaven are also illustrated. There are scenes of daily life, complete with the full panorama of samsara (the endless cycle of birth and death).”





According to one view, Kundalini—also called the serpent Fire—is the power of giving or transmitting Life. Prana—known physically as vitality—is the power of organising Life. Fahat—known physically as electricity—is the power of using and manipulating Life. These three cosmic forces of the Third, Second and First Aspects of the Logos respectively are present as ensouling energies of al substances on every plane of nature. Fahat is the universal constructive Force of Cosmic Electricity and the ultimate hidden power in this universe, the power which charges a universe with Life, with Spirit; it is described as the Will and the Mind, the very Self, of God.  This supreme force is in all creatures. When specialised and enclosed within the spinal cord of man it is called Kundalini or the power that moves in a serpentine path; hence its other name the Serpent Fire. In man, it is sheathed with care, but man must learn to set it free;  for it is the God in him, without which he would cease to be.

Kundalini is in essence creative and, though as yet but slightly aroused, with all ather forces and powers of Nature, is represented in the physical body of man. There, at this period of human evolution, it manifests itself as the source of both the sex impulse and the nerve fluid. It resides, coiled serpentlike in the sacral chakra or “wheel—[an energy centre]” at the base of the spine, which in its turn is a relay station for the similarly coiled up energy in the centre of the Earth, itself a storehouse of solar Kundalini.

When fully aroused, either by yoga or as a natural result of evolutionary progress, Kundalini flows up an etheric canal in the spinal cord called the sushumna nadi, passing through each of the other chakras on its journey.

As it passes through the spinal centres in which the chakras arise, some of its force flows down the axis of the funnel of each, vivifying it occultly and thereby awakening the individual to self-consciousness in the superphysical worlds.

             When Kundalini touches the spleen centre, it gives the power of travelling at will on the astral plane whist away from the physical body.

             When it touches and opens the heart centre, the forces of the Buddhic or Christ, consciousness in man resident in the vehicle of intuition, if sufficiently unfolded, begin to flow through the neophyte at the physical level and the “mystic rose”—the heart Chakra—“blooms” upon his breast. The powers of the Christ consciousness—knowledge of the oneness of life, direct, intuitive spiritual perception, wisdom and a profound compassion—then begin to manifest themselves through thought and word and deed.

             The throat centre, when vivified, bestows the power of clairaudience, or of responding to superphysical sound vibrations as well as to those physical sounds which are beyond the normal auditory range.

             The brow centre, when occultly vitalised, bestows the faculty of clairvoyance and…

             When the coronal Chakra is opened, the neophyte acquires the faculties of using superphysical awareness whist still awake in the physical body and of leaving and returning to the body at will without any break in consciousness.

As Kundalini rises up the sushumna nadi it is accompanied by two complementary forces, one positive and the other negative. Each of these flows along its own canal in the spinal cord, sometimes called pingala and ida respectively, though these names are also given to the forces themselves.  These two oppositely polarised akashic  forces meet and cross at each of the chakras as they rise, and finally pass, one finally pass, one of which in consequence becomes hypersensitive. They then function somewhat as do the valves or the amplifiers of a radio receiving set, thereby enabling consciousness within the brain to pick up super physical forces and become aware of superphysical phenomena. Indeed, the cerebro-spinal system of man, when occultly vivified, resembles in many respects a television receiving set. One difference, however, is that superphysical broadcasts are projected upon the screen of the mind-brain, and are claitvoyantly perceived. The full manifestation of these occult faculties during waking consciousness demands a long and ardous training, that depends upon the complete vivification of the pituitary and pineal gltands by means of Kundalini and its complementary forces.

In the paths followed by these three currents one recognises the caduceus, the staff of the God Hermes, consisting of a rod around which two serpents are coiled, a winged sphere crowning the symbol. Kundalini ascending the sushumna nadi is represented by the rod, and the forces flowing along ida and pingala by the two serpents, whilst the winged sphere symbolises in part the freed soul of the man who has awakened and learned to use these hidden powers. Such a man does indeed become as a Hermes, a messenger from heaven to earth; for he ranges free in the higher worlds and brings to men the knowledge and wisdom of those realms. Ultimately he also rescues or liberates Persephone, symbolic of the human soul, from the underworld or normal limitations imposed upon it during waking hours by the occultly unvivified physical body.

