Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



For those of you who prefer working from the bottom up, this is exactly what I am trying to bring over in this, THE KINGDOM OF THE GODS, series. I have found out that I have wasted a lot of time developing my mind on the high mental stuff and that the time has come to go back to nature, where I was years ago. I was shown this in a dream.

I have found that when we start to open or develop our psychic faculties that it is not a Master of Wisdom, Jesus or the Buddha that comes to us, but the lower spirits that we tend to ignore or the ones that we are not even aware of like the ones shown in these pictures and our lower, and higher selves.  Geoffrey Hodson, Rudolf Steiner, the Theosophist, the Rosicrucians, H. P. Blavatsky and all the other messengers taught the same developing steps for self-development.




Our first contacts and communications are those Beings that are on the bottom, the nature, spirits,  gnomes, salamanders, sylphs,  and fairies.  NATURE, our Mother, first - like your mother was your first teacher —I have just put the higher stuff in, THE KINGDOM OF THE GODS II AND III, to show where they fit in. The mind must be informed as well, for we must know where we are going. You can go and read up on the development of all the psychics the saints and holy devotional people—they started to communicate first with nature, the animals and the nature spirits.

The ears develop before the eyes, like with a baby. In the ethers you first start to hear sound and then see light and forms later. Even later, you hear voices and then you start to see forms in more detail. You must spend a lot of time in nature like all the holy people, the saints, Buddha and Jesus, John the Baptist, Saint Francis of Assisi …..and so on. You must develop these faculties first before you can go to the higher mental plain and higher to meet the higher spirits. Do not contact departed human spirits in the beginning for a long time, if ever.

This is our birthright.  And one of the secrets withheld for a long time and in some circles, still withhold. You can pray, meditate and study, but if you do not go this way, you will never make contact with higher forces beyond a certain point. Sooner or later you must put your feet on the practical or physical path and get off the imaginary or theoretical path that the religions and some esoteric organisations have put us on [for our own benefit for a while] so that we can find the New Enlightened and True Paganism, or Nature Worship. Isn’t Nature God? It is time for Nature to take on a new form in the light of our minds. For some of us the time has com to develop our psychic faculties, all mankind is going that way and some forces wants to stop that. 

Beware of those who try to commercialise the path to THE KINGDOM OF THE GODS. You cannot make a living out of this, get yourself a job. If it is not for free, like the sunshine, it is not from God/Spirit/Nature. God does not need money to pay the angels for doing their job or to pay His power bill.

If you do not say goodbye to the material world and go back to nature you will not succeed fast on the spiritual path – this is a spiritual truth. A new world has opened up for me and I am now researching and practising all kinds of techniques to find out which work and which are just blinds. When I have found those that work and give results without a doubt, I shall put the ones I am allowed to, on here in this posting. The others I shall give instructions where and how to get. I am working up to this. This might take a long time but I am sure I am on the right track, based on the results so far.

I was born in South Africa and grew up under the influence of at least five of the NATURE GODS displayed in THE KINGDOM OF THE GODS I; that would be pictures numbers 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16. In my spiritual healings, learned in Cape Town nearly 30 years ago, I have also worked with the healing angels and Rose angels for many years.

Now I am just concentrating on finding a practical and easy but sure way into the spiritual world that everybody, that is serious, can follow with assurance. Maybe you can help me in this self-development quest if you have a system of self-development that I can investigate that might help many people. I have spent many years on this search that is starting to deliver results—the pitfalls are many—the charlatans and deceivers are everywhere, the false paths are paved with gold. Only the true path is in light, out of darkness, out of sight, alone and in service.

Information on progress will follow here, I do not know when…….I first have to convince and proof to myself, without a doubt, of its worth and effectiveness. When I have achieve this, I shall post it here to help you to achieve by yourself.