Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy




The successful study of the subject of the Angelic Hosts restores to its essential monotheism every apparently polytheistic religion. At the heart of every great World Faith is the concept of an Absolute, Unknowable, Infinite and Unchanging Source and Foundation. From this, at regular intervals, emanates the potentiality of divine Idiation as the Purest abstraction. This is the reality behind the One God, however formalised, of all religions and especially of the esotericism of the Ancient Mysteries. At this stage in the process of emanation from the Absolute, unity alone exists.

No later changes, no series of successive emanations from this ONE ALONE, alter the fact that the manifested Source is a Monad.

By reflection of Itself in the eternal, pre-cosmic, virginal Space, the ONE is said thereupon to establish a dyad which is positive-negative, male-female, potential father-mother in one Existence. It should be noted that not an actual but a reflected “Second Person” has now come into existence, or rather is conceived, after which numerical law assumes supreme rule of the process of emergence or emanation and objective appearance of creative Gods in multiplicity.

The positive and negative aspects of the ONE interact interiorly, as an androgyne, to produce an objective Third. This Third is not regarded as a self-separate unit, an independent existence. Monad, dyad, triad, remain as a trifunctioning unit, a three-in-one, behind and yet within the veil of pre-cosmic Substance.

An irresistible process has now been initiated. An omnipotent force has begun to emanate from Absolute Existence. The Three-in-one is propelled, as it were, towards objectivity and finiteness. The Triple God awakes and opens Its single eye. The triangle of light emits rays. These are inevitably seven in number; each with seven sub-rays [total of 49]; each an intelligent Power, each a creative Logos, each an Archangel of spiritual light.

Universal, divine Ideation becomes focused creative thought. The single, all-inclusive Idea passes through the phase of duality, triplicity and sevenfold expression into the almost infinite diversity potentially present in primordial thought. The purely spiritual has thus become manifest as the purely mental, which is formative and, by the ceaseless action of the propellent force, projects its Ideations as the Archetypes of Cosmoi, Solar Systems and all that they ever produce.

Numerical law, time in succession, involutionary and evolutionary processes, replace spaceless eternity. Divine thoughts sets up time-space conditions and in them, produces material forms which increase in density until a limit has been reached. Thereafter, the whole process is reversed until limited time and space disappear into eternity, thus bringing the great cycle to a close.



The Angelic Hosts may be regarded as the active, creative Intelligences and form-builders of all objective creation. They are manifestations of the One, the Three, the Seven and all products thereof. From dawn to eve of Creative Day, they are ceaselessly in action as directors, rectors, designers, artists, producers and builders, ever subservient to and expressive of the One Will, the One Substance and the One Thought.

In the exoteric aspects of ancient Faiths, these Beings, as also the underlying principles, the laws, the processes and the modes of manifestation of the creative force are personified, named and given traditional forms. Esoterically, however, these personifications were in no sense regarded as realities but rather as thought forms and symbols of major creative Powers and Beings. These symbols were partly invented by the Initiated Teachers of earlier peoples as aids to the masses for whom abstractions could possess no reality. Generations of worship gave to them durable concrete shapes in the mental world which served as links between the human mind and the realities which the symbols represented. These symbolic figures also served as channels through which the true Intelligences could be invoked and pour down their beneficent influence, enlightening truths and occult forces for the helping of mankind.

These are the exoteric Gods of all religions, not to be confused with the Hosts of the Logos, the Archangels of the Face, the Sephiroth, the Angels of the Presence, the Mighty Spirits before the Throne, the physically invisible yet omnipresent manifestors and engineers of the one propellent Power by which alone all things are made and without which nothing was made that was mad. From nature spirit to Cherubim, all these Intelligences make manifest – without the intervention of individuality – the One Devine Thought.

This teachings of the Heavenly Host, is the key to a subject so vast and so important that complete comprehension and exposition of it are impossible to the purely human mind. Continued neglect of these teachings of the Arcane Wisdom by a race which is being led by science into knowledge and practical use of the one Creative Force – cosmic, solar and planetary electricity – of which Angelic Hosts are the chief and subordinate engineers, can lead to disastrous consequences, of which the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs might possibly be regarded as foreshadowings.