Like all basic forces in Nature, Kundalini is the manifestation of an Intelligence, an Archangel in fact, though of a nature beyond human comprehension. The picture in part portrays a glimpse unexpectedly obtained whilst passing through the preparatory stages which precede meditation. First a living caduceus was seen of intense, fiery power connecting earth and sun. contemplating this, I seemed to become aware of a Solar Intelligence or Kundalini Devi, somewhat as here portrayed.




 During the investigations of pre-natal life, I constantly became aware of the presence and ministration of certain types of angels which were assisting in the dual process of the construction of the new bodies, mental, emotional, etheric and physical, and the induction into them of the reincarnating Ego. Though I did not realise it at the time, I have now come to believe that, during the involutionary arc or descent into incarnation of each life cycle, these angels perform for every individual a function closely resembling that carried out on behalf of the race by the Pitris, the so called ancestors of man, sometimes occultly referred to as the Satanic Hierarchies.

A study of these angels revealed them as agents of a great Intelligence which presides over and directs all maternal processes throughout Nature. The teachings of occult philosophy relate this being to the Feminine or Mother Aspect [the Holy Ghost] of the Deity, of which She is a manifestation and a representative.

Matter itself, universal substance or prakriti, is the arche or womb wherein all worlds gestate, from which all are born and to which all return. The true World Mother is this primary substance or mulaprakriti; for therein resides the seeds of all living things and powers of conservation and reproduction.

When differentiation occurs at the dawn of Cosmos, following the night of Chaos, the three Aspects of the primordial Trinity, the Creator, the Preserver and the Transformer, become self-manifest and creatively active. They are then represented by lofty divine Intelligences, Powers or Emanations, themselves the highest fruits of preceding Manvantaras, whose bodies are “of the essence of the higher divine light”. Intelligences of such a nature, when emanated from root substance, direct the course of evolution under immutable Law. They are no Beings such as the human mind can conceive. They constitute both the highest Sephirothal Triad and the Seven which proceed from Them, or rather the Spirits behind each. They may perhaps be described as Very Soul of the Very Soul of the universe.

The cosmic maternal Principle is universally manifest and its conserving and reproducing attributes are active throughout all Nature. Physically, it is expressed both as chemical, negative polarity and as femininity throughout the whole organic world. It is active within every single cell as also in every multi-cellular organism. Without it nothing could be conceived and born, nothing preserved, nothing reproduced. Superphysically, the maternal Principle is of equal importance. For man, it is the Auric Envelope, the arche of the Spiritual Soul, the Augoeides or Causal Body, the womb wherein gestate Initiate. Adept, Logos-to-be.

All nations have recognised, honoured and worshipped this maternal Principle in Nature. All their exoteric religions have personified it as a Goddess, an Archangel Mother of Universes, races, nations and men. These personifications of the World Mother are amongst the very noblest concepts of the human mind, which in creating, reverencing and serving them reaches its highest degree of idealism, devotion and religious self-expression. Such reverence, such devotion and such worship  as are offered to World Mothers are therefore worthy of the deepest respect and, gross superstition apart—ever to be resisted—may usefully be encouraged. For through human devotion, human beings may be reached from on high. Through human aspiration, highest love and supplication, man is susceptible to both his own Spiritual Self and the influence of the Adept Ministrants of mankind. The Madonna ideal, for example, has been and still is of incalculable value in consoling, purifying and ennobling humanity. Through it, a realisation of the Mother-Love of God has been brought within reach of millions of suffering and aspiring people. The concepts of Kwan Yin, Isis, Ishtar, Parvati and other Goddesses are similarly founded upon the existence, nature and function of the same great Being. Perhaps because I am a Christian and the cases I was examining were also Christian, the Madonna-like form here pictured presented themselves to my mind.

The planetary World Mother is conceived in certain schools of occult philosophy as a highly-evolved Archangel Representative and Embodiment on earth of the Feminine Aspect of the Deity. She is also thought of as an Adept Official in the Inner Government of the World, in whom all the highest qualities of womanhood and motherhood shine forth in their fullest perfection.

Since She is beyond all limitation of form, no picture can truly represent Her. In plate 28 She, in a Madonna-like form, and Her ministering angels appear in close association with a mother and her unborn child as the time of birth draws near. Plate 29 symbolically portrays Her in Her Solar aspect, brooding in divine love over all worlds.

In reverent salutation to Her as Queen of the Angels, I bring to a close this illustrated study of the Angelic Hosts.