Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Esoteric Science and Philosophy

Wisdom of the Ages or the Ageless wisdom Teachings

  Small summery by Geoffrey Hodson:

 Man is essentially a spiritual being, his mind and his body being only temporary means of self-expression and self-unfoldment. When this true Self is discovered and becomes the directing power, there is permanent peace for the individual and for the Race. Without that discovery peace is impossible. The search for and the discovery of the Self is therefore of supreme importance.

The evolution of the Spiritual Self to perfection through successive lives on Earth is the true purpose of human existence.

 Man’s experiences are decided by the operation of the Law of Cause and Effect [karma]. Cruelty brings war to nature and pain and disease to individuals. There is no possible escape from this sequence.

Inversely, kindness brings happiness and health. Until this Law is recognised and accepted as a rule of life, there will continue to be both war and disease.

The Spirit within all men is one Spirit. Each man belongs to one spiritual Race, which is without divisions of any kind.

Experience of this unity, and its application to human life, constitute the only possible means whereby lasting peace can be established on Earth and assured health and happiness be attained by  every human being.

“Such, in part, are the teachings of the Wisdom of the Ages concerning man.”


Agni Yoga teaches us the following

The Teaching gives perfection as its goal; otherwise it would be bereft of a future. The Teaching overlooks personal comfort; otherwise it would be egoism. The Teaching provisions the beautifying of existence; otherwise it would be submerged in ugliness. The Teaching is always self-denying, because it knows what is the Common Good. The Teaching reveres knowledge; otherwise it would be darkness. The manifestation of the Teaching in life proceeds not through invented ceremonies, but on the basis of experience. [404]

One of the most difficult conditions of the Teaching will be the ability to speak proportionately; to  to put on chains. But to awaken striving and to indicate a direction will be the task of the Teacher. [642]

The complete Teaching must not be, and cannot be, expounded….. Verily, no Teacher left a complete code of the Teaching. Such a completeness would contradict Infinity and would presuppose the complete limitation of the followers.

We can indicate the direction; we can call to fly; we can affirm labour; we can indicate the light; but the ways and means should not cause slavery. The expanded consciousness will point out where karma should remain untouched. The inviolability of karma is the care of everyone who transmits the foundations of the Teaching. To burden with an excessive load is unforgivable. To overlook possibilities is unworthy. [468]

Each era chooses its corresponding Teaching.... Yet each phase of the Teaching does not exclude the preceding one... But it is easy to prove the continuity of that which people call religion. In this incessancy is sensed the one stream of the very same energy. [416] 


About the origin of the Teachings we can gather the following facts from those who have walked the path before us:

The origin of this philosophy, these thoughts, teachings, or whatever they may be called, cannot be fathomed by the ordinary human mind and Fades away into the mists of time. These principles date back to far beyond recorded historical times; back firstly to forgotten Lemuria and subsequently to ancient Atlantis. The actual past existence of these continents and civilisations is today still queried by many historians and scientists.

The Ancient or Ageless Wisdom as such must definitely not be considered as a religion, although many of the basic principles have in the past, and will again in the future, be incorporated into various religious precepts. It is merely a study or philosophy by means of which it is endeavoured to understand and set out logically the existing relationship between man and the rest of the universe of which he forms such an infinitesimal but nonetheless intimate part; it is the urge to arrive at a better understanding of man’s own nature and basic constitution; of how physical man is related to the spiritual aspects of life; of the role he has played in the past and is destined to play in the future, with the realisation of the Divine Plan.

It is therefore a study of the interrelationship of man with all that constitutes his environment, and the reciprocal effect of the respective energies and forces resulting from such contact; this scrutiny may be approached from many aspects, points of view, and different levels of knowledge, depending on the stage of development of the observer.

Therefore, although these esoteric studies cannot be considered as representing a religion, these tenets may readily lead to religious practice, that is to the formulation of man’s invocative appeal for help from spiritual realms, and the response evoked to these needs. In fact, all the hundreds of religions or religious sects which today occur throughout the world, are founded on the basic principles of the Ageless Wisdom- principles and truths that have been interpreted, adapted and propounded by various Prophets, Messengers, Teachers or Leaders over the ages, to meet the requirements of specific groups or peoples under particular circumstances. Although originating from the same fundamental verities, some of these teachings have in the course of time been distorted beyond all recognition. These misrepresentation have in some instance been due to faulty interpretation, to mistakes that have crept in through handing down traditions from generation to generation, and in other instances regrettably falsification to suit the selfish objectives of ambitious individuals.

