Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy



The soul has no individual destiny, but is submerged into the One. Its destiny is the destiny of the group, and of the whole; its desire is the working out of the great PLAN, and its will is the glorification of the incarnated Logos.

Sanat Kumara receives the plan in Shamballa from the planetary Logos, the solar Logos and other cosmic forces, from where He steps it down and meditates the Plan to the Hierarchy. Thus we have the six-fold progression of divine love as the sequence of energy precipitation --- Shamballa/Hierarchy/the Christ/ the NGWS/men and woman everywhere in the world/physical centres of distribution.

What is this PLAN? It is not only the general plan of evolution or the plan for humanity [soul unfoldment]. The plan as at present sensed, and for which the Masters are steadily working, might be defined as follows: --- It is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which will eventually annihilate time. It will make available to every man, all past achievements and knowledge; it will reveal to man the true significance of his mind and brain and make him the master of that equipment and will make him therefore omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience. The next development of the plan will produce in man an understanding---intelligent and cooperative---of the divine purpose for which the One in Whom we live and move and have our being has deemed it wise to submit to incarnation. It is not possible for any man, below the grade of initiate of the third degree, to glimpse it and far less, understand it. The development of the mechanism whereby a disciple may be en rapport with Those responsible for the working out of the plans, and the capacity to know [not just dimly sense] that tiny aspect of the whole which is the immediate step ahead and with which cooperation is possible, that can be achieved by all disciples and should be held as the goal before all aspirants.

To bring this about has been the objective of all the training given during the past 400 years. It is based on the Law of cycles. During these times of opportunity, forces, influences, and energies are temporarily at work, and of these the Masters seek to make use. They are preparing man for the future coming in of the Aquarian age with its distinctive energies and its amazing opportunities. This period would approximate 2500 years, and if duly utilised, bring about the unification, consciously and intelligently, of mankind.

Therefore they are endeavouring to elevate the consciousness to the mental plane. It must be expanded so that it included not only the word of emotion and of feeling but also that of the intellect. The minds of men must be made widely and generally active, and the entire level of human intelligence must be raised. They also endeavour to break down the barriers of separateness, of isolation and of prejudice which keep men apart.

This brought about the formation of group units, and the emergence of those groups of workers and thinkers who, through their activities, have so largely governed and moulded our word for the past three or four centuries. The New Group of World Servers [NGWS] is one of these groups that are beginning to play a big role through their service to humanity and the word in general.

Even initiation is in fact a process wherein the initiate is taught how to work with energy, how to use the creative, attractive and dynamic energies in accordance with hierarchical Plan in order to bring about the precipitation of the planetary Purpose into the outer field of manifestation.

The Great Invocation is “the blueprint of the Plan”. This is the energy structure within the Plan, the energies of light, love and power directed according to what must be built into human consciousness now.

Part of the work now being done in order to bring about the emergence of the Plan for the new age immediately ahead:

a. The changing of humanity’s attitude of mind towards the world of phenomena.

b. The Smashing of world glamour.

c. The destroying of the world illusion.

d. The breaking up of the racial “Dweller on the Threshold”.

e. The unfoldment of the intuition.

f. The inauguration of the new education which will emphasise the value of mind control and the building of the individual and racial antahkarana.

g. To prepare humanity and the world for the coming of Christ and the externalisation of the hierarchy.

h. Creation of the New World Religion.

To end with, we can say that humanity is then intended to be:

a. The planetary healer.

b. The planetary light-bearer.

c.  The planetary transmitter of energy.

d.  The unifier of the human and angel evolutions.

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