This work appears as man is thus learning to release physically, and under his control, atomic energy. Despite my great limitations of knowledge and power of exposition, it is my hope that, with other works on the subject of greater merit, this writings and information may lead to the investigation and ultimate discovery of and reverence for the noumena behind phenomena and that One Presence and Power within which all things live and move and have their being.

The safeguards which can prevent man from self-destruction by the natural forces which he is now learning to employ are reverence, probity or righteousness, and morality. These qualities are amongst the greatest of the needs of modern man as he seeks world confidence, world security and the freedom from fear by which alone he can advance into an age rich with promise of lofty human achievement, material, cultural, intellectual and spiritual.

If, in addition, there is a single idea which emerges from a study of the Gods and an attempted presentation of the fruits of such study, that idea seems to me to be: Man can know the facts. Faith need not be blind.” Man is endowed with all the faculties necessary for complete knowledge both of himself and the visible and invisible universe. Extended vision is one of the required faculties. By its development and use, the boundaries of human knowledge may be gradually advanced until neumenon and phenomenon are fully investigated and ultimately known as one.

This fact is of importance, for at heart man is a seeker, an investigator, an explorer. Human life is a search, first for the ponderables that they may be possessed and give pleasure and security, and later that they may be shared. At last, shattered and frustrated by the impermanence of things tangible and visible, man turns towards the imponderables. Especially does he seek conviction founded upon immoveble reality.

Guided by the methods and the findings of successful explorers, I have also begun the search. Whilst I think I have found out what the ultimate discovery is, its attainment is obviously, as yet, very for off. En route, certain experiences have been passed through, certain intermediate discoveries made. Since they seem to be interesting and useful in themselves and also have their place in reaching ultimate truths, I share them, hoping that they may inform and help others who similarly seek.

Knowledge when substantiated is valuable for its own sake. It is still more valuable if it can be applied to human welfare. The present approach of science to the idea that the universe is the product of creative thought and purpose renders valuable knowledge concerning the realm of universal mind in which, according to occult investigation, creative Intelligences are active.

Modern medicine proclaims the causes of many human illnesses to be in the mind and seeks to cure them by the correction of mental disabilities. Knowledge of the inhabitants of the plane of mind and of the agents which direct formative and corrective thought currents can, in consequence, be very helpful in healing the sick.

Information upon these subjects is here offered. What then is the ultimate discovery, the Himalayan Summit? At the heart of the Cosmos there is ONE. That ONE has Its sanctuary and shine in the heart of every human being. The first major discovery is of this Presence within, “the Inner Ruler Immortal seated in the heart of all beings.” Ultimately identity with the ONE ALONE, fully conscious absorption for evermore in the eternal, self-existent ALL, is attained. This is the goal.

As a mountaineering expedition

Admittedly, knowledge concerning the Lesser and Greater Gods is not essential to the rediscovery of the inseparable unity and the identity of man-spirit and God-spirit which is the goal. Admittedly, also, unless used as a stepping stone from the unreal to the Real, for some temperaments, undue interest in external phenomena, physical or superphysical, can prive a distraction.

The controlled mind is, however, capable of directing its attention where it will and a controlled mind is essential to success in the Great Search. Few major attainments stand alone. Nearly all are led up to by preceding successes and discoveries which at the time were not necessarily regarded as leading to a greater truth. As long, therefore, as the ultimate goal is remembered, a study of the results of intermediate phases of illumination can assist, encourage, inspire and instruct.

The pure mystic, absorbed in contemplation of the Eternal One and in the ecstasy of union, is no longer interested in the external. Once the capacity for contemplation has been attained, naught else is needed. One-pointedly the exalted devotee  persues his path to the lotus  feet of the Immortal One.

Men are not all mystics, though all must one day attain to the mystical union, each following his own road to bliss of which there are said to be seven [the paths of the seven rays that forms the One Ray]. Upon one of them, and possibly upon others, direct knowledge of the forces and Intelligences of Nature and acquirements of the faculty of co-operating with them in what is sometimes called the Great Work can be of much value. if, therefore, the contents of such a work as this seem to some minds to be irrelevant to the true purpose of the human life and the true nature of the human quest, I would draw attention to the words of a Great One: “However men approach Me, even so do I welcome them, for the path men trake from every side is Mine.” [Bhagavad Gita]

[Taken from: The Kingdom of the Gods, by Geoffrey Hodson.]