A fascinating aspect of these teachings is that each individual will attach his own interpretation to what he is taught, and that these separate conceptions will then vary according to each person’s specific physical, emotional and mental constitution and stage of development; these have in turn been affected by the numerous and varying streams and forms of energy to which the individual has been subjected in his particular circumstances and environment. The extent to which the student will benefit from these studies will of course largely depend on his spiritual development, or as it is called – the spiritual age of the soul.

To make the statement that the origin of the Ageless Wisdom dates back for thousands and even millions of years is again only a relative truth. Teachings certainly were passed on to the human beings of that time, but those would be of a much simpler and more practical nature than the precepts imparted today, and could probably be compared with the rudimentary facts of life forming part of the elementary education of present day children.

The Wisdom Teachings in their pristine form are derived from some divine Source quite beyond human conception. Although these Teachings fundamentally remain unaltered [on a certain level], they are nevertheless adapted from age to age and civilisation to civilisation, not only to suit the requirements of the peoples of a particular age and environment, but also to match the mental development of humanity in each particular era. During Lemurian times for instance, man was mainly physically oriented, with all his faculties concentrated on the feeding, protection and reproduction of the physical body, but as yet exhibiting relatively little signs of emotional reaction and with the mind still totally dormant. Gradually the emotions began to awaken, but it was only many aeons later, during the Atlantean age, that the emotional life started to play a more important role and progressively came to dominate physical stimulus, with the mental life making its first appearance. It is only during the present Aryan age, that the mind is obtaining a stronger grip on mankind, and even now merely a minority of individuals can really be regarded as fully mentally focussed. Today the majority of humanity must still be classified as belonging to the Atlantean type, as they are as yet largely emotionally inclined, with the mental body only playing a secondary function. The under-develop and purely Lemurian type is, however, rapidly, disappearing from the human community.

Thus, Teachings offered to the present day man of average intelligence, would have been totally incomprehensible to the primitive Lemurians as well as to the large majority of the somewhat further advanced Atlanteans. And thus the picture will steadily keep on modifying, the Teaching being progressively adapted and elevated to higher planes to keep tread with the evolving mental and intuitive capacity of man.

Although it is quite right that man should avail himself of the scriptures, traditions and teachings contributed by prophets and teachers of past ages, who were delegated to guide man along the Path, it need never be feared that the source of fresh versions of these Devine Truths will ever become exhausted; as man intellectually matures and becomes receptive for more penetrating aspects of the Truth, these are bound to be provided from some source or another. Consciously or unconsciously man ever evokes that teaching for which he is ready and in need, and this teaching inevitably must and will reach him, and at the same time will clarify and amplify much of the deeper and hidden meanings in older scriptures – meanings which previously either escaped his notice or remained obscure to the casual or unprepared student.

Although Buddha, the Christ, or some other Master may be quoted as the direct authority for certain teachings, it should always be remembered that these loved and revered Teachers are again but channels for the transmission of the Divine Truths which originate from some Supernal Source. These truths would of course be totally incomprehensible to the ordinary human being if received in their pristine purity, and they are consequently stepped down from one spiritual level to the next in ever simplified form. As these teachings are brought down to lower planes through channels of constantly descending mental order, they finally become manifested on the physical plane as human speech or the written word. In this process some of its spiritual qualities necessarily had to be sacrificed, thus becoming more circumscribed and limited in expression and in the meaning conveyed. Distortion and misrepresentation of the communications may be so severe that the original ideas become hardly recognisable.

One of the important responsibilities of the aspirant on the Path of Truth is to strive toward an ever expanding consciousness, thereby contacting ever higher and purer sources of Truth. In doing so he himself will become an increasingly efficient channel for the distribution of the benefits he has received, and which should be passed on to his fellow man. It should always be remembered that nobody is ever favoured with deeper spiritual knowledge for purely personal or selfish advantage; whatever man is granted in this respect is credited to his personal account merely for redistribution to humanity as a whole, through any avenues that may be at his disposal. It stands to reason that before an instrument can be used effectively on behalf of his fellow man, such an individual will first need adequate training to qualify him for the expected task and thus to ensure reasonable competence. With the experience and knowledge gained during this process of instruction, the aspirant – or tool – must of course benefit considerably in his personal capacity; this, however, should never become his primary motivation. [BRIDGES, p20]    


The golden thread


There is general agreement among students of the various branches of the Ageless Wisdom that from very ancient times there has existed a “root doctrine” comprising the basic laws and principles concerning the nature of Deity, the universe and man. Strong similarity between ideas, on this fundamental subject, emerging at different periods and from widely separated localities tends to strengthen this view. From opinions drawn from such well-known sources as The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, the many works of Mrs Annie Besant, the Encyclopaedia of Secret Teachings by Manly P. Hall and the Aquarian New Age teachings of “The Tibetan”, written down at his dictation by Alice A Bailey, we find the following:

We are told of a language, more ancient even than Sanskrit, called Senzar. It has no alphabet and consists of symbols – the interpretation of which is beyond the present development of the human mind. These symbols indicate the particular level and type of instruction suited to humanity during a given period. They are said to have been engraved on indestructible material and, with other similar documents, are kept in archives in the custody of the Great White Brotherhood. Guided by these records and their own wisdom those members of the Brotherhood, who are especially in charge of human progress, instigate the appearance of new ideas and teachings through all possible channels.

From discoveries made in ancient ruins and translations by scholars and interpretations of the most ancient Vedas and Puranas of India, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, from other world scriptures, classical mythology and fable, a great fundamental body of truth with many branches is continually being discovered.  This is not only the story of outer physical man and his exploits, but also of his developing mind and his inner aspirations. These discoveries are of value to the occult student as he relates them to the different stages of man’s evolving consciousness within the greater scheme of both planetary and cosmic life.

As we follow the golden thread of inner teaching we should note the sequential appearance of the different esoteric groups as being the specialised means of evoking the next faculty to be developed in an advanced minority, while the orthodox religions supply inspiration and guidance for the majority. In this manner men of all stages are drawn up from their own particular rung to the next as they steadily climb the ladder of evolution.

Through the ideas and the ideals of the Ageless Wisdom the mind is immensely stimulated and begins to unfold its own unsuspected powers through the study of the nature and the amazing inter-relation of Deity, the solar System, planets and man. With the inclusion of every other kingdom of nature, a gradual realisation of wholeness is developed as well as a sense of proportion, both of which give a measure of perspective in the living of life and in dealing with its difficulties.

Belonging to any religion or to none and according to his stage of evolution, the seeker finds within the esoteric teachings of his day the means of understanding his spiritual and psychic self through meditation, study and service. It is in this manner, and after many lives of such experience, that the Elders of the human race have already reached that stage of relative perfection prescribed for us in every religion, its attainment being gradually achieved through the understanding of esoteric science and above all through living according to the teaching,

The logical outcome of such achievement is the existence of the Great White Brotherhood, also called the Occult Hierarchy, with its central council known as the Inner Government of the World. Among its members are the great World Teachers such as the Christ and the Buddha and the Masters of Wisdom who are referred to in the scriptures as “Just men made perfect”, of whom it is said that “they shall go no more out”. This means that they have reached the stage where they do not need to reincarnate, though some choose to do so for humanity’s benefit. These beings are the custodians of what is called “The Great Plan”, which is part of a greater purpose [the Will of God]. They lead and encourage the development of all esoteric teachings, they in fact preserve the existence and the continuity of the golden life-line, using all earthly channels available at any given time for spreading wisdom and knowledge in the manner in which humanity is best able to receive them.

According to the ancient records, the founding of the Great White Brotherhood, occurred some eighteen million years ago, about half-way through the Lemurian Race, the Third Root Race of our own humanity. It was at that time that the Golden thread, the spiritual life-line which was to continue through the ages, is said to have become, as it were, anchored on earth by very advanced beings of an earlier race connected with the planet Venus, our elder sister planet, considered to be further along the evolutionary path than ourselves.

At that time humanity was polarised in the material or bodily realms of existence, emotion being hardly present except in those who were far advanced, while mentality was a quality for the then distant future. During this far-off age, and until half-way through the next Root Race, the Atlantean, the so-called Golden Age of mythology, came very slowly into being. That was the time when “gods walked with men”; for to the humanity of that early period their highly evolved leaders appeared truly as “gods”. 

Very much later, and at a distinctly lower level, the same God-man relationship was reflected in the “divine” priest-kings of ancient Egypt, who before the decline of that country’s greatness, were far above the level of even their most advanced subjects. The symbolism of “the divine right of kings” comes down from those distant days when spiritual development and merit alone entitled a person to a position of great power. It is thought that such inspired leadership will again become possible, for at each turn of the evolutionary spiral humanity gradually develops its inner qualities of mind and soul sufficiently for the Hierarchy again to walk with men.

Owing to the inspiring guidance and the deliberate incarnation of the greater ones among the people, a few Atlanteans attained initiate level and in time joined the ranks of the Inner Government of that far-off day. However, owing to a temporary seizing of control by those known as “the dark brothers”, the Great White Lodge withdrew for a while from their close contact with humanity, with the result that a large portion of the later Atlantean race became a prey to the influence and actual use of black magic [the selfish use of power]. This gained entry and operated through the people’s low-grade emotional excesses, which were stimulated by a very undeveloped mentality.

The terrible disaster, the nature of which we today can hardly imagine, led in time to the downfall of Atlantis when the whole continent was gradually submerged by a slow succession of floods; the last of these devastating upheavals being the great flood of the Old Testament, when the remaining island of Poseidonis was, according to Plato’s description, swept away about the year 10,000 BC.

Nevertheless, the golden thread of continuity was preserved; for before the final disaster a few advanced Atlanteans, led by the great teacher Hermes according to some occult writers, made good their escape and took the precious teachings into a remote fastness of central Asia, the Gobi Desert in central Asia. In esoteric literature we find the name “Shamballa” associated with this locality. In the inner teaching, Shamballa is considered to be a high state of consciousness within which the most advanced members of the Occult Hierarchy communicate with each other and impress their agents in any part of the world with instructions regarding the divine purpose and it’s working out on earth in what is known to esoteric students as “The Plan”. For this work the earthly focus has been, and still is, this central Asian sanctuary, the home of “the fundamental school of occult teaching for our Planet”.

 [Books of AAB and The Golden Thread by Natalie N. Banks; – adapted.]



There are three books which should be in the hands of every student, the Bhagavad Gita, the New Testament, and the Yoga Sutras, for in these three is contained a complete picture of the soul and its unfoldment.

The biggest percentage of the people in the world can spend a lifetime studying and mastering these three books and will need nothing more to help them on their way. I would say up to the third initiation.

In the Gita we have given us [in the eighteen chapters] a description of the soul, of Krishna, the second aspect, in his true nature as God in manifestation, culminating in that marvellous chapter where he reveals himself to Arjuna, the aspirant, as the soul of all things, and the point of glory behind the veil of every form.

In the New Testament there is depicted for us the life of a Sun of God in full manifestation, wherein, freed from every veil, the soul in its true nature walks the earth. It becomes apparent to us, as we study the life of Christ, what it means to develop the powers of the soul, to attain liberation, and become, in full glory, a God walking on earth.

In the Yoga Sutras there are embodied for us the laws of that becoming, and the rules, methods, and means which-when followed-made a man “perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” Step by step there is unfolded for us a graded system of development, leading a man from the stage of average good man, through those of aspirant, initiate and master on to that exalted point in evolution at which the Christ now stands. The revelation of the soul to man in physical plane incarnation works ever the great transformation. Christ himself has said that “Greater works than I do shall ye do,” holding out to us the promise of the “kingdom, the power and the glory” provided our aspiration and endurance suffice to carry us along the thorny way of the Cross, and enables us to tread that path which “leads up-hill all the way” to the summit of the Mount of Transfiguration.

 The Yoga Sutras are the basic teaching of the Trans-Himalayan School to which many of the Masters of the Wisdom belong, and many students hold that the Essenes and other schools of mystical training and thought, closely connected with the founder of Christianity and the early Christians, are based upon the system and that their teachers were trained in the great Trans-Himalayan School.